Apartment Decoration Ideas On A Budget

Apartment decoration ideas on a budget can be difficult to find, especially since most people don’t plan on living in an apartment for the rest of their lives and have to deal with the limited space. But when done well, it can be very rewarding and create a lovely home you can enjoy for years to come. The first thing you need to do is determine your budget. This will help guide you in the research necessary to choose the right apartment decoration ideas for your lifestyle. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you make your decisions to decorate your apartment.

Install a Wallpaper

Installing wallpaper also can be a choice for apartment decoration on a budget. The first thing that you need to do when considering wallpaper for apartment decor ideas on a budget is to decide where you want to place the wallpaper. You should decide whether you want to cover all the walls or just some. Even though wallpaper is inexpensive, there is still a cost involved in getting all of the wall covering done. So if you only want to cover one or two walls then this will be much cheaper than having all the walls done. Besides that, just covering one or two walls can give a focal point to your apartment.


An easy thing you can do to make your apartment’s decor look attractive on a limited budget is to neatly apply wallpaper to some of the walls of your child’s bedroom. Try using terrazzo wallpaper for a room that looks more modern, this wallpaper motif also looks cheerful so that it makes your mood more pleasant when living in an apartment for a long time. Terrazzo pattern wallpaper from elledecor.


If you want a simple bedroom apartment decoration but still looks beautiful and not boring, try using wallpaper to be applied to the walls thoroughly and evenly. Choose a wallpaper that has a subtle pattern of neutral colors so that your apartment doesn’t look tacky and is easier to combine with other interiors around it. Don’t forget to hang the face painting as a sweet finishing touch. Subtle patterned wallpaper in neutral colors from elledecor.


Cheer up your day when you are active in the apartment by using multicolored wallpaper that has a geometric pattern. In addition to minimizing the budget, using this wallpaper is also easy to install and maintain. This way it will make your apartment look more cheerful and colorful. You can apply this wallpaper right on the back wall of the bed, so it can be used as the focal point of a colorful and unusual room. Multicolored wallpaper from elledecor.

Rug is Your Best friend

Renting and living in the apartment force you to deal with the existing interiors, including floor. You can’t change it according to your taste, such as wooden floor. Instead of letting it empty and bare, you can install rugs to create a different look and warm nuance to your apartment. They did well to define a space and make it a focal point. Rug is your best friend, so choose that fits to your style and preference.


Simple and inexpensive decoration to beautify the appearance of your living room is to use a carpet that has a large enough size. By adding a carpet in your apartment living room, you can also make the atmosphere of the room warm, if you want a natural look then you can use a rattan woven carpet with a smoother surface. Woven carpets can be adapted to any theme, so you don’t need to be confused about choosing other furniture. Natural rattan carpet from homebnc.


To get a luxurious impression on the decoration of the apartment living room but it doesn’t cost a lot, try applying a faux fur rug in white in your apartment living room. A white faux fur carpet plus minimalist furniture in the room will make your apartment look more modern and of course make your feet more comfortable and warm when you step on them. Carry out routine maintenance to keep the room clean and safe for your children. Faux fur carpet from homebnc.


The next carpet idea that you can apply in this modern minimalist living room decoration is a geometric patterned carpet with black and white splashes to match the color tone of the room which will create a monochromatic feel instantly. Complete the look of this rug with a gray linen sofa and a round coffee table made of fine wood that has been painted and re-varnished. Black and white carpet from homebnc.

Add House Plants

Beside being able to freshen up your apartment, adding some house plants are one of a simple idea to decorate the apartment. There are many kinds of house plants that you can choose from. You can hang the plants, place them at the corner, to decorate a coffee table, or place them on the windowsills. It is also can be a solution to have a green view on a limited space.


Another way to change the look of your apartment to make it look fresher on a limited budget is to place several different types of house plants. Place this green plant right behind and next to the sofa so as not to interfere with your movement space while in this room so that it feels more free and safe for small children when in this room. This indoor plant will thrive when it gets sunlight that enters through the transparent glass window. Various types of indoor green plants from homebnc.


You can put home gardens in the corners of the living room apartment so it doesn’t interfere with your activities or you can also hang it on the wall using a pocket cloth so that it can be used as a unique and fresh wall decoration at the same time, hanging this plant is also suitable for those of you who have living room decorations with limited space. Green plants in the room can make it the center of attention of everyone who sees it so that it seems more attractive and you can try. Hanging wall plants ideas from homebnc.


When you want to include several types of indoor plants in the decoration of the living room apartment, place them on the coffee table and on a melamine wood dresser with a variety of different flower vases. Here you can use water or soil planting media to ensure plants can grow lush and lush, of course. Choose and use low-maintenance plants to make it easier for you when doing routine maintenance. Indoor greenery with a variety of vases from homebnc.

Pay Attention to the Curtains

Before you go out shopping for decorative items to decorate your apartment with, you will need to make sure that you already have the basics for a great looking room. For instance, you will need to have enough window coverings to help block out light and create a nice look. The curtains in a room will always be one of the focal points, so you will want to pay special attention to this item. Window curtains can be found in many different styles and colors. You can even find curtains made of fabric that matches most of the colors in your room!


Another thing that is no less important in decorating an apartment is the curtains. You can try the long curtains that hang down to touch the floor in the dining room decoration section of an apartment with limited space. Choose curtains with neutral colors so they can easily blend with the surrounding decor. The white color is still the dream of many people today, because it can make the atmosphere of the room brighter and wider. Long white curtains from apartmenttherapy.

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An all-white apartment will be more harmonious if you use matching colored curtains for glass window coverings that you can adjust to the lighting needs of the room. In addition to aligning the colors and design themes of the room, these curtains can also help reduce excess light that enters your apartment. Use curtains with double layers so that they can be arranged according to your needs, the first layer uses curtains made of thin and the second layer uses curtains with thick materials. Two layer curtains from apartmenttherapy.

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To give a different color to the all-white apartment, you can also apply other colors, for example on the curtains this time using light brown. The choice of light brown color is not without reason, because light brown and white have unobtrusive gradations so they will not make your apartment look chaotic. Besides that, easy brown curtains also have the same color as the use of wooden floors and hanging wicker rattan pendant lamps. Light brown curtains from apartmenttherapy.

Double-duty Furniture

Rather than buying a lot of furniture to fill your new apartment better for you to buy furniture that has more than one function. A coffee table will be more functional if it have storage underneath. A stool also works to add extra seating to your apartment living room but it would be better to choose the one that has storage underneath. And many other types of furniture that have a double duty. The point is to make it as simple as possible but helpful and functional.


For decorating small apartments, we should be smart in choosing furniture. In order to save space, you should try to use ottoman storage to replace the function of the dining chair in your small dining room decoration. When you are going to do storage in this chair ottoman, you can lift the top surface easily, besides that this ottoman is also very saving on floor area because you can push it inward when it is finished in use. Ottoman chair storage from makespace.


Do you have a bedroom decoration with limited space? If so, then you can use a minimalist bed that is equipped with storage underneath. You can lift the mattress upwards to store some pillows and blankets for a neater and less messy bed surface. This furniture is suitable for a modern and minimalist room design. Modern bed with pillow storage underneath from makespace.


There is nothing wrong if you use minimalist furniture to complete your needs in the apartment. You can try the combination of a slim work desk with built-in storage shelves for storing important documents or small items that are easily lost. The use of a slim work desk will certainly not take up much space in your apartment, for additional storage problems you can simply use a wooden standing shelf beside it. Slim workbench with built-in storage shelf from makespace.

Think about Accessories

Don’t underestimate the little things that might be considered not to give change and beauty to the interior design of your apartment. Think about accessories to decorate your apartment. Items such as throw pillows, throw blankets, pottery, photo frames, book covers are an inexpensive way to add color to your home. They can blend well and look seamlessly to the rest of your apartment interior design.


A small thing to note is the use of accessories for additional decorations that will change the appearance of your apartment more beautiful and not boring. For example, by adding a photo frame on the side of the room in the apartment. You can also try placing photo frames on top of the dresser, there is no difficulty in doing this. You simply put it on top of the cupboard and lean it against the wall, with this the result of the display that becomes the new focal point you can enjoy. Photo frame over dresser from homebnc.


In addition to adding to the warmth of the apartment living room, throw blankets can also be used as additional decorations that you should try. Provide a small blanket on the sofa and don’t forget to match the color of the blanket to the sofa to produce beautiful color gradations. You can use this blanket when the weather in the room feels colder. Dark color throw blanket from homebnc.


Not only throw blankets that you can use as additional accessories in the apartment, you can also use several throw pillows that have different patterns to be placed on the sofa in a neat and orderly manner. Use several sizes of throw pillows to get a unique and not boring look. Choose throw pillows with neutral colors only to match the color tone of the room to the maximum. Neutral color throw pillows from homebnc.

Don’t overthink if you want to decorate your apartment. With a simple and inexpensive way, you can still have an interesting and comfortable apartment decor.

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