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23 Winter Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas

The winter season can be a very cold and harsh one but it doesn’t have to mean that your home looks run down and dreary. There are many different things that you can do to make your home welcoming in the winter months. One of the best ways is to use winter decor.

There is nothing more pleasant and warm than spending your winter in front of fireplace. You will get warm and intimate at the same time. But to present the winter vibe, you can decorate your fireplace mantel with some winter decorations. Think of all of the beautiful winter decorations that you see during the winter months. Here are some ideas that you can copy for this winter.

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Use Warm Texture

As a cold month, winter need warm textures to melt the cold vibe. By using warm texture it can make your mantel looks inviting. Warm up your mantel decoration by decorating it with old sweaters. You can make stockings with this old sweater. To complete the decoration, you can place some seasonal ornaments to your mantel.


Sweater-style stockings that are applied dangling in the wood mantel area can be complemented by the presence of a golden deer statue, ceramic flower vase and greenery garland that looks fresh. Currently you can use plaid patterned stockings with splashes of different colors so as to give a classic impression that can be celebrated in this comfortable living room. Sweater-style plaid stockings from hgtv.


Do you have an old sweater that is still clean and unused? If so then you can turn it into a fireplace decoration in winter. Old sweaters that are converted into socks can be hung on the outside of the fireplace neatly and orderly. Adjust the use of stockings with your fireplace so that it can blend in more elegantly and of course not damage the color tone of the room. Old sweater reused as decorative socks from hgtv.


This pair of stockings with two patterns and two different colors you can apply through the use of iron hooks dangling above the fireplace adjacent to the use of large glass windows. The nuances of winter can be perfected in this living room by using a blanket on the sofa and a few more throw pillows. Candles are a warm lighting idea that can be placed neatly on the coffee table. A pair of stockings in different colors and patterns from hgtv.


You can make your winter mantel design more fun by hanging some sweater stockings in a brighter color like purple. Not only for the stockings section, but you can also use some other decorative items with matching colors such as ball ornaments, DIY Christmas trees and abstract canvas paintings that hang beautifully above the fireplace. Bold color stockings mantel decoration from hgtv.

Decorate with Wreath

Winter is never complete without a wreath, either to decorate your door or fireplace. This is an essential item for winter. There are various winter wreath theme that you can choose from. From evergreen, dried branch with red berries to get a rustic look, and so on. You can make this wreath or buy one.


The hanging greenery wreath which is right above the mantel fireplace looks more attractive because it is equipped with the use of a yellow string light and pinecone ornaments of several different sizes. Not only wreath, but you can also use garland decorations with matching materials to frame the fireplace to make it seem warmer. The dry twigs on both sides of this greenery wreath become additional decorations that are never boring. Hanging greenery wreath with string light from countryliving.


You can assemble the combination of evergreens, red berries and pinecones into a wreath design that can be used as a decoration as well as a winter fireplace ornament that greatly saves expenses. Complete this wreath with the use of wooden pine trees and several other small ornaments that are neatly arranged and can be used as a beautiful sight. Hanging white socks hanging in the fireplace area is the right focal point. Series of three wreath ingredients from countryliving.


Or if you want to decorate your winter fireplace more efficiently, then you can use a wreath design made from fresh evergreen materials. This wreath can be hung using a cloth of the same color so that it can blend into one room without destroying the color atmosphere around it. The small deer statue is also an additional ornament that is very suitable in this winter. Evergreen wreath on budget from bhg.


Dry twigs and cotton may make an interesting mix of materials when assembled into a wreath that can be hung right above your stone fireplace. You can hang this wreath to the wooden window frame that has been repainted with white so you don’t need to drill into the wall which will cause your wall to be damaged. This Wreath does not cost anything because you can make it yourself easily without the help of others. DIY tree branches and cotton wreath from sondralynathome.

Don’t Forget to Put Candles

Candles can represent warmth and you can use these to decorate your fireplace mantel. The warmth created by the fireplace combined with the warm feel of the candles will make your winter even more enjoyable. You can use candles that have different heights to add an attractive impression.


An easy way to bring a warm feel to your mantel area is to place several candlesticks of different sizes and heights. Candlesticks made of wood are a smart choice that can add a natural feel to this room. You can put it neatly and orderly so that it can be made into a beautiful scenery that is easy to do. Greenery garland and striped stockings are additional accents that can be used together. Wooden candlestick from countryliving.


This red candle lantern can be used as a focal point for a mantel that can be used in winter. You can combine this candle lantern with branches, greenery wreath and spruce leaves sprinkled with snow for a beautiful winter statement. Christmas lights that have yellow lighting provide a dramatic warm feel. Wooden box into a cute miniature fir tree container. Bold color candle lantern from countryliving.


If you have a mantel area that has not been used then you can use it to put a few mason jar candles on both sides of the fireplace in a balanced way. This Mason jar candle can be obtained easily at the nearest store at a very affordable price. Turn on this candle when the atmosphere in the room starts to feel dark so that it can function better. Mason jar candles on both sides of the fireplace from countryliving.


The wooden spindle candle that is placed on the mantle is one of the warm parts that can be had at an affordable price. You can repaint it with gray for a more attractive and less dull look. The reclaimed wood coat that is not repainted gives a natural and rustic impression that never goes out of fashion. Furthermore, you can also hang a hanging round mirror as a very useful decorative item. Wooden spindle candle from countryliving.

Place some Winter Ornaments

To strengthen a winter vibe, dressing up your mantel with some winter ornaments. You can place a mini Christmas tree, reindeer, snowflake ornaments, pinecones and many others. They can add interesting view to your mantel during this winter.


You can place these two deer statues of the same color and size in the fireplace area neatly and orderly. Santa’s ornament with his iron carriage is the best decoration that is easy to get in the store and of course has a more sturdy material and is not easy to rust. Spruce leaves with a sprinkling of snow make a very inexpensive mantel decoration addition and are perfect for this winter season. Santa ornament with his iron chariot from countryliving.


Besides being able to be used as a winter mantel ornamnet, the spindle candle holder can also be used for the best lighting that can give a warm feel to the area around it. You can use four candle holders for maximum lighting at night and can also be seen more clearly. A fairly large Christmas tree is also a favorite winter mantel decoration idea this year. You can get these candles at your local store. Candle holder from countryliving.


Celebrate a comfortable and cheerful winter mantel like this you can apply this year to perfect your living room decor. Two antique wooden window frames that are equipped with snowflake accents can be maintained until Christmas, so they can function continuously without having to remodel them. Glass candle holders and white pine tree ornaments are additional decorations that are easy to get. Plywood snowflake and pine tree ornament from thespruce.


You can easily create mantel decorations to welcome winter this year, for example you can put skinny pine cones, pinecones in a container and downy cotton which will add visual interest and warmth. Cotton here is used as a garland design. The round mirror that has a size large enough to balance the arrangement centered on this coat as a whole. Combination of skinny pine cones with pinecone and cotton from thespruce.

Nature Decorations

If you like a natural look for your fireplace mantel decorations, decorate it with evergreen garlands. This can be an option for those of you who dream of green visuals in your home when all the trees are covered by snow. Combine with winter fruit like pinecones and red berries for a more natural look.


Miniature cypress trees that are placed on both sides of the fireplace and on a wooden mantel covered with white paint become one of the decorations for the mantel decoration in winter. Add a splash of white snow to this greenery for a bold winter statement. Deer head, wooden star ornaments and sweater stockings are additional ornaments that match the atmosphere in the room at this time. The white mantel design has a more neutral impression. Miniature cypress tree with snow sprinkles from countryliving.


This white repainted stone fireplace design is complemented by a black wood mantel that you can decorate with a greenery Christmas tree with a burlap cloth container that gives an instant vintage impression. Not only on the mantel, but you can also put this greenery Christmas tree right in front of the fireplace which is perfected by the presence of a pallet box filled with a warm faux fur blanket. Christmas tree greenery from countryliving.


The fir leaves that are turned into garland and wreath can be used for winter mantel designs this year. You can hang this greenery wreath using red and white plaid cloth so it looks more colorful and fun. In the spruce leaf garland you can also add a pinecone accent as one of the important ornaments suitable for winter. White roses are an additional decoration that gives a fragrant aroma. Spruce leaves turned into wreath and garland from countryliving.

White Theme Mantel Decoration

Winter is when everything is covered with snow and turns white. Bringing it into your home will further confirm that the cold months have come. You can represent it on your fireplace mantel. Serve everything in white. Starting from pinecones, Christmas tree, and snowflake ornaments.


White is one of the best color choices that you can try to decorate your winter mantel. This mantel has a more neutral and lighter look as it features snowflakes and feathers and a cute little glass owl is placed in the middle of the mantel area cutely. A series of lamps and candles are accents that add instant warmth that can be obtained easily and are very inviting. White ornament with warm lighting from diys.


An easy way to give your mantel area a winter vibe is to use pure white tones complemented by the presence of artificial snow tufts that sit right above the mantel. Not only artificial snow, but you can also use snowflake lighting ornaments that are hung simultaneously at different heights. Artificial snowflakes with snowflake lighting from diys.


The setting of this all-white winter mantel doesn’t need to be doubted because the effect of the color gives the impression of being cold and very easy to achieve. In addition, this white mantel design also has a vintage vibe as it is set against the backdrop of a worn window. String lights, green mini trees, and a set of antique snowflakes are beautiful ornaments that can be placed together in the same room. Vintage white mantel from diys.


This is a whimsical look of a winter mantel, you can choose a snowman as a fun ornament that can turn the coat’s appearance into a white snowy landscape. This white marble fireplace is also equipped with snowflake hanging ornaments and a Christmas tree that has a matching color so that it looks more harmonious in the same color tone. White winter mantel with snowman ornament from diys.

By decorating your fireplace mantel with winter decoration, you will not only get warmth but also an attractive appearance.

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