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26 Ways to Dress Up Your Walls

When you are looking for ways to dress up your walls, there are endless options for you to consider. One way to change the entire look and feel of a room is by painting it. If you are going to use an accent wall, you can build your whole design around that wall. It doesn’t just stop there, there are several other ways that you can apply to dress up your walls. Here are some ways to dress up your walls.

26 ways to dress up your walls 1

Decorate with Wood Paneling

Wood is also becoming increasingly popular as a choice for covering walls in a new home or remodeling an existing home. Because of its beauty, it can also be chosen to help create a rustic and elegant look in your home. There is a huge range of choices available for this type of wall covering. The possibilities are endless. No matter what type of home decor ideas you are looking for, wood paneling is an excellent choice to help you create the look that you want.


To give a geometric dimension to your kitchen decor, you can try to combine black and white wood paneling with a neutral colored tile backsplash that gives a bright feel and is certainly easier to combine with other interiors around it. This wall style is very suitable for use in modern farmhouse-style kitchen decorations. Black and white wood panel from housebeautiful.


Give your walls extra style in the living room with wood panels that have been repainted in a glossy green color. You can also use a ceiling design with matching colors and materials to give the effect of a room that is more experimenting with textured paint. Minimalist furniture is the perfect combination that you can place in this living room at the same time. Wall and ceiling wood panels in matching color from housebeautiful.


White paint strategically placed on the wall panel serves as a different view in your modern living room decor. This wall is the color balance of the room that can be combined easily when combined with some colorful interiors that are applied through sofas, curtains and rugs. White paint wood panel wall from housebeautiful.

To bring a natural feel to your bedroom decor, you can try it, starting with several wooden interiors that are applied through the use of wood wall panels and solid wood beds that have unique headboard pieces that are re-varnished so that they look more shiny and clean. Painting landscape frames to be the final touch that is sweet and artistic. White wood panel with solid wood bed from housebeautiful.


There’s nothing wrong with using a wood panel wall in your modern bathroom decor, in this room you can simply repaint the walls using a solid black color to present a masculine style that is suitable when combined with some clean white furniture. The touch of gold on the wall scones lamp and faucet gives a luxurious impression that is not excessive and will look shiny when exposed to the reflection of the sun. Modern bathroom with dark wood panel from housebeautiful.


Do you want to add a rustic statement to your living room decor? If yes, then you can try it through the use of wall panels without repainting so that it looks more natural and of course very on budget. A black and white canvas painting with a size large enough to be a wall decoration idea that can be hung right above your fireplace as a view for guests who come to your home right now. Green plants are a fresh decoration that can be easily entered into the room. Rustic wall panels from housebeautiful.

Use Wallpapers

Wall decor ideas with wallpaper come in many forms and are usually used to make a unique and interesting interior setting. The great thing about using wallpaper is that you can mix and match them to create your own unique interior decoration style that no one else has. You don’t have to follow any specific rule or fashion. You can adjust the wallpaper theme or pattern according to your taste and home style. This is an easy way to dress up your walls.


Don’t let the walls of your bedroom look plain and boring, now you can line the walls with mint wallpaper with a cute little flower pattern that is easy to get. The painting of a sheep with a white wooden frame adds a beautiful color texture to the room. A wooden nightstand is the perfect combination of furniture that can be easily found at the nearest home supply store. Mint wallpaper with small flower pattern from housebeautiful.


The antique atmosphere in this bedroom decoration can be emphasized by the use of navy blue wallpaper with a plaid pattern that has a color and pattern that matches the current headboard. There’s nothing wrong with putting a red rose flower arrangement on an antique nightstand filled with beautiful gold carvings. Navy blue plaid wallpaper from housebeautiful.


You can try a different bedroom look by using a linear graphic wallpaper that contrasts with the traditional furniture around it. This wallpaper looks 3D so it provides a new trend that never goes out of style. A green faux fur blanket will keep you warm when the weather in the room is cooler. Linear graphics 3D wallpaper from housebeautiful.


You can easily do a minimalist design in a bedroom when coating the walls with marble round wallpaper that will bring depth, color and texture that attracts attention. This wallpaper can also add personality that has a contrasting color. You can also hang a round mirror with a matching colored frame to reflect the light throughout the room evenly. Marble round wallpaper from housebeautiful.


Play with the color of the room by using a printed wallpaper with a terrazzo pattern that has splashes of bright colors such as a combination of blue and white. You can also use the ceiling with the use of one of your wallpaper colors so that it becomes a color combination that can blend in better and more elegantly. The red headboard becomes the focal point of the room that is bold and seems more vibrant. Terrazzo pattern wallpaper from housebeautiful.


An easy way to bring a tropical feel to your bedroom, then you can use palm leaf print wallpaper which is dominated by a mix of green and black colors. To maintain other interesting things, you can also maintain the color balance that is applied through the use of plain white bedding. Glass windows with a sloping design give the impression of a unique room. Palm leaf prints wallpaper from housebeautiful.

Go for Artwork

Adding artwork to your walls will add depth and character to the room. You can purchase acrylic paintings or framed prints that you love. Putting pictures on the wall will help break up the blank walls and will add some character and personality to the room.


To decorate your plain white walls, it’s a good idea to hang some matching frames even though they have different sizes and themes. Look, doesn’t the use of this painting frame appear symmetrical when it has a white background. One wooden chair that has been painted and re-varnished becomes a sitting area that can be used to relax whenever you want. Painting frames with different sizes from idealhome.


The photo gallery wall that is hung on the entrance decorations has a splash of black and white that can be used as sweet memories for you and your family. In addition, the photo gallery displayed on your entryways will also be the center of everyone’s attention. Use photos with various frames so that they are not boring and look more artistic. You can try this wall decor idea easily. Wall decor photo gallery from idealhome.


To get fun in a room, you can also use some wall decorations with bright pastel color frames. So that the display is not boring you can also hang this frame randomly but still with a neat layout and distance. Express your ideas without limitations to fill the void on the walls of your living room, because not always with photos you can also use simple paintings according to your taste. Pastel color frame wall painting from idealhome.


Align your wall decor with the style of the room to create a harmonious appearance and still look elegant and awesome. Use two or three paintings with similar motifs and have the same color, making it easier for you to determine the background or wall paint that will be used. The combination of white with yellow is the perfect combination that you can try right now. Yellow flowers in a white ceramic vase make a sweet finishing touch. White and yellow wall painting from idealhome.


You can choose and use multicolor paintings with abstract and geometric motifs to decorate your modern contemporary living room. That way your living room will look more fun and lively but not tacky. Use a painting with a large size to create a focal point in the living room that will impress visiting guests with the artwork you have. Abstract painting and colorful geometric painting from idealhome.

Molding Wall

There are many types of wall decor ideas that can help you to enhance the look of your home, but none of these ideas are quite as easy as molding wall for home decoration ideas. Molding wall is something that is easy to install and it provides a beautiful decorative touch to any room of your home. The fact is that molding wall is not only inexpensive, but it also adds a lot of value to your property as well.


Give a decorative touch to the walls in your home by using molding wall. With this molding wall, the appearance of your living room will look more luxurious and also make your walls have a unique motif. Paint the entire molding wall with white to make it easier to combine it with the purple sofa around it. White paint molding wall from deavita.


Not only that, you also no longer need to worry about thinking about other decorations to beautify the walls of your home. Simply by using molding wall, you can change the appearance of your bedroom walls to be beautiful. In order not to be boring, you can also hang a large painting and of course you can get a focal point in your bedroom to be more artistic. Molding wall decoration with large face painting from deavita.


So that the walls in the staircase area seem more luxurious and elegant, then you can use molding wall that is perfected with hanging crystal chandeliers that can be used when the room around it is getting dark. The use of glass windows in the staircase area will be very useful because it can reduce the humidity of your molding walls so that they are not easily brittle or porous when used for a long period of time. Elegant style molding wall from deavita.


No need to worry if you want the room not to look cramped but still use maximum decoration. You can apply white walls with molding wall that are evenly distributed in all layers of the living room. The combination of white molding wall with some solid black furniture brings a monochromatic feel and style that looks modern and never goes out of style, you can try to remodel your current living room with a molding wall style. Living room with molding wall from deavita.

Install Mirrors

Although this is a common trick used by interior designers, it is undeniable that mirrors are a simple but elegant decoration to enhance home decor. Because of its function to reflect light and create an illusion, a mirror is common used for interior home design. There are many shapes and designs of mirror that you can choose from. You can use in a large size of mirror to dress up your walls.


In a narrow room you can use a mirror for a wall decoration as well as a tool to make the room look spacious. To make it more attractive, you can use a mirror with a semi-circle shape with the addition of a tassel, which can also beautify the appearance of the room. Use these additional tassel accessories that have a color that matches the feel of the room to create a harmonious look. Semicircular mirror with tassel accent from thespruce.


Not only that, you can also use several small mirrors to decorate your bedroom. Use a circular mirror with a rattan frame shaped like a sun and flowers. This method is a simple idea but will still make your bedroom walls beautiful and not look empty. Think of the layout of this mirror to make it look attractive, install the mirror vertically with a sun-shaped frame at the top and a flower-shaped frame at the bottom. Round mirror with rattan frame from thespruce.


Install a large mirror in a small living room to reflect the light spread throughout the room. In addition to helping the lighting in the living room, mirrors can also create the illusion that the room looks wider. This mirror with a unique frame made of rattan can also be the center of attention of everyone in the living room. Give the final touch to this mirror frame with a combination of black and gold, this can give a luxurious and elegant impression to your living room. Big mirror with unique rattan frame from elledecor.


Not only one or two mirrors, but you can also install a mirror of the same size and shape for decoration on the top of an empty fireplace. That way some of these mirrors will help the lighting to spread optimally throughout the corner of the room. You can also choose a frame with a bronze color to give a unique and classic impression. Fireplace decoration with bronze frame from elledecor.


Not only with paintings, you can also collect various forms of mirrors to be used as a collection for your current wall decoration ideas. Show off several collections of antique mirrors that are dominated by your shiny gold frame in the living room by attaching them to the wall. Arrange randomly according to the available space so that your wall becomes like a private gallery of unique mirror exhibitions. Vintage mirror wall decoration from lollyjane.

All of these ways to dress up your walls are easy to do. You will be surprised at the difference it can make to the look of your walls. Whatever you decide to do, the fact that you took the time to find out how to do it and then did it will be appreciated by you and your friends or family.

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