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23 Winter Living Room Decoration Ideas

Winter is just around the corner and if you are looking for some great winter living room decoration ideas, then you should keep these things in mind. Most of us love to spend a lot of time in our living rooms whether it is for watching TV, chatting with friends, reading or simply having a cup of coffee. The living room is an important part of your home and you should make it as comfortable as possible. So what are some great winter living room decoration ideas that you can use?

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Build a Fireplace

You can play with the fireplace in order to give cozy feel to your home during winter time. Make it as a focal point of your room. A fireplace can make your living room even more cozier and warmth. It is advisable to put some chandeliers in the living room. It will surely give cozy and inviting ambiance to your home.

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The fireplace is one of the winter living room accents that you can apply simultaneously with the use of candles that are used as mantel decorations. You can use this fireplace when gathering with your family to get a warmer atmosphere and room temperature. Paint the outer surface of the fireplace using a neutral color such as gray so that it can be combined easily when there are other interiors around it. Gray fireplace with candle mantel from bhg.

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There’s nothing wrong with using a rustic style for decorating your winter living room, now you can hang a deer head that has been preserved right above your fireplace for a more assertive and vintage look. Place leather chairs on both sides of this fireplace as a comfortable, warm sitting area and suitable for use with your partner during the day or night. Layers of pillows and blankets are additional boosting accents. Rustic style living room fireplace from bhg.

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Decorating a winter living room is incomplete without the use of a fireplace, therefore you can use a fireplace with a square shape that can provide a warmer atmosphere in the room. Another warm accent that can be applied in this living room is the use of layered rugs and throw pillows in sufficient quantities and arranged on the sofa in a neat and orderly manner. Square fireplace with layered rug from bhg.


Take advantage of some of the walls in the living room to install a modern built-in fireplace that will help your room temperature feel warmer when the weather in the room starts to feel cold. Next to this fireplace, there is an open shelf that can be used as firewood storage, making it easier for you to reach it and put it in the existing fireplace. Adjustable lamps and chandeliers are added warmth that can illuminate the room according to your needs. Built-in living room fireplace from bhg.

Install Rugs

You can also place some high quality rugs like those which are made from sheep skin or faur fur rug. Install a rug under the coffee table, so your feets doesn’t feel cold. You can put some pillows in the middle of the rug. Placing some nice winter themed throws on the floor will complete the look of the whole room.


When you have used the bottom layer of the rug without a pattern then you can use the next rug with a colorful abstract pattern. You can use the furniture around it with a splash of the same color to make it appear more harmonious and elegant. Blankets and pillows are additional heating accents that can be placed neatly on sofas and velvet chairs. Some vintage ornaments become decorations that can be used. Two layers of rug with different colors and patterns from idealhome.


This rug layer that is able to coat the floor surface can be applied in the winter decoration of the living room this year, you can choose different materials, colors and sizes as footwear that can be stepped on warmly and gently. For example, you can combine a faux fur rug with a striped rug which is dominated by blue and white. Natural stone fireplaces are the main source of heating that can be used simultaneously. Combination of faux fur rug with striped rug from idealhome.


The light gray rug combined with the white faux fur rug above it becomes a perfect combination that can coat your wooden floor to make it feel warmer, softer and softer. You can carry out routine maintenance by vacuuming using the machine you have so that it can still be used as a floor seating area or it can also be used as a lying area. String light is an inexpensive DIY lighting idea and is perfect for decorating a living room in winter. Combination of light gray rug with faux fur rug from digsdigs.


It’s a good idea to coat your wooden floor with a faux fur rug which has a thicker material and a wider size, this rug can be placed in the middle of your sofa and chairs as a warm footed and is perfect for this winter in the living room decoration. You. The feel of a room that is dominated by white is the best choice that gives an elegant impression and is suitable for any room with any season. White faux fur rug from digsdigs.

Set Candle for Dim Lighting Ideas

You can add some winter lighting in the room which can help a lot in maintaining the cozy ambience. One of them you can light up some candles which are placed strategically around the room. The candle can create a dim light that creates a warm and intimate atmosphere.


Besides being able to be used as lighting for a warm room, this candle stick placed above the fireplace can also be used as a mantel decoration which is very suitable when used in winter living room decorations. The existence of this candle stick is enhanced by painting frames and green leaves that spread to the fireplace area beautifully. Use this candle anytime according to your activity needs. Candlestick lighting as a mantel decoration from digsdigs.


The combination of a candle with a bulb string light that is applied in one room is a dim lighting idea that is able to provide a warmer feel and room temperature. You can place this candle at random but keep it safe from the reach of your children. For example, you can put a candle in the fireplace and hang a bulb string light in the floating area of your shelf. Combination of candles with bulb string light from digsdigs.


If the candle holder is not enough lighting in your living room, then you can try adding other lighting such as table lamps placed on both sides of the fireplace. The more candles that are used, the warmer the feel of your current living room. Decorating the living room which is dominated by white is the best choice you can do right now for the comfort and warmth that you or your family can feel together. Candle with table lamp from digsdigs.


Pay attention to the layout of the candles in your living room decoration to keep it safe, for example you can put some candles on a white ottoman with a round tray made of stainless steel so that it is more sturdy and not easily porous. The existence of this candle can be perfected with a unique white ornament that is very suitable when placed in a winter living room decoration. Candle lighting on the ottoman from digsdigs.


Fire is one of the warmth that can be used in a room during winter, now you can apply this fire by using a candle holder as an idea for dim lighting during the day or night. You can use these candles in a variety of different sizes and shapes for a warmer look. The snowflake ornament in the window area can be used as a room decoration as well as a different view of the room. Candles with different sizes from digsdigs.

Use Comfortable Sofas

Winter living room decoration ideas also include putting up some comfortable winter-themed sofa sets. There are many types of sofa sets available in the market which you can choose from. Some of the popular sofa sets include wool sofa sets, leather sofa sets and warm sheepskin sofa sets. For the upholstery, you can go for some high-quality leathers, suede or faux suede. All these things can go well with your winter theme.


An easy way to make your linen sofa feel warmer when in use is to coat the top surface with faux fur fabric that has a matching color. In addition to this warm fabric, you can also use some throw pillows and thick knitted blankets that can be used simultaneously to relax in the living room decor in winter. You can use neutral colors like white and beige to make the room feel more elegant and neutral. Linen sofa with faux fur lining and knitted blanket from digsdigs.


Not only a sofa, but you can also use a chair as a sitting area in the living room this winter. This chair is easier to move and of course the right layout this season is to place it right next to your living room fireplace. This chair is upholstered with two throw pillows and a faux fur blanket that matches the rug underneath, which is gray. This chair can be used whenever you want or on weekends. Chair with throw pillow and faux fur blanket from digsdigs.


Sofa made of thick leather is also one of the right furniture choices that can be used in winter living room decorations. This material has a warmer surface and is certainly not easily torn or brittle when used for a long period of time, now you can also line the sofa with a faux fur blanket that is placed together with a throw pillow that has a variety of colors and patterns. Leather sofa with faux fur blanket and throw pillow from idealhome.


Do you need a sitting area that matches the living room decor in winter? If so, eating a velvet chair with a neutral colored linen sofa is a very suitable combination for a sitting area. Other interiors that must be used in winter are rugs and the use of fireplaces that have a color that matches the color of the room so as not to damage the color tone of the room which will cause it to be tacky. A few throw pillows on the sofa make for a warm finishing touch. Combination of velvet chairs with linen sofa from idealhome.

Decorate with Pillows

Another one of the best winter living room decoration ideas is to buy a bunch of fluffy pillows and pile them up on the sofa. Pillows adds comfortable feel of the place and when they are fluffy and soft, they will make the whole room cozier. The most common material used to make these throw pillows is faux fur.


This sectional sofa design that has a splash of white color can be perfected with some throw pillows that can warm your sitting area while decorating the living room. The more throw pillows you use, the more warmth the room will feel. A candle placed on a wooden log coffee table is a dim lighting idea that can give a warm impression to the room. Sectional sofa with some throw pillows from digsdigs.


With the softness and warmth of this velvet sofa, this one furniture is very suitable when applied to winter living room decorations. You can add warmth when you are on this sofa with a faux fur throw pillow that has a neutral color so that it is more suitable to be combined with any color of the sofa and ottoman coffee table. Geometric canvas painting is the final touch that can give an artistic impression to the room. Faux fur pillows in neutral color from livingetc.

Pay Attention to The Window Treatment

When the weather is cold, you will spend your time to linger inside your home. And most of them spend their time in the living room. Insulate your room from the cold by installing thick or layered curtains. Even you can use blinds or wooden shutter to keep warm of your room. Whatever you choose, a window treatment can act as a barrier to the cold outside.


It’s a good idea to use two glass windows in your living room decoration to replace the air circulation in the room. When the season comes, you should be able to coat this window with thick curtains that have the same color as your current wall paint for maximum warmth that can be brought from the use of a fireplace. This window can be applied on both sides of the fireplace to maximize natural lighting that can be easily obtained. Two glass windows with thick curtains from mydomaine.


The rayon material on the curtains is also the best choice that can be applied in decorating the living room this winter because in addition to being able to warm the room, these curtains are also easier to wash when they start to get dirty. Another function of using these curtains is to limit the natural lighting that enters the room excessively, you can use high curtains for a slightly more luxurious look. High rayon winter curtains from mydomaine.


Don’t let your sheer curtains line the winter windows just stand alone, you can use two layers of curtains with thicker materials such as velvet which has a splash of bold color. Floor to ceiling curtain makes the impression of a wider and open room and you can open it according to your room temperature needs. Tulips are a natural decoration that can give a fragrant aroma to the room around it. The combination of light curtains with bold velvet rug from livingetc.


If you have a white winter living room decoration this year, then you can cover the shutter window with light brown curtains made of linen and of course thick material that can block cold weather that enters the room. Close these curtains again at night to get a warmer atmosphere and room temperature. Herringbone wooden floor becomes a warmer footed and can be used simultaneously with a tufted sofa which seems softer. Linen curtain in neutral color from livingetc.

It is fun to linger in the living room in winter while telling stories and gathering with family. So, decorating it as comfortable and warm as possible is very important.

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