25 tips to style your terrace fi
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25 Tips to Style Your Terrace

Terrace decoration ideas are increasing day by day. These days, people like to spend most of their time on the terrace instead of sitting in front of the television or reading newspapers. But terrace is the place where you can really spend quality time together with your family. Therefore, the terrace area is the perfect area where people can gather friends and even enjoy the cool breeze.

So, make it a pleasant place for enjoying, it’s really important to decorate it nicely with right terrace decoration ideas. If you really want to get some stunning terrace decorations then you should try to take one or two good pictures of terraces with some good lighting. Actually, tips to style a terrace is very simple. So, here are few tips to style your terrace that will help you to apply the best decoration ideas for your terrace.

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Choose the Decoration that Fits to Your Terrace Sizes

First, before decorating your terrace, make sure your terrace sizes. Whether is large or small terrace, pay attention to the size of your terrace is very important. Because it will affect to the theme or concept that would be applied to your terrace. If your terrace is small, better for your to use a minimalist design and simple furniture. For those who have a large one, you can do more than that.


Even though you have a terrace decoration with a limited size, there is nothing wrong with adding a water feature by installing a mini fountain that is applied to the corner of the terrace which is perfected by the use of a wall living plant that thrives. Don’t forget to add a built-in bench covered with pillows as a sitting area that can be used with friends or family who come to the house. Small terrace with mini fountain from architectureartdesigns.


Do you have a terrace decoration with a very spacious floor space? If yes, then you can use this terrace decoration as an outdoor living room as well as an outdoor dining room which will provide a different atmosphere with a beautiful outdoor view. You can also bring a fireplace to this patio area as a heating accent that can be used when the outdoor atmosphere feels colder. Outdoor living room dining room combo in the terrace from architectureartdesigns.


This small balcony terrace decoration with red wood floors can be used as best as possible as a comfortable stopover with a beautiful outdoor atmosphere. One set of iron chairs can be used for the dining area, while the built-in wooden bench which is equipped with several throw pillows can be used to relax with your family or friends who come to the house. Balcony terrace lounging area from architectureartdesigns.


The decoration of the combo kitchen dining room on the outdoor terrace is a very comfortable area to use when gathering with your family, here you will get a different atmosphere when cooking and when eating cooked food. The feel of the terrace, which is dominated by white, provides a neutral room that is very suitable when combined with wooden furniture and spider plant decorations with dark black ceramic pots. Combo kitchen dining room decoration on outdoor terrace from architectureartdesigns.


Make good use of your balcony terrace decoration, for example, you can put some outdoor furniture that can be used as a comfortable and warm relaxing area because it is directly exposed to the reflection of the sun during the day. In addition to the sofa and small side table, you can also use a dining table set that has been repainted in pure white. A cement fireplace surrounded by furniture is a warm accent. Outdoor furniture in the big outdoor terrace area from architectureartdesigns.

Pay Attention to The Natural Lighting

These tips are no less important. A comfortable terrace is one that has good lighting, especially natural lighting. When your terrace gets abundant sunlight it will make the atmosphere comfortable and of course will expose the beauty of your terrace arrangement.


This roofless balcony terrace decoration will maximize incoming sunlight so that it can be used for sunbathing during the day. You can put a sofa and stool chair as a sitting area that can be used with your family. This outdoor furniture is surrounded by green plants and purple flowers which will be a decoration as well as a view that you can enjoy whenever you want. Roofless balcony terrace decoration from architectureartdesigns.


In addition to making the terrace decoration more privacy, the wooden fence is also a barrier to the entry of excessive sunlight so it is highly recommended for those of you who want to try it. This wooden fence is equipped with white light spotlights so it is very useful at night, you can plant on the side of this terrace with various types of plants that have a size that is quite large. Wooden fence privacy from architectureartdesigns.


Sunlight may be used during the day as a heater for the terrace area that you can enjoy to the fullest, but at night you can use string bulb lamps that are stretched over the terrace which will produce bright lighting at night. Under this lamp, you can apply some outdoor furniture to get maximum light so that it really helps your night activities while on this terrace. Natural lighting with string bulb lamps from architectureartdesigns.


This lounge chair made of rattan is a perfect relaxing and sunbathing area because it is not equipped with a roof. You can also put a small side table to put food or small items that must be placed when sunbathing. Along the sides of this terrace can be decorated with container plants as a decoration as well as a beautiful view. Rattan relaxing chairs on the terrace decoration from architectureartdesigns.


Natural lighting with string bulbs is a combination of lighting that can be used in patio decorations as needed. You can also use candle lighting that is placed on a coffee table and on a vintage wooden shelf that gives a warm impression to the room around it. The sunlight that is produced will provide maximum warmth and can be enjoyed when the weather feels cold. Combination of natural lighting with string bulb from digsdigs.


Although this balcony terrace is equipped with a roof, you will still get enough sunlight because it does not have a high privacy fence. The sunlight that illuminates this terrace helps some outdoor furniture made of wood not damp and not easily porous. In addition, you can also apply a bulb string light to the fence as the right lighting at night. Balcony terrace without high privacy fence from digsdigs.


This wooden fence that has a fairly high size becomes a barrier to sunlight that will be present in excess during the day. The sunlight that is present will prevent outdoor furniture made of solid wood from becoming damp and easily porous. You can cover the wooden floor with a rug that has a combination of black and white as a warmer and softer footwear. Green plants make a very appropriate decoration. Wooden fence as a barrier to the entry of sunlight from digsdigs.

Choose Right Furniture

Because the terrace is the outside of the house and is open, choosing the right furniture is important. Consider the comfort and quality for your terrace furniture. You can use furniture made of wood, iron, metal, or plastic. According on what effect you want to achieve. If you want a natural and warm look, you can use wooden furniture. But if you want a classic look, iron furniture can be your option. And more options to come.


Choose and use the right furniture in your patio decoration according to the size of the floor area, when you have a terrace decoration with limited floor space then use a table then a small set becomes a smart furniture idea that you can use anytime according to your needs. The selection of the iron set dining table is very appropriate. The red wood fence makes your patio decoration more private. Iron dining table set on a small terrace decoration from architectureartdesigns.


L-shaped sofa and wooden square table are the perfect combination of outdoor patio furniture because they can work well together to provide maximum comfort. You can equip this sofa with some throw pillows for a warmer and softer sitting surface. The large trees and greenery make the surrounding area more shady during the day. Combination L-shaped sofa with wooden table square from architectureartdesigns.


If you want to get a wider terrace floor area then you can use only one dining table set with a size that is not too big. With the use of this furniture, you can do outdoor activities more freely, transparent glass railings with a thicker size make it easier for you to see the beautiful and refreshing outdoor scenery. Spacious terrace floor area with small dining table set from architectureartdesigns.


Adjust the use of furniture to the size and area of your current terrace. If you have a small terrace, then you can simply use a small sofa set that is placed right in front of the cement fireplace which can also be used as a sitting area on both sides with a fairly long size. Use an outdoor sofa with a brighter color like orange so that it can be used as a focal point that can function properly. Bold color outdoor sofa from architectureartdesigns.


The built-in iron bench and two iron chairs that surround this round fireplace become a very comfortable sitting area for you to get a new atmosphere while resting and relaxing. Iron chairs are the right choice for outdoor furniture because they are more resistant to all weather changes outside the room and have more hard materials and are certainly not easily porous. Built-in benches and chairs surrounding the fireplace from architectureartdesigns.


A set of dining table and two lounge chairs is enough to fill your balcony terrace decoration without overdoing it so that it still leaves an empty floor space. The use of sufficient furniture is intended so that it is also easier for you to clean the terrace decorations every day on a regular basis. This lounge chair can also be folded when it is finished, so it is very space efficient. Combination of a dining table set with lounge chairs from architectureartdesigns.

Add Plants

You can add small plants but beautiful. This is very effective to enhance your terrace look. It is also can be a solution if you don’t have a space to make a garden. By placing some plants can add green visual to your outdoor space. Do this simple thing but it can make you feel more comfortable.


It’s a good idea to hang some green plant pots on the ceiling when you have patio decorations with limited floor space. For hanging plants, you can use vines that can go down freely. For floor pots, you can fill them with palm trees to give the room a more natural atmosphere and of course become decorations that are very easy to find in your backyard garden. Hanging plant with floor pot from digsdigs.


One way to give a tropical feel to the terrace decoration, then you can use a banana tree planted in a clay pot that can be placed right behind the chair so as not to interfere with your movement space while on this terrace decoration. Another plant that you can apply in this area is a palm tree with a larger number and place it in the corner of the room that has been provided. Tropical plants on the terrace decoration from digsdigs.


A large tree is the right plant that must be in your patio decoration because it can help the surrounding area to be more shady during the day. Iron trellis placed close to the fence can also be used to plant vines that can thrive because they get maximum sunlight. Place outdoor furniture right under a large tree to provide a gentle outdoor atmosphere. A large tree as a shade for the terrace from digsdigs.


This iron trellis which is used as a fence as well as an area for vines of green plants will be very useful when applied to decorating your small balcony terrace. The material used will also be more sturdy and not easy to rust when exposed to changing outdoor weather. The small fir trees that surround these vines become a blend of greenery that will blend in more perfectly. Iron trellis with vines from digsdigs.


In addition to green plants, you can also plant lavender flowers on your balcony terrace decoration. You can place this plant around outdoor furniture as a beautiful sight and can refresh your eyes. Place several large candle lanterns in the area around the plants as lighting ideas that can be used at night and of course make your plants more visible at night. The combination of greenery with lavender flowers from digsdigs.


So that your green plants do not interfere with your space when you are on the terrace decoration, then you can put this plant right in the corner of the room. You can use different types of green plants in different containers or pots. Sofas made of iron can be covered with seat cushions so that they can be used as a warmer, softer and very comfortable sitting area. Corner of greenery on the terrace from digsdigs.


Not only green plants, but you can also use orange trees as natural decoration ideas that can be transferred to patio decorations easily and of course you don’t have to buy. You can use vintage-style pots to add to the impression of a simpler terrace, pots that can be used include galvanized pots, pallet box pots and beige cloth pots. Place these citrus plants and trees right in front and on the side of the sofa that is used in this patio decoration. Combination of greenery with citrus trees from digsdigs.

When you are looking for a place to relax, you can do it in your terrace. Follow those tips to get a comfortable terrace decor.

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