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30 Cozy Winter Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Are you struggling to come up with winter bedroom decoration ideas? Decorating your bedroom during the winter season can be a bit difficult, and some people end up making mistakes while decorating their bedrooms. There are a number of things that you should keep in mind when it comes to decorating your room. Winter can be quite harsh on your home, and it will be better if you spend a bit more time during the winter season planning and coming up with good winter bedroom decoration ideas. You can make your bedroom look cozy and beutiful with the right type of decoration.

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Place Candles

There are many other winter season decoration ideas that you can use to decorate your bedroom. Think about candles and lanterns, which are commonly used during the holiday season. These things are usually visible during the winter months, which can help you get cozy and comfortable. Candles are good decoration pieces during the winter seasons, because they are very bright and give off a lot of light. You can use these candles to make your room more cozy and warm, so that you will be able to sleep comfortably at night. It is always best to buy plain glass candles for this purpose, because they are easier to find.


This winter Scandinavian bedroom features glass candles for a warm and dramatic look. You can put this candle beside your bed to make your room more cozy and warm so that you can enjoy your rest at night. The quilted faux fur blanket and rugged wood bench plus knitted pillows are ideal for bedroom decor this winter. Glass candles winter Scandinavian bedroom from digsdigs.


The many candle lanterns for a comfortable winter feel in this bedroom will create an attractive room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Placing it on the floor of this bedroom can be the perfect focal point of the room. Paired with a plaid bed, faux fur rug, this green setting gives a winter bedroom a warm and inviting look. Candle lanterns from digsdigs.


Adding candles to this winter bedroom is a brilliant idea for you to try. Candles are a great decoration during winter, as they are very bright and emit a lot of light. Complete with white knitted curtains, pinecone bangs, knitted bedding and plaid textiles add to the look of this winter bedroom. Pillar candles and glass candles from digsdigs.


A few pillar candles in this vintage case sit neatly on top of your bedroom fireplace mantle. This will provide a comfortable room at night. Plaid and red beds and holiday wreaths plus lights bring a cozy winter feel to the bedroom. Pillar candles from digsdigs.


Several candles on this shelf provide dramatic warmth and light to the entire room. Paired with knit stockings, a Christmas tree, a green wreath and a large mirror, this creates an interesting room decor for you to try. This bedding set is also equipped with layered faux fur blankets, pillows and bolsters to produce a comfortable bed. Candles ornament from digsdigs.

Add Rugs

A lot of people love to use old rugs. However, if you don’t have the money to purchase an old rug, you can always use the ones that are available in your home. The best thing about having rugs and other winter bedroom decoration ideas is that you can make your bedroom even more warmer to face the cold weather.


This winter farmhouse style bedroom features a burlap rug under the bed to give the entire space a warm feel. Choosing this jute carpet will give the impression of a warm and inviting room. This quilted bedding set also comes with a thick duvet and several stacked pillows. Jute rug from digsdigs.


This rug provides a warm and cozy space throughout the room. Choosing this patterned rug creates an attractive room decor and grabs the attention of many people. This boho-style winter bedroom features a warm, bright white bedroom scheme. This string bulb light brings perfect lighting into the room. Patternd rug from digsdigs.


This quilted rug adds extra warmth to this bedroom. Applying this under the bed will also give a cozy look to your bedroom. This bedding set with quilted blankets and pillows will create a charming appearance. Table lamps on the right and left provide dramatic lighting throughout the room. Layered rug from digsdigs.


Placing this large faux fur rug gives the room a cozy and inviting touch. Placing it at the bottom of this mattress will also produce a comfortable bedroom look. This bedding set comes with a quilted duvet and several pillows, giving it a comfortable money feel. A natural touch is present on this wooden wall to give a warm impression to the room. Large faux fur from digsdigs.


This large rug placed under the bed will bring a warm and cozy feel to the entire room. Combined with this wooden floor will also give a warm impression and give a natural touch to the entire room. A fireplace on one of these walls will provide a warm and cozy room. Large rug from digsdigs.

Create Subtle Textures

Another idea for decorating your bedroom during this winter is to create subtle textures throughout the room. One way to do this is to create a layered effect. You can do this by adding a couple of blankets, then grouping two or three pillows together. By creating these subtle textures, they will combine to create a cozy living space.


This monochromatic winter bedroom features layered textures for a charming and warm space. Adding this fleece blanket and quilted bed will create a warm and inviting space. Some of these stacked pillows make for a cozy room decor throughout the room. Monochromatic winter bedroom from digsdigs.


These red and checkered blankets and pillows add texture to your bedroom décor. These well-arranged pillows make for a cozy and inviting room decor. This bench is equipped with a faux fur blanket will give a unique and warm look. Using a wooden ceiling will give a natural room design. Checkered and red blankets from digsdigs.


This white and gray knitted blanket adds texture to any bedroom decor this winter. You can also add patterned pillows that are stacked to provide a comfortable space. In the middle of the bed you can complete it with a knitted tray and some candle ornaments. This green garland hanging on the wall above the head of the bed brings a natural touch to the room. White and gray knitted blanket from digsdigs.


The cozy winter cabin bedrooms are all wrapped in upholstered and textured bedding sets. You can use a layered blanket and several piles of pillows for a comfortable bedroom result. Using rustic wood walls, lamps and this pompom wreath make for a stunning room decor. Textured bedding sets from digsdigs.


This light purple and plaid bed with reindeer print and this knitted blanket add a warm and cozy feel to the entire room this winter. Choosing a bedroom wall made of natural stone will give a natural touch to the room. Complete your décor with some firewood in the chest to make a cozy bedroom for the winter. Knitted blanket from digsdigs.

Warm with Fireplace

Since the weather is cold and then you need a thing to warm your body and whole room. Then, fireplace can solve this problem. Before winter comes, maybe your fireplace is just a display and not works, from now on, use your fireplace to warm the room.If you don’t have one, consider buying a portable fireplace or start to build it.


The fireplace in the bedroom this winter will give the room an interesting décor and will attract the attention of many people. In addition, it will radiate extra warmth at night. Using this layer of stone will give a natural touch to the whole room. This beige color scheme brings serenity to the entire room. Stone fireplace from onekindesign.


This bedside metal fireplace lends a warm touch to the entire room. This will make the bedroom look cozy and inviting. This comfortable bedding set comes with a quilted duvet and multiple pillows for the perfect bedroom decor. The wooden walls also give a natural touch to the whole room. Bedside metal fireplace from onekindesign.


This classic bedroom features a fireplace accent. This decoration is suitable for you to try in your winter home. Placing it in the corner of this room will give warmth to the whole room. Complete the décor with a large burlap rug under the bed for a cozy bedroom result. Corner fireplace from onekindesign.


Complete your bedroom with a cozy fireplace accent for maximum results. A fireplace on one wall will create extra warmth throughout this bedroom. Using this beige color scheme will create a warm and serene room. Don’t forget to use rugs throughout the room for the perfect look. Built-in fireplace from onekindesign.


The fireplace in the corner of the room with stone walls displays an attractive room decoration and steals the attention of many people. This decor will radiate extra warmth to this space. You can use a quilted mattress and some pillows for a comfortable look. Complementing the fireplace with this wooden bench offers a rustic design to the room. Corner stone fireplace from onekindesign.

Decorate with Natural Ornaments

To strengthen the winter vibe to your bedroom, you can decorate your room with some natural ornaments. In this case, you can use wreath made from evergreen and pinecones, add small Christmas tree, or natural garlands.


A cozy Christmas bedroom with a snowy green wreath above the bed will make for an attractive bedroom decor and will give the room a fresh touch. Hanging it on the wall with this red ribbon will give the room a stylish design. Complete the look with candle lanterns, basket chests with storage for an eye-catching result. Snowy green wreath from digsdigs.


A neutral Christmas bedroom with natural garlands complete with ball ornaments makes for an attractive room decor. Hanging garland on the headboard of the bed will give it a refined look. This beige color scheme and a touch of gold will result in a room that looks elegant and luxurious. The wood flooring and faux fur rug offer extra warmth to the entire space. Natural garland from digsdigs.


Complete your bedroom with snowy spruce ornaments, pinecones and ornaments for a warm and cozy feeling in this winter bedroom. This decoration will give a warm and cozy touch to the space. A red knitted blanket and plaid bed complete this winter bedroom look. This white color scheme and wooden floor will give the impression of a warm and airy room. Snowy spruce ornaments from digsdigs.


Christmas tree accents and green wreaths add a natural touch to this bedroom. On the Christmas tree you can add accents of ball ornaments and some gifts at the bottom of the tree for an attractive room result and become the focal point of the room. This white shiplap wood ceiling gives a warm and airy impression to the room. Christmas tree from digsdigs.


This snowy wreath with red ribbon adds an eye-catching décor to any room and grabs the attention of crowds. With this decoration will strengthen the winter in your bedroom. Complementing the look with greenery and berries in this metal vase makes for an eye-catching display that will grab the attention of many. Snowy wreath from digsdigs.

Install Curtains

When you have to face the cold weather, you should have a good preparation. One of them pay attention to the window. The cold air can enter through the window. Insulate your room by installing a thick curtain. Choose a dark color to create a warm ambiance.


Sheer voile fabric is the perfect solution to add extra privacy to your bedroom and will give the room a warm décor. This linen curtain uses black for a warm room design. Choosing a high curtain design from the ceiling to the floor gives the illusion of a tall and airy room. Black linen curtain from idealhome.


Complementing the bedroom look with thick green-patterned curtains, this creates an attractive room decor and will give a warm impression throughout the room. You can try this to give a winter bedroom a retro style. Pair it with a white color scheme for a bright and airy room. Green-patterned curtains from idealhome.


Medium sized or linen are perfect for creating a casual look. The dark gray curtains here hang all the way to the floor and add another layer of texture to this modern bedroom. This decoration will create the illusion of a wider room and look taller. This beige wall scheme also gives a warm and serene look to the entire room. Linen curtain from idealhome.


Applying these dark gray linen curtains will create a warm room decor and offer privacy to the room. These thick curtains will block the sunlight from entering your room. Combine with wooden walls to give a warm impression to the whole room. Dark gray linen curtains from idealhome.


Choose pink patterned curtains that feature a timeless design that will match the neutral beige color scheme with bright pink. These curtains provide extra warmth throughout the room because they will prevent cold air from entering the room through the gaps in the windows. Pink patterned curtains from idealhome.

When winter comes, your outdoor activities will be limited. And at that time you will spend a lot of time at home, especially in the bedroom. Apply a cozy winter bedroom decor to make you linger in your room.

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