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25 Simple Rustic Decorating Ideas for Your Bathroom

Bathroom decor is a relatively uncomplicated process when compared with other rooms, and it is easy to add simple rustic elements that complement the rest of your home. The problem is that many people get caught up in the magnificence of expensive designer bathrooms and forget that simple rustic decorating can have just as much appeal. Even if you choose to go all out in the rustic style, there are still plenty of ways to keep things light and simple without going overboard. Here are a few simple rustic decorating ideas for your bathroom.

25 simple rustic decorating ideas for your bathroom 1

Floor Coverings

Look for pieces that have a rough texture, such as stone tiles or rough ceramic tile. You can even layer the textures to achieve a more rustic effect. You can also choose pieces with an earthy tone, such as browns, tans, or greens. For a truly unique and visually interesting look, you might want to match your floor covering choices to the color scheme of your bathroom interior design.


This simple bathroom features black slate floors and textured beige walls to match the dark wood doors. This bathroom also has a glass-walled bathroom to create a stylish bathroom look. Don’t forget to complete the look with dramatic lighting from wall lamps for a stunning room result. Black slate floors from homestratosphere.


This rustic master bathroom idea uses natural stone floors to give the impression of a charming room. In the image above you can complement the wooden sink to offer a stylish space. This wooden ceiling will give a natural touch to your room. Natural stone floors from homestratosphere.


This bathroom features beige marble flooring that complements dark wood cabinets and dresser drawers. Choosing this floor will be waterproof and will give the room a luxurious design. Combining it with a beige color scheme and some wooden furniture will also make your room decor warmer and more comfortable. Beige marble flooring from homestratosphere.


This rustic bathroom features white stone floors to add a rustic feel to the room. Complete the look with a large vanity with two sinks in this bathroom to create an elegant light gray wardrobe. It matches the wooden frame of the wide window above the bath placed at the end. White stone floors from homestratosphere.


Applying a rustic impression to this bathroom, you can use stone tiles to vibrate the rustic impression into the room. This is a spacious bathroom with a bathtub placed at the lower end of the window. This bathtub is placed with the same material as the beige floor for maximum results. Stone tile from homestratosphere.

Lighting Ideas

Your lighting should be soft and subtle, so that it doesn’t detract from the natural beauty of your bathroom. Use pendants, low, round lighting fixtures, or chandeliers if you like. Consider using lights that are made of wrought iron or brass.


In this rustic master bathroom, use an antique Italian chandelier to cast a dramatic glow throughout the room. With this yellow light it will make your room decoration more attractive. This gray color scheme and hardwood floors provide a calm and warm space. Antique Italian chandelier from elledecor.


Don’t forget to add a rustic chandelier for a dramatic glow. You can try this idea to make a charming room decoration. These stone walls and floors provide an interesting rustic feel for you to try in this bathroom. Uplight chandelier from homestratosphere.


This rustic-style chandelier radiates dramatic light throughout the room. Placing it on top of this bathtub will also be the perfect focal point of the room. Adding these recessed lights also provides the right lighting. Pair it with a beige and brown color scheme for a warm and subdued finish. Rustic-style chandelier from homestratosphere.


This rustic master bathroom with fireplace and bathtub with a stunning stone platform also features a rustic chandelier accent. This lamp provides dramatic lighting throughout your room. Use wood panels on the walls and floors to give a rustic feel to the room. Metal chandelier from homestratosphere.


Using this rustic chandelier from a tree branch creates dramatic lighting to this rustic bathroom. Placing it above this bath will create the perfect focal point of the room. Wood accents on the walls and cabinets also give a natural and stylish impression to the room. Rustic chandelier from homestratosphere.

Wooden Walls

Adding some old wood and natural wood to the walls will bring the feel of mountains to your bathroom and make it look very warm and inviting. It can blends well with your modern rustic bathroom. However, if you want a more rustic vibe, you can also use wooden log for the wall ideas.


A contemporary rustic bathroom with dark stained wood on the walls creates a warm look. Complete the décor with a glass sink, some wall lamps that will rock a stylish room décor. This wall decoration will also complete the look of your rustic bathroom walls. Dark stained wood from digsdigs.


A contemporary rustic bathroom with wooden walls and furniture and a touch of concrete brings a rustic feel to your home. Complementing the look with this burlap rug also adds extra comfort to this rustic bathroom. This white color scheme and vintage chandelier provide a serene look with dramatic lighting. Wooden walls from digsdigs.


The rustic-style bathroom blends with touches of weathered wood and stone. This wooden furniture also brings a rustic feel to the room. Choosing this shabby wood will also provide a natural room decor. This vintage discount lamp also radiates a dramatic glow throughout the room. Shabby wooden walls from digsdigs.


This gray bathroom with wooden walls and floors brings a rustic feel throughout the room. Applying this wooden dresser will also provide an attractive room decor and balance the look of your bathroom. Don’t forget to complete the look with discount lamps and antique mirrors for satisfying results. Gray woodenwall bathroom from digsdigs.


In this cabin bathroom, apply a log wall for a warm and inviting space. Combined with this natural stone wall will give a unique look and steal the attention of many people. This wooden floor is complemented by a carpet runner to provide a warm and charming room. Log wooden wall from digsdigs.

Wood Touches

Simple rustic decoration ideas for your bathroom can give your bathroom that warm inviting feel without spending a fortune. One of the easiest things to do is just put up some wood splash in your bathroom. This will make your bathroom feel cozy, welcoming, and give off a rustic sense that everyone loves. You can use wood cabinet, shelves, and another wood element to bring a rustic feel. Better for your to use a distressed wood.


This modern rustic bathroom with a large wooden vanity with a white countertop and a matching mirror features an interesting bathroom design for you to try. Using this shiplap wood wall will also produce a stylish room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. The touch of this wood will give a warm and natural impression to the entire room. Dark wooden vanity from digsdigs.


This rustic bathroom with floating wooden vanity brings a natural look and warm feel to the entire room. You can also add inner lights for stunning results. Combined with the wooden walls, and this large mirror will give a trendy look to the entire room. Floating wooden vanity from digsdigs.


This contemporary bathroom rustic touch features wood accents on the sink cabinet. In addition, the implementation of built-in shelves, mirror frame, floor and bathroom give this room a stunning design. This will make your bathroom feel cozy, welcoming, and give everyone a rustic feel. Wooden cabinet and built-in shelves from digsdigs.


This contemporary rustic bathroom with wooden furniture in the form of hanging shelves and a counter sink will bring a rustic feel to the room. This concrete sink and wood-covered mirror give the room a stunning design and catch the eye of many. Wooden hanging shelves from digsdigs.


The weathered wood farmhouse bathroom with oversized mirror and wardrobe offers a natural feel to the entire space. Adding metal sconces will also add a dramatic glow to the entire room. These wooden walls and floors also give a natural and warm impression to the room. Wooden mirror frame from digsdigs.

Add a Barn Door

A rustic barn door can add beauty, warmth, and character to bathroom. They’re great to add a rustic vibe and can add style and interest to a space. With the right combination of hardware, door and interior design, your barn door will be the focal point of your rustic bathroom, transforming it from a simple door to an elegant centerpiece.


Barn doors not only work, they can add style and interest to this rustic bathroom. Barn doors are a great way to separate your bathroom from the rest of the room. This decoration will give a unique look and will steal the attention of many people. Barn doors bathroom from thespruce.


In this bathroom rustic , you can use the barn door for maximum room results. You can use a used barn door which will give it an attractive rustic look. Combined with wooden furniture and wooden floors, this bathroom has the perfect look and will become the focal point of the room. Wooden barn door from onekindesign.


In this modern rustic bathroom, wooden barn doors are used for maximum decoration results. With the right combination of hardware, doors and interior design, your barn door will become the focal point of the room. Combined with this beige color scheme will produce an interesting contrast for your room to try. Bathroom with barn doors from onekindesign.


This modern rustic bathroom with a beautiful barn door provides an interesting room decor for you to try. Using this type of door is great for adding a rustic vibe to this bathroom. Combined with a pale white color scheme will produce the perfect room contrast. Dark wood barn doors from decoist.


The beautiful barn bathroom door is crafted from reclaimed Black Walnut wood to bring a rustic feel to your space. These decorations can add style and interest to a space. Combined with a light brown color scheme and some wooden furniture, this will balance the look of your bathroom. Sliding barn dors from decoist.

With these simple rustic decorating ideas, you can bring a bit of nature into your bathroom. The colors are bold, and vibrant, yet still relate back to the earth and nature. The natural elements found around your home will help you achieve a bathroom that looks charming, yet does not over emphasize its natural surroundings. This is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to bring a little nature into your bathroom.

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