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21 Winter Dining Table Decoration Ideas

Winter dining room decor is fun this time of the year. When it comes to winter dining tables, there are many choices to consider. You should think about the winter dining table, what to serve, and how to do it decoratively. The following winter dining table decor ideas will help you do just that.

Use White and Black Colors

One of the most common winter dining table decor ideas is to use white and black as your primary colors. It will give your dining area a wintery theme. If you would like, you can also add in red, green, and even orange. If you would like to play around with more color than that, feel free to do so. You can aslo add pattern to your dining table, such as plaids. But just be sure to keep the whites and blacks as the main colors in your room.


A cozy winter table with plaid base, wood trim, and large pine placemats add to the look of this dining table. Complementing the look with green glass, and lots of candles will add style to the decor of the room and attract the attention of many people. In addition to black and white, this dining table set has a rustic feel to your room. Black and white plaid table runner from digsdigs.


This Scandinavian winter dining table view with a black and white color scheme has a stylish room decor and steals the attention of many people. A black and white pillar candle complete with pinecone, spruce leaves, and a black bowl will give a charming room decor. Black and white color scheme from digsdigs.


This stylish monochromatic winter table with fir and pinecone runners, gray candles, white house vase, this polka dot napkin will give a unique look and steal the attention of many. Applying a white table scape will give it a sleek and clean look. This black chair also gives a perfect look. Monochromatic winter table from digsdigs.


Black plates, metal cutlery, winter ornaments, sliced wooden branches and white pillar candles will give you an attractive look for your winter dining table set. This pale white table scape will provide an attractive room decor and look cleaner. Black plates from digsdigs.


This comfortable winter table with a black and white color scheme becomes an attractive room decoration and steals the attention of many people. Choose black pillar candles, white cups and green runners from pinecones and nuts, these add the perfect room decor for you to try. This rustic wood table will give the impression of a warm room. Black pillar candle from digsdigs.

Decorate with Candles

Once you have your winter dining table in place, you can then begin to arrange the rest of the table decor. There are several options here too. One idea is to fill the space with various candles. These give a warm glow and will add to the overall feel of the table. You could also light some scented candles and then strategically place them around the table.


A winter table setting with a few pillar candles in the glass provides dramatic lighting throughout the room. Complete the décor with green tablecloths, bells and burlap tablecloths to add a natural feel to this room. A set of tableware complete with red napkins will make the room decor stylish. Pillar candles from digsdigs.


This pillar candle with a glass stand will give a stylish look and will steal the attention of many people. Using this candle will provide dramatic lighting around your table. Pair it with a dining table set in all-white for a trendy look. This white Christmas tree will give it a unique look. Glass pillar candle from digsdigs.


This chic winter table view with several pillar candles and scented candles in a small glass will give a unique look and grab the attention of many. Complete the décor with white runners, deer statues and some greenery. This will give a perfect look and have a rustic feel to your room. Pillar candles dining table from digsdigs.


This neutral and simple winter table look features pillar candles and scented candles. This idea will provide dramatic lighting and have a cool scent throughout the room. Complementing this mini green wreath for décor will give a fresh look and a natural touch to the entire room. Pillar candles and scented candles from digsdigs.


A chic winter table setting with pillar candles and scented candles adds style to the decor of the room and attracts crowds. Using green runners, metal chandeliers and pinecones plus stars and wood ornaments make for the perfect table decor. Winter table setting with pillar candles from digsdigs.

Snowflake Ornaments

If you are looking for more winter dining table decor ideas, you might also consider purchasing decorative snowflakes. These would be a perfect thing to place on the table during the winter months. With these nifty little snowflakes, you can dress up just about any table. Just remember that they are not meant to be eaten; they are simply a decoration to enhance the look of the table.


This snowflake ornament placed on the dining table provides an attractive room design and will steal the attention of many people. You can complete your table decor with wooden candle holders, green plants and a rustic dining table set for a comfortable room result. Snowflake ornament winter dining table from digsdigs.


Immediately decorate the chandelier with snowflake ornaments that match your decor. This design is kept simple with distressed wood and painted white for a unique room decor result. This chandelier also provides perfect lighting and will give a unique look to the entire room. Snowflake ornaments from countryliving.

Pinecone Decorations

Some of the most popular winter dining table decor ideas are to make use of pinecones. These cute little pinecones can add a nice touch of color to any table setting. The great thing about pinecones is that they are not expensive at all. So if you are on a budget, or if you do not want to spend too much money on something, then this is a great option for you. Just be sure that you remember to turn these pinecones into a beautiful vase of flowers, candle holder, or centerpiece ideas before the end of the winter season.


As a focal point you can place these pinecones on your plate for a stunning table decoration result. Combined with the black and white color scheme, this table set will give a unique and modern look. Don’t forget to complete the look with candle pillars and greenery for maximum results. Pinecones centerpices from digsdigs.


This winter dining table decoration using pinecone as a candle holder will steal the attention of many. You can place this candle in the center of the table for a stunning decoration that will become the perfect focal point of the room. Add glass cups and pillar candles to complete the decor. Pinecone candle holder from completely-coastal.


This sparkling pinecone candle holder with white tea lamp placed in the center of this winter dining table will make your room decor more stylish and will steal the attention of many. Adding some greenery will give it a unique and stylish look. Pinecone candle holder from decoist.


This winter decoration using a pine cone as a center piece will make the room look natural and steal the attention of many people. In addition to pine cones, you can add greenery and pillar candles with gold holders to make your entire room look glamorous. Pair it with a burlap tablecloth for a natural feel throughout your space. Pinecone centerpieces from digsdigs.


Stack the clean, clean pinecones into a clear glass container to bring a rustic touch to your rustic dining table décor. Complementing the decor with greenery will also make the room decor fresh and look more stylish. Small glass candles also provide dramatic lighting throughout the room. Vases with pinecone from elledecor.

Glitter Accent to the Tablecloth

Another great idea for winter dining table decor ideas is to add some glitter to the tablecloth. This is actually very easy to do. All you need is some glitter paint and a little time to create an awesome effect. Give it a few hours to dry before you start decorating your table with it. It can add a festive look to your dining table.


This white and silver winter table look with this shiny snowflake tablecloth will add a touch of glamor and luxury to any room. You can complement the decor with silver tableware for great results. It will be a festive decoration in your room. White and silver winter table from digsdigs.


Pair a brown tablecloth with glass gems and a beaded tablecloth for a rich, sparkling look. This decoration will give the room a stunning look and give the room a glamorous impression. It can add a festive look to your dining table. Brown tablecloth with glass gems from hgtv.


The shimmer of gold on this tablecloth gives the room a unique design and elegant look. Adding some floral ornaments to vases and pillar candles will give a stylish room design and steal the attention of many people. Decorating your dining table will create a great effect. Gold sequin tablecloth from modwedding.


Complementing the winter dining table look with a touch of sparkling sequins creates a unique room decor that will attract the attention of many. This will give a luxurious appearance and look more elegant. Don’t forget to add blooming flowers in vases and pillar candles for a stylish room design. Sparkling sequins tablecloth from modwedding.

When it comes to winter dining table decor ideas, there are a lot of different things that you can do to spruce up your dining area. Just be sure that you remember to bring everything together so that you have a beautiful dining area that looks wonderful all year long.

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