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25 Interesting Accent Wall Bedroom Ideas

If you’re looking for a way to add color to your bedroom, accent wall ideas are a great way to do it. There are a variety of options available, from simple wooden frames to elaborately designed prints. There are several styles of accent wall bedroom ideas to choose from, and each one can make your space stand out. Whether you’re looking for a way to make your space stand out or you just want a personal touch, there are many different options for you to consider.

A feature wall in the bedroom is the focal point. If the room has too much space, adding an accent wall is a great way to give it more interest. Here are some accent wall bedroom ideas you can steal.

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Add a Mural

Adding a mural to a wall can be a great way to add interest to your space. A dark accent wall will anchor the space and keep it looking clean. A mural on the wall will give a room a more sophisticated feel and will make it feel cozy. A beautiful accent walls makes a room stand out and can help you add interest to your private space.


Don’t let the wall decorations in your bedroom decor look plain and boring, you can apply a beach theme mural design that can give the room a fresher effect. Adjust the color of your bedding with a mural theme so that they can work well together, blue is a smart choice that you can try. Mural bedroom with beach theme from digsdigs.


Are you a nature lover? If so, then a forest-themed mural is the best choice for you to copy. This mural is dominated by blue so that it makes the room feel brighter and not tacky. Some of these towering tree murals emphasize the forest theme that is currently being used. Forest themed mural from digsdigs.


This tropical wallpaper with a white background, besides being able to be used as a decoration, can also be used as an Instagram able photo spot. Yes, this tropical wallpaper which is dominated by green is enough to give a fresh impression and of course makes the room not boring anymore. Tropical bedroom mural from digsdigs.


Take advantage of two different colors for the idea of a mural that can be applied to the bedroom wall to make it look neat and simple. You can use a rose mural that has a combination of black and white so that it looks more contrasting but can still work well together. This mural is suitable to be applied in the master bedroom decoration. Rose flower mural from digsdigs.


The wall bedroom design in the next bedroom decoration is a black and white game with a combination of city street themes which is perfected with a large tree painting. In addition, the use of an iron bed with a gold color also adds a personal favorite color that brings a vintage feel. Black and white wall bedroom from digsdigs.

Wallpaper Accent

A decorative accent wall will add a sense of style to a bedroom. A great accent wall is the focal point of a room. It is a great way to add color and interest to a room. Using a pattern on a wall will make it look more unique. A pattern is a great way to add interest to your bedroom. You can install a wallpaper to your bedroom wall. The pattern can be adjusted according to your taste and what kind effects want to achieved. For example, floral pattern offers a whimsical effect to your space. Striped wallpaper will draw the eye up. Or else, if you a playful pattern, you can try dots, geometric, chevron, etc. In addition offers a beauty, it offers a flexibility that you can change whenever you want.


Even though it doesn’t form any picture patterns, abstract patterns will give the impression of a more different bedroom. The color produced from this abstract wallpaper has a beautiful artistic value, you can combine white with blue as the right color combination. Abstract wallpapers from shelterness.


For those of you who like floral patterns and feminine nuances, then you can apply them to bedroom decorations through the use of this one wallpaper. The combination of black and light pink flowers between the two looks simple but still elegant when combined with a white ceiling and some matching colored walls. Floral wallpaper bedroom from shelterness.


Present monochromatic nuances in your bedroom decor with two color combinations of black and white. You can use this on a printed wallpaper pattern that can be combined with wooden furniture around it. This wallpaper pattern is perfect when it is equipped with a glass window equipped with a white frame. Printed wallpaper black and white from shelterness.


The next bedroom wallpapers that can be created with a more elegant look are those with a chevron pattern with a touch of neutral color. This pattern has a regular and consistent pattern game so that it doesn’t make your bedroom look too crowded and doesn’t look tacky. Chevron pattern wallpaper in neutral colors from shelterness.


One way to make your bedroom decoration more lively is to use tropical wallpapers that are dominated by green. This color can be paired with glass windows that are lined with thin curtains to let in more sunlight, making the room feel brighter. Tropical style wallpaper from shelterness.


Do you want to present a modern style in your current bedroom decor? If so, then you can use a geometric wallpaper that has a combination of black and white. Complete the existence of this wallpaper with some other modern and not outdated furniture, a minimalist bed and a white lamp above the nightstand are the perfect combination. Geometric wallpaper bedroom from shelterness.

Shiplap Walls

The colors of a bedroom accent wall will depend on your personal taste, and your decorating style. If you are looking for a simple way to bring a natural color into your bedroom, consider using shiplap on an accent wall. You can try wood paneling or shiplap on one of the walls to create a unique accent wall that will stand out. They can create a tropical oasis effect and make your room look calm. You can even use a dark color to create a dramatic accent wall.


An easy way to bring the feel of a farmhouse in your bedroom decor is to use white shiplap walls that have the same color as the other furniture around them. It’s not enough to get here, you can also hang some beach-themed frame paintings for wall decoration ideas that can be obtained easily and of course cheaply. Farmhouse style shiplap walls from decoist.


The shiplap wall design which has a wood color looks more natural and is very easy to combine with rugs and bedding which is dominated by white. If you use shiplap walls, try to put in more sunlight so that the walls are not moldy and not easily porous because the room is humid. Natural wood color shiplap wall from decoist.


Not only using shiplap walls that are arranged vertically, now you can use a chevron pattern that looks beautiful and has a different appearance than usual. Repaint this shiplap with white as a neutral interior idea that makes it easy for you to combine it with other furniture around it. Repaint chevron shiplap wall from decoist.


Black is one of the neutral color choices that you can apply to your shiplap wall design that is installed right behind the bed. This wall will look more shiny when exposed to the reflection of sunlight coming from hanging lights and large and wide glass windows. Dark color shiplap wall bedroom from decoist.

Go for Bold Colors

The accent wall is a good way to add color and personality to a room. A contrasting color will help create an interesting contrast in a room. Having a contrasting accent wall can also help the bedroom look bigger. Go for a bold painted accent wall. You can one side of your bedroom wall to be painted in a bold color. Colors like navy, emerald green, purple, blood red, and so on can be your option. A bold-colored accent wall can be an excellent accent in a bedroom.


The masculine feel in bedroom decor is very easy to create, one of which is by using a darker colored wall paint. Sorting white bedding and nightstands is the best choice that you can apply simultaneously into the room as a very precise color balancer. Masculine bedroom with navy wall paint from hgtv.


Dark purple that is applied to this part of the wall will look more perfect when you combine it with an abstract canvas painting that has a fairly large size. For nightstands and headboards you can use darker colors so as not to give the effect of too much color that causes tacky. Dark purple wall paint from hgtv.


The next bold color that you can apply to your bedroom decor is red, this color really triggers our imagination and feels more striking than the others. Keep this color balance with some white fabrics and lights that will be a comfortable resting place when used day or night. Red wall paint from hgtv.


Or when you prefer dark wall paint, then navy is the right answer. This color will feel even more beautiful when combined with a colorful patterned rug. Some furniture made of wood is a smart combination idea that can be copied easily without having to spend a lot of money. Navy wall paint with colorful tapestry from hgtv.


Choose and use some wall paint in emerald green and white for a color combination that can work well together in a modern bedroom decor. This green color provides a fresh shade and brings the effect of a shady forest atmosphere. Modern bedroom with emerald green wall paint from hgtv.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall in a bedroom can be a great accent wall idea for a bedroom. Instead of having a plain wall, use a frame to display your favorite works of art. A simple painting will do. If you want a more personal touch, add some framed photographs. You can use words, drawings, or pictures to create an accent or focal point.


Adjust the color of your canvas painting with the nuances and color scheme of the bedroom so that it can blend more perfectly. Gray wall paint is perfect when decorated with a black and white canvas painting. You can use more than one painting of the same size. B/W canvas painting from nextluxury.


Decorate the white walls of your bedroom with painting frames dominated by green plants. Choose and use this painting with a variety of different sizes. You can hang and arrange this painting randomly, not too far or too close. Re-polish the wood frame to make it look cleaner and shiny. Green plant framed painting from nextluxury.


If you have a dark wall paint, then you can choose and hang several colorful paintings with different themes. These bright colors are perfect for a bohemian-style bedroom decor. The sunlight that enters through the glass windows becomes natural lighting that can be easily obtained. Colorful wall paintings with various themes from nextluxury.


This canvas painting design, which is dominated by white, can be hung on an empty bedroom wall area as a more unique display of the room. You can use more than one painting so that it can be used as the focal point of the room which is very easy to get at the nearest store. Canvas painting dominated by white color from decoist.


Take advantage of the entire wall in your bedroom decor to hang several paintings with a variety of different themes. With this painting, your bedroom decoration will look more colorful and of course have a high artistic value. This painting is very suitable to be applied in a modern minimalist style room. Wall paintings of various different themes from decoist.

Those are several accent wall bedroom ideas you can steal. Pick your favorite one! Have a nice to try!

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