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25 Plaid Ideas for Christmas Home Decor

For a rustic and traditional look, consider using plaid on your Christmas decorations. You can add this festive color to your Christmas tree and gifts, or make it your centerpiece by wrapping them in a plaid fabric. You can also use this fabric to create a festive Christmas tree and other decor items and many others. There are wide ideas to use plaid for your Christmas home decor. From the simple things to the arsty looks. Adding plaids to your Christmas home decorations will make it more memorable than ever. Here are some plaid ideas for your Christmas home decor.

25 plaid ideas for christmas home decor 1

Christmas Tree Decorations

A simple and stylish Christmas tree can be adorned with a tartan-and-plaid swag. You can even make a matching tree skirt using the same fabric. Choose a bold color such as purple plaid or use a subtle one to create a more neutral look. Whether you choose to use plaid or a more subdued version, it will make your holiday decoration look festive.


This bright Christmas tree is decorated with ribbons and checkered ornaments for a unique look. Pair with lights, snowflakes, reindeer and twigs for a really cool Christmas tree decoration. Some of these great gifts will also complete the look of your tree. Tie ribbons from shelterness.


This cool black and red plaid ball ornament completes the look of your living room. Pair it with string lights all over the Christmas tree for a unique and eye-catching result. Don’t forget to add some gifts at the bottom of this tree for a unique room and charming appearance. Plaid ball ornament from shelterness.


The ribbon ornament on this Christmas tree uses a black and red checkerboard pattern to create the perfect focal point of the tree. This will create a more neutral look. Accents of small red lanterns hanging on this tree can be a unique tree decoration that attracts the attention of many people. Placing it in this living room will make your room decoration more charming. Checkered ribbon ornament from shelterness.


This beautiful Christmas tree decorated with red and black checkered accents will be a perfect room decoration and attract the attention of many people. Adding this checkered ribbon ornament will also make the Christmas tree unique. Ski display, red and white ornaments, berries and with red and white gifts underneath will complete the look of your Christmas tree. Red and black checkered ribbon from shelterness.

To Festive Your Garland

Using plaids on your Christmas tree isn’t just limited to adorning your tree. You can also use it for other pieces of home decor. A festive plaid heart garland adds a touch of romance to any space, and it’s not just for the Christmas season. You can combine the evergreen with this popular fabric. The red colors and plaid patterns will make your Christmas garland more festive.


This red checkered ribbon completes the wreath decor on your home fireplace mantle. In addition to ribbons, you can add ball ornaments for stunning room results. These checkered accents will give your Christmas a festive look. The pillar candle on this wooden handrail adds a dramatic glow to the entire room. Red checkered ribbon from shelterness.


Adding a plaid accent to this garland on top of the fireplace mantle creates the perfect room decor and will be a unique focal point of the room. Combined with pine leaf garland and carn berry will give a natural impression to your entire room. Accented plaid stockings will complete your room décor. Plaid accent garland from shelterness.


This pretty Christmas decoration with green garland and plaid scarf on the handrails makes for the perfect room decor and will steal the attention of every guest. This plaid bench with plaid pillows is very comfortable and completes the look of your home’s Christmas decor. This design will create a festive and unique Christmas. Plaid garland from shelterness.

Dress Up Sofas or Chairs

A beautiful Christmas blanket is the perfect way to show off your festive holiday spirit. You can find a large or small Christmas plaid blanket that’s perfect for wrapping up in. The options are endless. You can use the plaid blanket to dress up your sofas and chairs. If you need a festive look on your bedroom, you can layer your bed with the plaid blanket.


Adding this black and red tartan checkered blanket makes for an interesting room decor for you to try. Sealin adds warmth adding this blanket will make any room decor cozy and inviting. Complete the look with reindeer-patterned pillows and Christmas lights with some knick-knacks ornaments will make your Christmas even more memorable. Tartan checkered blanket from shelterness.


A thick red plaid blanket with brown faux fur will make your space more comfortable with a traditional feel. You can add pillows with the same pattern to give a comfortable room decor for you to try. This classic style armchair is also a stunning room decor. Red plaid blanket from shelterness.


This black and red checkered blanket completes any winter living room decor. Putting it in this old stairwell will also make the room neat and clean. You can add gloves and fir wreaths and lights on the stairs to give the room the perfect focal point. Black and red checkered blanket from shelterness.

Plaid Pillows

In addition using blankets to dress up your sofas and chairs, you can apply plaids for the pillow cover ideas. The pillows will make your living room more comfortable and warm. The touch of plaid patterns also can make your home looks festive and playful.


Decorating the living room by adding this plaid blanket will enliven the decor of the room and will produce a unique look. Placing it on this sofa will provide extra comfort throughout your living room. A touch of plaid can also make your home look festive and playful. Red plaid blanket from shelterness.


At the entrance, this house adds a black and white checkered pillow accent, giving the room a lively and playful look. In addition to pillows, you can also hang a scarf on the hook to balance the look of this entrance. This galvanized basket which is equipped with pieces of wood, pinecone and pine leaves creates a rustic impression throughout the room. Checkered pillow from shelterness.


This black and white checkered pillow gives a unique room decoration and steals the attention of many people. Placing it in this classic armchair will accentuate a cozy and inviting space. Complete the look with a large Christmas tree behind the sofa for a festive look. Black and white checkered pillow from shelterness.

Plaid Christmas Wreath

If you’re looking for a simple but stylish way to add a touch of plaid to your Christmas decor, you can also use a plaid Christmas wreath. This will give your entire house a traditional red-and-green look. Incorporate a few extra touches of plaid into your home.


This cool Christmas wreath wrapped in red and black plaid fabric makes a festive look if you add it to any space. With spruce branches and a large bow with this magnificent plaid bear will make a room look unique and steal the attention of many people. Hang it on your front door for a stylish look. Red and black plaid fabric from shelterness.


This beautiful Christmas wreath is complemented by black and red checkered ribbon accents for a unique garland decoration. Complementing it with leaves, berries and plaid ribbon is a bold and cool decoration to brighten up your Christmas day. Hanging on the wall or terrace of this house will warmly welcome your guests. Black and red checkered ribbon from shelterness.


This mirror accented with green wreath, plaid stockings, berry and plaid wreath and fir branches will be a unique garland decoration that will steal the attention of many. This checkered pillow for a bright holiday decor gives a room a stylish look. Green wreath with plaid ribbon from shelterness.

Festive Tablescape

And when it comes to your Christmas table decor, you can use a festive plaid tablecloth to set the mood for your family. You can match it with napkins, which will also tie in the plaid pattern. This is a traditional Christmas tablescape but looks festive.


This checkered tablescape provides a festive atmosphere for your Christmas day. Complementing the look with a tableware set equipped with checkered napkins will also produce a unique room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Complete the look with greenery for a fresh and inviting decor. Checkered tablescape from digsdigs.


This bold and rustic Christmas table setting with plaid tablecloth and red napkins offers a stylish and attractive room decor. This black and white plate, pine and spruce will complete the look of your dining table decoration. This is the perfect table decoration in a rustic style for the whole room. Plaid tablecloth from shelterness.


This bold Christmas table setting with red checkered tablecloth and napkins gives your dining table a festive look. Pair it with a rattan base for a unique décor. This is a traditional Christmas table scene but looks festive. Bold Christmas table setting from shelterness.

Plaid Doormat

A plaid doormat can be used for a number of different purposes. You can use it to add a festive touch to your front porch. It can also be used as an accent on the Christmas tree. Many people use a doormat in front of the fireplace, or put it in the entryway. The plaid mat can be a functional and decorative piece. You can also place it on the floor in your foyer.


These two mats will refresh your terrace with a touch of neutral impression throughout the terrace. You can use black and white checkered mats and burlap with the words “HOME SWEET HOME” for a unique look. This mat combo will look great all year round. Checkered mats from hgtv.


Layered mats are great fun for patio decor this winter. You can choose a black and white plaid rug and burlap for a stunning terrace result. This quilted rug is the perfect welcome look for your spring front door. Placing it on the doorstep of this house will make it look unique and steal the attention of many of your guests. Layered doormats from shegaveitago.


This charming farmhouse style terrace features a unique quilted mat for you to try. This checkered and burlap pattern mat is the perfect choice for decorating your terrace. Checkered mats can be both a functional and a decorative piece. You can use it to add a festive touch to your front porch. Checkered doormats from onekindesign.

Fireplace Decorations

You can also use it to decorate your fireplace. It can be formed a plaid flower vase, plaid scarf, and a jar filled with holiday ornaments. Plaid stocking to decorate the fireplace sounds good. You can even add a DIY plaid wood sign to decorate your fireplace.


Buffalo claw stockings and evergreens in a bucket for a pretty and attractive farmhouse coat. Adding a chalkboard sign will complete the look of your home fireplace. Complete the look with candle pillars on a wooden stand for a stylish look. Buffalo claw stockings from digsdigs.


These plaid stockings complete your farmhouse living room decor look. The addition of plaid ornaments and decorations plus a plaid blanket will make the room decoration unique and attract the attention of many people. The soil and garlands of this greenery will create a natural feel to the room. Plaid stockings and ornament from digsdigs.


These colorful plaid stockings with faux fur create the room decor you need for a cozy winter coat decor. You can make your own to increase your creativity. This deer, candle and pinecone ornament makes for a stylish look. Colorful plaid stockings from digsdigs.

One of way to make your home looks festive this Christmas, you can use plaid ideas. Even though it is a traditional Christmas home decor but this is an easiest way to ad festive to your home.

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