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29 Simple Christmas Window Decoration Ideas

Christmas will soon arrive, the holiday season is in sight. It’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to do this year’s holiday season. In addition to vacation, it would be more pleasant if you decorate your home to fill your holiday.

Think about decorating your home as festive as possible. Starting from the terrace, living room, dining room, bedroom, and other rooms. But have you ever thought that decorating your windows with a Christmas theme would add to the excitement of your holiday season? There are a few simple ways that you can do to dress up your windows this Christmas. We’ve gathered some simple ideas to festive your window. Take a look at these ideas below.

29 simple christmas window decoration ideas 1

Snowflake Ornaments

Since Christmas comes in winter, it means synonymous with snow. You can bring snow into your home by making snowflake ornaments. This is a great way to bring a winter and Christmas vibe to your home. Use this ornament to decorate your windows. These come in various sizes, materials, and shapes. You can buy it or even make it yourself.


Hanging snowflake ornaments on your windows is an ideal way to beautify and certainly give a winter wonderland effect. You can make this snowflake ornament from plain paper and hang it vertically using a string or ribbon of the same color so it doesn’t look contrast. Snowflake ornament from homebnc.


If you decorate the glass windows with white snowflakes then you will get the effect of a living room as if there is snow outside regardless of the actual weather. This snowflake can be assembled into a garland to make it easier for you when attaching it to the window area to be used as a room view. Garland snowflake as window decoration from homebnc.


To welcome winter this year, you can decorate the window area using snow hanging ornaments for holiday fun indoors. To make this snowflake ornament, you can reuse newsprint to make it more on budget. Arrange this snowflake using white thread. Snowflake ornament newspaper as window decoration from homebnc.


The strands of snowflake ornaments that are applied as glass window decorations can be completed with a mini Christmas tree that is perfected with a string light wrapped around the outer surface. This snowflake ornament has a size that is small enough so that it is easy to assemble vertically using a fairly sturdy thread or rope. Place this Christmas tree on a small table to make it look taller. Small snowflake garland from digsdigs.


Decorate your windows with wreath. You can use one or more than that. A wreath on a window can be a festive addition. A festive wreath can be made of different sizes and materials. You can hang the wreath with red ribbon to add more festive. Feel free to combine it with garland for a more classic Christmas decoration.


You can frame the windows at Christmas with garlands and hanging greenery wreaths and red berries. Hang this wreath using a red ribbon to make it look more cute and attract attention, this ornament has an attractive shape and can certainly fulfill the function of the room. Window frames decor with garland and wreath from digsdigs.


This white branch assembled into a DIY wreath can be hung on the glass window decoration to welcome Christmas this year. You can also add a red pom-pom ornament to make this wreath design more colorful. White branch wreath with red pom-pom ornament from digsdigs.


Consider adding character to your window with a greenery wreath that can be hung with a red and white ribbon, this ornament is one of the hallmarks of the Christmas feel. You can use several wreaths of different sizes to give a more cheerful look to the room. Hanging greenery wreath with red ribbon from digsdigs.


The greenery wreath used as a glass window decoration is one of the hallmarks of Christmas today. You can hang this wreath with a blue ribbon for a more elegant impression. Combine this wreath with pinecones ornaments that are hung at a distance that is not too far away. Greenery wreath with pinecones ornament from digsdigs.

Star Decorations

Many people are familiar with the star as their Christmas symbol. This symbol is easily recognizable, but it can also be used in different ways to decorate your windows. You can make it from several materials. Like papers, string lights in the shapes of stars are another way to dress up a window. And many others star-shaped ornaments that you can use.


To bring a little variety to your window Christmas decorations, you can play with single stars that are larger in size. This star has soft incandescent lighting in the windows that offers a warm Christmas glow. You can try it easily and cheaply. Star lamp ornament from homebnc.


Don’t let your glass window decoration appear plain and boring, you can hang some star ornaments that have yellow lighting. This lighting gives the room a warmer and more dramatic feel. The more this ornament is used, the brighter your room will be. Star ornament lighting from homebnc.


You can try this star garland design that is hung on the window decoration at a low cost. You can make this star ornament from origami paper that has different patterns and colors. Besides being used as decoration, this star ornament also offers a more different and unique view of the room. Origami paper star garland from homebnc.


Do you need window decorations at Christmas? If so, then you can hang star ornaments that have white splashes because they are made of paper. You can enhance the existence of this star ornament at night with string lights that have white lighting. Hanging white star ornament from digsdigs.


Hang this star ornament in the kitchen window area using tree branches that are perfected with green pine leaves. This star ornament features a polka dot pattern that adds texture and color to the room. Some plant pots with bold shapes and colors become additional decorations that are easy to get. Polka dot star ornament from digsdigs.


This string light that has a star shape is suitable for application in the Christmas window area, you can only turn on this light at night to provide a bright light into the room with a little dim so that it gives the impression of a dramatic room. Use more than one lamp to make the room brighter. Star string light from digsdigs.


Pinecone is one of the objects that can be used to enliven the Christmas celebration. You can use it to decorate anything in your home, including windows. You can hang it with a string, put it in a glass vase, place it near a candle, and much more. Although it seems classic but it can make your window more alive.


Hanging frosted pinecones combined with deer ornaments are a combination of glass window decorations that are suitable for this year’s Christmas window style. These pinecones have a natural feel that you can get in your backyard garden without having to buy them. Because these pinecones have a larger size, they can be used as the focal point of the room. Hanging frosted pinecones from digsdigs.


Enhance the look of your windows at Christmas by hanging some fairly large pinecones. Hang these pinecones with a neutral colored ribbon as an ornament that gives a bigger impact, add greenery wreath as a decoration that is quite easy to make without having to spend a lot of money. Hanging pinecones with ribbon from digsdigs.


Pinecones ornaments are one of the most appropriate decorations to be applied to the window area at Christmas. You can use these pinecones with a variety of different sizes, not only pinecones but you can also combine them with deer statues and red candles as a complement that can be combined in the same room. Combination of pinecones with deer and candles from digsdigs.

Christmas Balls

This a simple Christmas window decoration but can create a festive look. You can use colorful Christmas ball to make this decoration. Tie the balls with ropes or ribbons in a different length then hang them on the window. It is very simple to do to festive your window.


Keep your window decorations festive by hanging some metallic Christmas balls that look shinier when exposed to the sun’s reflection or the lights around them. Here you can also choose and use Christmas balls with a variety of different colors. Metallic Christmas balls as window decoration from digsdigs.


Do you have glass window decorations that are still plain at Christmas? If so, then you can decorate it with a glass Christmas ball that is hung using a red ribbon. In addition, the combination of red and white in this window decoration emphasizes Christmas in the room instantly. Christmas ball with red ribbon ornament from digsdigs.


Attach and hang a bunch of glittering red, green, and gold Christmas ball ornaments in the same area for a more colorful and fun look. This bunch of Christmas balls can be attached to Christmas window decorations easily and doesn’t cost a lot of money. Hang this Christmas ball ornament with a yellow ribbon. Colorful Christmas balls as Christmas window decorations from elledecor.


Another great idea is to place some candles. You can put the candles near the windows. Christmas candles are also a good idea for the windowsill. You can use any kind candle holders to place the candles. You can combine with evergreen to get an interesting look. These decorative pieces will surely enhance the beauty of your windows. They can be a fun addition to your holiday decorations.


When the weather is too cold to go outside then you can put some bold colored candles as a very appropriate and perfect window sill decoration. This Christmas window decoration idea is very easy to complete and of course it can be combined with wooden star ornaments as a more whimsical sight and certainly doesn’t take much time to make. Bold candles as Christmas windowsill decorations from elledecor.


An easy way to warm a room in winter is to put candlesticks in the glass window area, besides that you can also combine them with pinecones, jingle bells and fresh pine leaves. In addition to warming, this candle can also be used as a dim dramatic lighting. Candlestick combination with winter natural ornament from homebnc.


Hanging white snowflakes can jazz up any Christmas window sill in an instant and in any room. You can experiment with different styles of candles in different sizes. Use containers and white candlesticks to have color harmony with the feel of your current room. Various styles of candles as window sill decoration from digsdigs.


The candle that is placed in this patterned ceramic pot becomes a heater, lighting as well as a window sill decoration that is quite useful. If this candle is less festive and fun when made as a room decoration, then you can try to combine it with pinecones, greenery and small Christmas ball ornaments that look shiny. Candles in ceramic pots patterned from digsdigs.


To create Christmas window decoration ideas, the mason jar candle holder is a great way to ignite the holiday spirit for guests or family who come to your home. Combine this candle accent with pine leaves and pinecones to spark a feeling of joy for Christmas this year. Combination of mason jar candle holder with pine leaves from digsdigs.


Combining candles with large star ornaments represents the feel of a room that is warm and full of pleasant feelings. These two ornaments feature truly inspiring window sill decorations. Use more than one candle for the lighting that gets brighter and is able to give the effect of a warmer room. Candle blend with big star ornament from digsdigs.

Branch Decorations

Branches of fir can be painted white to create a snowy effect. You can attach the branches of fir in the window with fairy lights. To make them look more spectacular, you can add some ornaments. Such as adding mistletoe and glittering balls. You can also decorate the branches of fir with stars.


This series of white branches that are applied as window sill decorations can be tried at Christmas as a very appropriate ornament. This Christmas branch has the same color as the framed window so it looks more elegant and of course very suitable for a winter decoration. Several Christmas gifts around him enliven this room to the fullest. White branch series from elledecor.


Take advantage of tree branches in your backyard garden to bring into the room as Christmas window sill decorations that can be copied with an on budget. You can put this tree branch in a tall glass vase so that it can stand up straight. In addition to tree branches, you can also put pinecones together in one area. Tree branch with tall glass container from digsdigs.


The feel of the room which is dominated by white and red is a Christmas statement that you can try this year. Currently you can fill the void on the windowsill with a white pot filled with tree branches that can be easily obtained, you can also combine it with red bird ornaments for a more different look. Tree branch with bird ornament from digsdigs.

These are just some of the holiday decorating ideas you can use to dress up your windows. They can be placed inside or outside. Pick one according to your taste!

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