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20 Interesting Exterior House Design Ideas

When it comes to the house, the first thing people will see is the outside. It is very important to pay attention to the exterior house design. When deciding on the exterior of a home, keep in mind the aesthetics of the building and how it will affect the curb appeal of your house. If you are looking for a home design, you have a number of options. It comes from classic to modern designs. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some exterior house designs to inspire you.

Pay Attention To The Color Schemes

Color schemes and siding are the foundation of a home’s exterior design. The right color choice will add value and beauty to your home. While colors can help your house stand out, they should be in a neutral shade. This color is suitable for those of you who like a minimalist look. The choice of color scheme will depend on the overall look of your house and your own personal tastes.


The beautiful and warm gray color of this house fits perfectly with the surrounding green landscape filled with tall trees in the background. This minimalist design gives a unique and modern look to each medium-sized pine in the front yard, and the grass is separated from the concrete walkway by a thin stream of fountains. Warm gray color walls from homestratosphere.


This modern home full of surroundings has been painted in beige for a calm and serene décor. The exterior features a sharp structural design accompanied by a garden and swimming pool that showcases tiered and stunning landscaping. Choosing some of these low maintenance plants makes for a fresh and unique garden decor for you to try. Beige wall exterior home from homestratosphere.


This contemporary house with clean exterior wall colors and square shape with red framed windows offers a modern design to every corner of the exterior of your home. Don’t forget to add a lawn with green grass and some greenery for a stunning décor. Clean exterior wall colors from homestratosphere.


This beautiful modern house is surrounded by grass turning to the forest outside. It offers clean color walls that will give a minimalist look to every corner. This stunning view on the second floor is entirely covered in white fir trees for a unique outdoor look. Beige color walls from homestratosphere.


This wonderful modern villa has an irregular geometric shape that follows the lay of the hilly land. It has a warm gray exterior wall tone partnered with the dark brown garage door and walls of the main entrance makes for a unique look surrounded by stone walls and concrete driveway. Warm gray exterior from homestratosphere.


The white color scheme on the exterior wall design of this house displays a calm room decor and looks more minimalist. The choice of this scheme creates a sophisticated look and will grab the attention of many. Combine it with the front garden of the house with this green grass will give a fresh impression to the whole room. White color scheme from homestratosphere.


This house offers a contemporary exterior look with neutral wall colors such as beige. There is also a small courtyard and garden area that will complement your patio décor. This choice of scheme offers a bold color scheme and a minimalist look. Beige exterior home from homestratosphere.

Consider the Facade

The exterior of your home sets the impression. Whether you choose to use wood siding or stone siding for your facade. If you have limited budget, you should consider using minimal materials and natural elements for your home’s facade. For example, if you like a farmhouse design, you can emphasize to use wood materials. If you want a rustic look, you can combine both wood and stone for the main materials. But if you like a modern design, you can go for a glass-fronted houses or windows for the facade ideas. By comparing and contrasting colors and materials, you can create a home with the right style. Choose a facade that complements your home’s architectural features.


This modern home features a glass and concrete facade that is painted in hatam for a modern look to the entire space. This will make the exterior decoration unique and look charming. Having an all-black color scheme creates a cool and charming scene. Black facade exterior home from home-designing.


Using steel, concrete and glass, these horizontal wood panels create a stunning décor for your home’s exterior design. It can make a home in the right style. The dark brown color scheme on this trim will give a unique room decor and steal the attention of many people. Concrete and glass exterior home from home-designing.


The selection of glass facades for exterior decoration of this modern house makes it a charming decoration and steals the attention of many people. Don’t forget to add LED lights for the perfect decoration. This design can create a home with the right style. Glass facades exterior from home-designing.


This is a unique farmhouse facade decoration that has caught the attention of many people. Using wood that is painted in red color will make it look perfect. It is also a beautiful combination of planks and battens. Farmhouse facade decoration from architecturesideas.


This luxurious and large property creates a unique look on your farmhouse facade design. It features a stunning exterior that has the perfect combination of white wood siding and black trim. Some of these windows with black trim make for the perfect contrast. White exterior farmhouse from architecturesideas.


The all-white painted wooden facade of this farmhouse creates a stylish bedroom design that will steal the show. This clean and sleek look is an interesting room decoration for you to try. Pair with the red team for a unique décor. All-white wooden facade from nextluxury.


The white color scheme on the facade of this farmhouse will be an interesting decoration for you to try. By comparing and contrasting colors and materials, it provides a stylish exterior decoration. The front garden of the house, complete with greenery and green grass, provides a fresh and natural space. White color scheme from nextluxury.

Door Designs

There are many ways to make your house look stunning and unique. You can choose to go for a minimalist or a contemporary look. Your exterior home design ideas can be as diverse as your personality. You can paint your front door in a neutral tone or even in bold colors to show your personality. For another design, if you love the look of a full-glass front door, you should replace it with one with a sidelight window. This small change will not only boost its beauty but also add a sense of class. Use creative ideas to add uniqueness to the exterior details of your home.15

There are many ways to make your home look stunning and unique. One of them you can choose a pale white color on the door of the house for a stylish result. Choosing this design is a creative display to add to the uniqueness of the exterior details of your home. Pale white color door from realhomes.


This gray door has a rustic charm. Made of wood and painted like the picture above makes your exterior decoration look more attractive. Combined with this brick wall it will make a perfect home decor and will give it a stylish look. Gray rustic door from realhomes.


Choosing a muted color for the front door to match this traditional country cottage makes your wooden door look more attractive and attract the attention of many people. This pastel blue color gives a calm and calm effect to your exterior design. This white wall scheme makes a great contrast in your home. Blue pastel door from realhomes.


This modern rustic-style house design has pastel colors that will give the house a stylish look. Combined with this brick wall will provide a unique exterior decoration and steal the attention of many people. This pastel color selection makes the exterior appearance of your home more stylish. Pastel colors door from realhomes.


Having this modern style door painted in navy color for maximum results. It will be a perfect room decoration and steal the attention of many people. This bold modern design in striking colors gives it an elegant and charming look. The sidelight window will strengthen the odern vibe. Bold door with sidelight window from realhomes.


This light gray front door design gives it a warm and serene look. Combined with brick walls and white team, it gives a classic look and steals the attention of many people. This small change will not only enhance its beauty but also add a classy feel. Gray color door from realhomes.

Since the exterior house design is very important, think and choose carefully the right and proper exterior designs. Hope those ideas will inspire you.

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