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29 Cozy White Bathroom Design Ideas

The trend towards white bathrooms has become popular lately, and this design idea is not going anywhere soon. A white wall, floor tile, cabinet, and shower room are all present in this modern space. The result is a private, cozy room. The use of white tile also produces an excellent reflection of light, making the whole space feel airy and spacious. Here are some examples of a cozy, all-white bathroom. All these elements are sure to create a peaceful, serene atmosphere.

White Subway Tiles

If you want a bathroom that’s cozier and calming, consider cozy white tile designs. The white subway tile looks great in this space. A double sink, with a wooden countertop and floating cabinet, adds a modern touch to this classic design.


White is one of the primary colors of choice that is suitable for all rooms in your home, including small modern bathroom decorations. Apply this white color through the use of tile subways, then you enter an accent color into the room to create a stylish focal point, wooden vanity becomes smart furniture that you can try. White subways tile with wood vanity from mydomaine.


Add a little vintage touch to your white bathroom. You can try this vintage decoration idea through the use of a faucet, hanging towel rack and mirror frame with a shiny gold color. Another furniture color that you can use is a black toilet which can be used as the focal point of the room. White bathroom inspired by vintage style from mydomaine.

When you attach a rectangular mirror to a white subways tile wall then everything looks more modern and has a style that never goes out of style. You can also add other colors through the use of wood accents and a runner rug that has a splash of beige. Canvas paintings are easy to find wall decorations. White subways tile wall bathroom from mydomaine.

White is a soft color choice that can instantly brighten up your bathroom decor. You can combine it with black tiles that are applied to the built-in open shelves and shower room floor as a combination of the two colors that can blend in one room perfectly. Another color that can be used is the color of the wood on the vanity sink. Subways tile white with black tile bathroom from mydomaine.


The white subways tile that was applied in the decoration of this small bathroom was perfected with dark grout so that it made the room feel slimmer and was a good step that you could try. This dark grout keeps things interesting and makes for some cool graphics, of course. White subways tile with black grout from mydomaine.

To bring a modern, glamorous feel to your bathroom decor, you can combine subway tiles with marble floors in the same color. Furthermore, a splash of pastel colors on this little wall gives a subtle dimension and gives a feminine impression. Abstract painting is a sweet finishing touch. Modern glam bathroom in white from mydomaine.

All-white Bathroom

For a more traditional look, consider an all-white bathroom. This trend is popular right now, with all-white walls and floor tile, a white cabinet, and a glass shower room. The white theme creates a private, cozy space, with bright light reflected off the white walls. In addition, the light-colored tiles and fixtures will give the room a bright feel. If you want an airier feel, consider a bathroom with a marble countertop.


How to decorate a bathroom to make it look bigger is to use shades of white that can be complemented by an accent color. For example, you can use a wooden bench with a simple and natural color so that it can blend in perfectly in one bathroom room. The touch of gold on the faucet gives a classic effect. White bathroom with wood accents from homedit.


If you want a spacious and open bathroom decoration, then you can use the all white bathroom decoration which is perfected by the presence of large mirrors and glass rectangle windows that are able to enter sunlight into the room more freely. Do maintenance every day to get a clean room. All-white bathroom opens from homedit.


To add to the impression of spaciousness in decorating a small bathroom, apart from using white as the main color, you can also consider using a floating vanity which is equipped with storage space underneath, making it a very smart floor space-saving solution. White bathroom with floating vanity from homedit.


This modern and minimalist bathroom decor has a splash of white as the main color. This color is able to make the room more open and spacious, of course, now you can add floating shelves as a storage idea that saves floor space so you can be freer very easily when doing daily maintenance. White modern minimalist bathroom from homedit.


Do you have a bathroom decoration with limited space? If so, then you can use shades of white which are equipped with a large hanging mirror and a transparent glass shower door that makes this room feel more open. In addition, the large mirror also functions to reflect the light throughout the room to the maximum. Small white bathroom with shower glass door from homedit.

Wood Accents

For a small bathroom, consider using wood accents. These materials are elegant and will complement the white walls. The use of a large fern or shutter window will add color to the room while minimizing lighting during the day. A white bathroom is a great choice for those on a budget and is not only functional, but is also beautiful. If you are planning to decorate a white bathroom, try combining wood to create a beautiful space.


The shiny wood material that is applied to the vanity and standing cabinet is a choice of furniture choices that you can try in a modern white bathroom decor. Currently you can use glass windows on both sides of the wall to enter more sunlight so that the room is not humid and avoids odors. Glossy wood material on vanity and standing cabinet from decoist.


A vanity cabinet made of reclaimed wood is a beautiful and vintage accent for a white bathroom decor. Pair with wall scones lamps for an even bigger gorgeous effect. Let this vanity cabinet appear naturally to make it seem more environmentally friendly. Vanity cabinet reclaimed wood from decoist.


Accents of wood and white marble emphasize the contemporary aesthetic of the bathroom which gives it a minimalist impression. These two colors balance the simplicity of the room which makes the room more open. This wood accent can be applied to the built-in wall, open shelves and floating cabinet vanity which is equipped with storage. Wooden accents with white marble in the bathroom decor from decoist.


It’s a good idea to use white in your bathroom decor for a room that can be easily combined with any colored interior that surrounds it. Vanity and mirror frames with teak wood are natural and very appropriate furniture choices for your current bathroom decoration. White bathroom with teak wood furniture from decoist.


Light wood tones look especially beautiful in a white bathroom. They add warmth and texture to the décor and can maintain the overall brightness and openness of the room. This wooden floor design with a lighter color is very inspiring to try at a price that is not too expensive. Light wood tones bathroom floor from decoist.

Incorporating Black Color

A white bathroom is a classic. The color white works well with most colors and is extremely versatile. It goes well with a variety of other colors and accessories, making it the perfect base for any design style. When designing a white bathroom, however, it is important to balance the shades and the accessories. For a more sophisticated and timeless look, try incorporating black color to your white bathroom, and you’ll end up with a stunning, comfortable bathroom.


To get a luxurious and charming impression, you can combine white and black in the bathroom. By combining a little black in a modern white bathroom, of course it will not make the bathroom look dark, but it will give a beautiful impression. You can apply black walls to walls that have wide glass installed so that they still get perfect lighting. Dramatic modern bathroom from decoist.


Adding black to a white bathroom will make your bathroom not look empty. You can apply black to some of the furniture in the bathroom. For example, on the sink table in one corner of your white bathroom which is also equipped with a small chair. The bathroom is dominated by white from decoist.


Leave one side of your white bathroom wall to be covered with wooden boards that have been painted black to give a warm impression to the bathroom. This neutral color combination will never go out of style. The black color in this white bathroom will also show the boundaries of a beautiful room and of course can bring a monochromatic feel. Monochromatic style bathroom from decoist.


You can also combine black in a white bathroom on the subways walls. Coat the lower subways wall tiles with black, aiming to prevent the walls from getting dirty easily and the upper walls with white color to still give a bright impression to a small bathroom. You can also use black furniture on white walls and white furniture on black walls. Black and white tile subways bathroom from decoist.

Large Windows

A white bathroom with large windows will make your space look elegant and sophisticated. A wall-mounted mirror will give a fresh, airy appearance. It will add a more contemporary and chic look and add some color to the space. Your white bathroom will be more inviting.


This spacious and open bathroom is beautifully crafted with the use of glass windows and skylights that allow maximum sunlight to enter the room. This standing bathtub with a round shape is perfect for a modern minimalist bathroom decoration that leaves a lot of floor space. Glass windows and skylights from homestratosphere.


A white bathroom will look more spacious if you add a large window on the wall facing the outside. In addition to providing maximum lighting, it will also provide freshness because it faces out of the room so you can enjoy outdoor views freely. Instead of using walls with glass windows from homestratosphere.


You can also install two or three large windows in an all-white bathroom to provide the perfect lighting. In addition, you can also be more relaxed because you get a view from the outside with a refreshing green tree view. Place the bathtub in front of a large window to provide relaxation when you soak in it. Glass windows as room views from homestratosphere.


Combine a large open window in a white bathroom with a large mirror mounted on the wall adjacent to the sink. This idea is an easy way to give your small bathroom a spacious yet bright effect. In addition, the glass element also gives the impression of luxury and elegance so that it will still look cool all the time. Large glass window that can be opened from homestratosphere.

Add Ferns

If you want to create a modern and stylish white bathroom, consider the different ways to decorate the space. While white is the most common color in bathrooms, consider adding a pop of color with a simple plant, such as ferns. In this case, you need a good natural lighting. As mention above, if you have a large window, you can make it happen. While a white bathroom is elegant and classy, it’s also economical and beautiful.


Indoor ferns that are placed in bathroom decorations are cheap and low-maintenance room decorations, so it is highly recommended to try. Now you can put this plant in the bathtub area, then trim this plant when it starts to get too long so it doesn’t interfere with your bath time in the bathtub. Indoor fern in the bathtub area from balconygardenweb.


Add a natural color to your white bathroom decor by using an indoor fern plant and a small palm that is applied to a black pot. Perform maintenance regularly to get healthy plants and as expected. Place this plant close to a glass window to get maximum sunlight. Combination of fern plant and tree palm from balconygardenweb.


If you have a bathroom decoration with limited space, then you can hang some fern plants on an empty wall area. You can combine other plants such as the monstera plant for an indoor mix of greenery that can work well together. Give fertilizer so that it can thrive. Hanging fern plants from balconygardenweb.


If you want natural freshness in a white bathroom, you can include some potted plants to place in the bathroom. Choose plants that live in humid air temperatures, ferns are the right plants. How to care for it is easy and can look lush in one container will certainly provide maximum freshness. Don’t forget to keep adding windows to the white bathroom where there are plants so that they can provide light and keep the plants green and thrive. Low maintenance fern plants from balconygardenweb.


Not only can it be placed on the floor, you can also hang some ferns plant pots in the white bathroom, more precisely above the bathtub. In addition to giving a different impression, this can also save your small bathroom space. In order to get the same look in a white bathroom, you can also use white pots as well. Hanging fern plants above the bathtub from balconygardenweb.

Those are some elements to create a cozy white bathroom design.

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