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29 How to Create A Perfect Scandinavian Dining Room

Dining room is not only the place to eat but also can be a nice space to gather with your family while enjoying the mealtime. In order to that, having an inviting and comfortable dining room is very important.

For a warm, cozy atmosphere, Scandinavian design is the perfect choice. This style is also ideal if you have a small space or don’t want to overcrowd the room. A Scandinavian dining room should be minimalist but also inviting. Here are some tips to achieve this style.

Scandinavian Colors

A Scandinavian dining room should have soft colors. These colors are essential for the atmosphere of a Scandinavian dining room. The walls should be painted in a soft color that makes the environment seem bright and airy. Other details, such as a large chalkboard, will make the space more cozy. The ceiling should be high enough to accommodate a dining table that will be the center of attention. You can also add accent colors such as red, forest green, yellow, black, and brown are ideal color schemes. You can even add geometric patterns to create a modern look.


The white color scheme blends well with the hardwood floors for a warm and serene look throughout the room. This small Scandinavian dining table set provides a cozy feel. This high ceiling also gives the effect of a spacious and airy room. High curtains and black and white paintings complete the look of this Scandinavian dining room. White color Scandinavian dining room from decoist.


The wooden kitchen and dining area with a off-white scheme in a calm Scandinavian style make for a warm and inviting room decor. Combining with some wooden furniture also creates a natural impression throughout the room. This small dining table located by the window will make for a cozy and bright decor. Off-white scandinavian dining room from decoist.

3This Scandinavian dining room concept has an open concept complete with a pastel blue color scheme and white walls for a warm and serene space. This oak floor also gives a warm impression to the look of this dining room. This sleek wooden dining table set provides a stylish décor for any room. Pastel blue color scheme from decoist.


These subtle gray walls lend a warm and inviting look to the rest of the room. Add an exposed brick wall accent for a unique room result that will steal the attention of many people. This small Scandinavian dining table set provides the perfect look. This chandelier hanging just above the dining table provides dramatic lighting. Pastel gray walls from decoist.


You can combine this eye-catching pink accent wall for a Scandinavian dining room with a white color scheme with this simple Edison light bulb for the perfect look. This all-white dining table set creates a neat and clean room. This rustic wood floor gives a warm feel to the whole room. Pink accent wall from decoist.


The gray color scheme in this Scandinavian dining room has a warm and calm design for you to try. This black and white dining table set provides the perfect contrast to this dining room. Applying vines to this window creates a fresh, natural space. Gray color scheme from decoist.


This Scandinavian living room features an off-white color scheme that combines with heringbone-patterned wood floors to give the entire room a warm and serene feel. Corner bench seating for this small Scandinavian style dining room also complements your bedroom décor and will give it an eye-catching look. This rattan chandelier also provides perfect lighting and this eye-catching decoration. Off-white color scheme from decoist.

Scandinavian Furniture

For the perfect Scandinavian dining room, you must use functional and practical pieces. Invest in flexible furniture to conserve space and avoid wasting money on furniture that isn’t needed. But doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Choose a dining table with geometric shapes to get a contemporary feel. It is good for your daily meals. They’re also a great way to invite guests over to your table. Moreover, make sure you choose comfortable chairs so you can spend quality time with your family. For Scandinavian style, wishbone dining chair is a classic design that you can choose from.


This small white round dining table blends nicely with the wishbone wood chairs. You can try this kind of decoration in a Scandinavian dining room with an open concept. Pair it with an all-white Scandinavian kitchen to create a sleek and clean room design. Small white round dining table from home-designing.


Complete your Scandian dining room with this unique dining table set. Choosing a large wooden dining table complete with several colorful wooden chairs will give a perfect look and add extra comfort to this room. This white color scheme and hardwood floors make for a spacious and warm space. Wooden dining table from home-designing.


This small Scandinavian dining table set features a round table and comfortable chairs for spending quality time with the family. You can add greenery to pots to give fresh space and make interesting centerpieces. On the other hand, you can add an indoor herb garden that is installed vertically to give this room a natural impression. Scandinavian round dining table from home-designing.


This Scandinavian style wooden dining table and chairs has a cozy and inviting feel to this Scandinavian dining room. They are also a great way to invite guests to your table. This colorful chandelier just above the dining table also provides perfect and dramatic lighting throughout the room. Wooden dining table Scandinavian from home-designing.


This beautiful pastel modern dining chair adds a uniquely feminine touch to the design of this Scandinavian dining room. This rectangular dining table has a sleek and modern look. This chandelier hanging just above the dining table provides the right lighting throughout your room. Pastel dining chair from home-designing.


This Scandinavian dining room furniture uses wood material which will create a natural impression throughout the room. Choosing a wishbone chair and this rectangular dining table will create a comfortable space to gather with the family. Combined with this all-white color scheme, it also results in a clean and airy room. Wishbone chair Scandinavian dining room from home-designing.

Lighter-Colored Wood

Most Scandinavian designs are made of wood. It aims to give a warm and natural feel. The color is usually natural or painted in white. It’s not very common to find deep dark wood furniture in Sandinavian designs. Many Scandinavian furniture is found to have bright wood colors. Opt for a lighter-colored wood for the dining table, chairs, cabinet, shelving, floor or anything else that required wood as the main materials. The most important thing is the wood finish.


Choosing a light-colored wood floor in this Scandinavian dining room gives the room a warm and calm design. Combined with the white color scheme on the walls, this also gives a spacious and airy room. This white Scandinavian dining table set also completes the decor of this living room. Light-colored wood floor from home-designing.


This light wood floor and wishbone wood chair give it an elegant look and attract the attention of many people. This white square dining table brings a unique look. The door color scheme also gives it a sleek and clean look. This colorful chandelier creates the perfect lighting. Light wood floor from home-designing.


Scandinavian style is found to have a bright wood color. This bright wooden dining table set becomes the perfect room decoration and steals the attention of many people. You can also add a black wishbone chair to complete the look of your home. This chandelier also provides perfect lighting. Bright wooden dining table from home-designing.


This decoration requires wood as the main material. Wooden floors, wooden cabinets and this bright wood dining table set give the room a neutral and natural feel. This unique design gives a stylish appearance and steals the attention of many people. This white color scheme delivers a sleek and clean room. Light wooden floors and wooden cabinets from home-designing.

Add Pendant Light

A typical Scandinavian dining room will have simple wooden furniture and natural accents. However, you should add a few eye-catching details, such as pendant light to make it stand out. It’s also a good idea to add an attractive look and warm ambience.


This Scandinavian-style dining room has dramatic lighting from the large pendant light that sits directly above this dining table. In addition, this room is equipped with plenty of natural light coming from the tall white-walled windows to give it a spacious look. This Scandinavian wood dining table set provides a warm and inviting room decor. Large pendant light from homestratosphere.


This round pendant light that hangs above the wooden table in this Scandinavian-style dining room provides dramatic lighting. Their lamps are amplified by natural light coming from the opposite end of the table. It’s also a good idea to add an eye-catching look and a warm atmosphere. Round pendant light from homestratosphere.


The two chandeliers on this wooden dining table provide the perfect lighting for your Scandinavian dining room decor. Complete the look with modern plastic chairs in this Scandinavian-style dining room combined with a white rectangular dining table. You can add flowers in a vase to give a fresh impression to the whole room.  Two chandeliers from homestratosphere.


This bright white dining room features a sunbrust chandelier above this dining table for the perfect lighting. Pair it with soft wood elements that complement the sleek white barn ceiling, walls and modern white countertop. This wooden wishbone chair with rattan chair provides the perfect look for the room. Sunbrust chandelier from homestratosphere.

Simple Decorative Accent

Even though the design is simple and minimalist or with the tagline “less is more” it doesn’t mean your dining room has to be plain without decoration. You can add decorative items to your dining room as long as fits to the rest of your dining room theme. You can install paintings with black and white themes or monochrome colors to decorate your walls. Placing an elegant white ceramic vase will further beautify your dining table without making it excessive.


This mirror wall decoration complete with macrame gives an attractive appearance and steals the attention of many people. A white ceramic vase placed on the dining table completes the look of your room. This wooden dining table set also has a sleek look and a comfortable wishbone chair. Mirror wall decoration from homestratosphere.


This ceramic vase complete with greenery adds a stylish design and a natural touch to the entire room. Complete the look with a chandelier hanging directly above this dining table for dramatic lighting. This wishbone chair is equipped with a soft fleece blanket for a warm feel. Ceramic vase from homestratosphere.


This sleek Scandinavian dining table set is equipped with several ceramic vases complete with blooming flowers to create a fresh room decor and become the focal point of this dining room. Choosing a wooden dining table set also gives a natural impression to your entire room. This table-top chandelier also provides dramatic lighting. Blooming flowers and cramic vases from homestratosphere.


This Scandinavian dining room is equipped with ceramic flower vases and black and white abstract paintings to give an attractive appearance to the entire room. Placing a flower vase on this tray will minimize the clutter on this dining table. Choosing a wooden safety table set also gives a natural impression to your entire room. Black and white abstract paintings from homestratosphere.

Place Flowers or House Plants

Placing a flower vase or a house plant akan sangat berarti untuk menambah kecantikan ruang makan anda dengan sentuhan alami. This is one of an important thing in Scandinavian decor either traditional or modern one.


Large green plants in pots in the corner of the room and flowers in pots placed on the dining table give this Scandinavian dining room a natural feel. Combined with this round Scandinavian dining table set, it also creates an attractive room decor. This white color scheme and gallery wall make the house look stylish. Large green plants from digsdigs.


This Scandinavian dining room features greenery in a vintage glass vase to give it an eye-catching look. Combined with a slim table and faux fur-covered leather chair plus this patterned rug, this will create a stylish room design that will steal the attention of many people. Greenery  vintage glass from digsdigs.


This modern Scandinavian dining room with a touch of greenery in a glass vase brings a fresh touch to the room and has a natural feel. Lay greenery over stained round tables, black chairs, chandeliers, gallery walls, and ledges with artwork for a stylish finish. Greenery vases from digsdigs.


This beautiful Scandinavian dining room with round table is complemented by greenery in a vase to give the whole room a natural feel. You can also add banana leaf plants in a large vase, this will make the decor of the room warm. A stained dining table, wishbone wicker chairs, burlap rug and gallery walls complete the look of this dining room. Banana leaf plants from digsdigs.

Scandinavian dining room is one of an inviting and warm dining room design. These are some tips to create a perfect Scandinavian dining room design. If you need an intimate dining atmosphere, let’s follow those tips above.

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