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24 DIY Winter Decoration Ideas

If you’ve been thinking about holiday decorations but don’t have the money for them, why not try making your own homemade winter decorations? Try to do DIY projects for your winter decor ideas. The season is full of festive decorations and you can save a lot of money by avoiding the store aisles and making them yourself. The following ideas will help you create homemade ornaments and other decorative accents for your home. The best part is that you can save a lot of time and energy.

Pine Cone Garlands

For a homemade and unique winter decoration, try using pinecones. They are free and easy to find, and they also make great crafts. The possibilities are endless when it comes to pinecone garland ideas. This season, use them to decorate your home and office. Adding them to your holiday décor will bring the winter spirit indoors. You can even hang the pine cone garland from your ceiling or a mantelpiece.


Dress up your fireplace shelf with white pinecones strung together with red thread. This is a simple bouquet that will add a cheerful and festive touch to your home decor. Complete the look with stockings, a reindeer statue and some pillar candles make for an attractive room decor and perfect lighting. Pinecones garland from hgtv.


The idea of decorating a fireplace mantle complete with pine cone garland will make a perfect room decor and steal the attention of many people. You can make it yourself to produce a stylish room decoration and attract the attention of many people. Adding snow accents from this salt will also be an interesting decoration. Garland pinecone fireplace mantle from deavita.


Complementing the look of the house with winter decorations in the form of a pine cone garland will give a perfect appearance and steal the attention of many people. You can attach it to a fireplace mantle for an eye-catching style. This DIY idea is easy for you to make and gives the perfect room design. DIY pine cone garland from deavita.


Use pinecones for an unexpected twist. Here, pinecones replace typical greenery for a bountiful garland of flowers that makes a traditional space feel more comfortable. You can make it yourself to give a unique and stylish room decor. Complete the look with a velvet ribbon tying the ends to give the room a stylish design. Pinecones garland ideas from bhg.


Hang the pinecone garland on the door frame using hooks or adhesive clips. You can also add ornaments or colorful bells between the pinecones and secure them with floral wire. These decorations are easy for you to make to give your home the perfect look. Place a tall glass lantern filled with white pillar candles just off the front porch to create a warm winter glow. Outdoor pinecone garland from bhg.

Sweater Wreaths

One of the easiest ways to make a DIY sweater wreath is by wrapping an old, unworn sweater. It’s easy to create and looks great on the front door of your home! If you have a ribbing-free sweater, you can simply cut the ribbing off and add it to the back of the sweater. Then, you can place an old pine cone or owl on top and add a few sprigs of greenery.


Add a little cheer to your home this holiday season with this quirky DIY sweater wreath. You can make your own from unused sweaters to make the perfect wreath. The choice of various colors will make the room decoration attractive and steal the attention of many people. DIY sweater wreath from hgtv.


Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make a wreath out of a sweater. You can use unused sweaters and circular patterns to create interesting decorations. Adding a ribbon from this sweater will also give a unique look and steal the attention of many people. Unused sweaters wreath from tarynwhiteaker.


You can make this unique wreath yourself to greet your guests with cheerful winter splendor. Use a sweater and foam wreath wrap for an eye-catching wreath design. Complementing the look with this ribbon also gives a perfect room design and steals the attention of many. Sweater wreath from countryliving.


With this unused knit sweater you can make the perfect bouquet decoration to welcome your guests in winter. This DIY design will make the room decor stylish and steal the attention of many people. Adding decorations to this wreath will also give the room a unique décor. Knit sweater wreath from createcraftlove.


This winter wreath of unused sweaters tends to look very cozy and luxurious. To make one, you’ll need a Styrofoam wreath shape, some textured sweaters, snowflake sequins, craft glue, and a snowflake ornament to center it. The design of this room will make the decoration of the room stylish and steal the attention of many people. Winter sweaters wreath from homedit.

Wood Slice Snowman

Making a snowman out of real snow is fun but there comes a time when it will melt. To have a snowman that won’t melt and you can use for years to come, you can make it from wood slices. Paint the wood slice in white colors then you can add accent to resemble the snowman. Add a red ribbon to make it more lively. This snowman is suitable to be placed in your front porch.


This snowman is actually quite easy to make. All you need are three round pieces of wood of different sizes, which you have to paint completely white. Complete the look with a red black and white plaid ribbon and this round hat will give the room a stylish design. Complete the look with a pine cone and floral wreath for a stylish design. Wood slice snowman from hative.


Adding a little DIY creativity to this front porch decor gives it a unique look and grabs everyone’s attention. Complete the look with this red scarf and round black hat for a stylish room decor. Choosing two wood slices complete with face painting will give the perfect look. DIY snowman from craftboxgirls.


A woodcut snowman in a woodcut hat, with faux snow and fir, this fantastic red scarf for a rustic Christmas decoration will complete your home decor. This design will welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling on your Christmas day. Just paint the face of a snowman to create the perfect room design. Woodcut snowman from digsdigs.


Here are two adorable little wooden snowmen that stand alone. It is suitable for you to place it on the front porch of your house. Complete the look with this red scarf and woodcut hat for a stylish décor. Hand accents from tree branches will provide a unique and charming room decoration. Two Little wooden snowmen from craftymorning.


These three piles of pieces of wood managed to create a charming snowman. You can paint your face and add a scarf to complete this snowman decoration. The hand accents of this tree branch will provide a stylish design. This snowman is suitable to be placed on your front porch. DIY snowman from mydesiredhome.

Paper Snowflakes

Winter is synonymous to the snowflake ornaments. These ornaments are known can strengthen the winter vibe and can make your home looks more “wintery”. Using this ornament to decorate your home is such a great idea. For a simple and inexpensive snowflake idea, you can make it by utilizing white paper. Cut the paper in the shape of a snowflake and then you can string it together or stick it to the wall.


These 3D snowflakes are easy for you to try to give a perfect room design. simple and inexpensive snowflake ideas, you can make them using white paper. Hanging this fireplace mantle will make the room design interesting. Some of these winter ornaments will complement your home decor. Garland snowflake from shelterness.


These big blue paper snowflakes will make a stylish room decor. These are easy for you to make and will make for a low budget room decor. This is a great idea for you to apply to your winter home decor. Hanging on the wall of this house will give the perfect room design. Big blue paper snowflakes from shelterness.


You can stick these white paper snowflakes on the windows of your house to make the perfect room decoration. You can make your own to create a cool and inviting room. This is a simple and inexpensive home decor budget. This design is known to amplify the winter atmosphere and can make your home look cooler. White paper snowflakes from shelterness.


These junk mail snowflakes would make the perfect room design. Cut the paper into snowflake shapes and then you can stick it on the windows of the house for maximum results. This idea will give a stylish home design and steal the attention of many people. Junk mail snowflakes from shelterness.


This row of handmade snowflakes hanging on the windows of this house will give a cool and stylish room decor. You can make your own out of paper to boost your creativity. Choosing this white paper will give the room an attractive design. Handmade snowflakes from marthastewart.

Winter Candle Holders

In this cold season you need a warm ambiance. Candles lend a warm ambiance on chilly winter nights. You need to place some canldes to warm your home. To make it more interesting, you need a candle holder. You can use a mason jar for your a cheap candle holder idea. All you have to do is just decorate a mason jar as interesting as you can. For example, you can decorate it with plaid ribbbon, jute rope, and take small things of berries or twig to get a natural look.


You need to place some candles to warm your house. Choosing a material from a knitted material such as a sweater on some plain looking candlesticks is a brilliant idea for you to try. Add a glass cylinder first and place the knitted wool on top of the glass to prevent fires. This idea is easy for you to make to make a stylish room decoration. Knitted glass candle holder from decoist.


This cute little mason jar candle holder contains candy, which is also pretty easy to make yourself. These decorating ideas make for the perfect room decor. You can also add green and red ribbons for a unique look. Choosing this pillar candle will give the house a warm look and dim lighting. Little mason jar candle holder from decoist.


This mason jar candle holder uses Epsom salt to give it a pretty design this winter. You can add hemp rope and pine leaves to give the room the perfect design. Choose from a variety of sizes and complete with small candles in this mason jar to give the room a warm and serene decor. Mason jar candle holder from decoist.


The snowy Epsom salt effect with the glittering sparkle of this mason jar candle holder gives a unique room design and grabs the attention of many. This design is easy for you to make for displaying beautifully colored mason jars that have been rolled up with salt and glitter. Placed on this home table will produce the perfect room decor with dramatic lighting. Snowy Epsom candle holder from decoist.

To get a winter vibe in your home doesn’t mean you have to spend much money. With some DIY ideas and utilized items around your home, you can make it happen.

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