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23 Rustic Winter Decor Ideas for Your Home

For winter, a rustic feel is a must. You can add a touch of whimsy to your room with simple yet effective DIY decor ideas. The key to creating a warm and cozy atmosphere is incorporating natural elements in your home. Aside from decorating with natural elements, rustic decor is great for the winter months. This style is reminiscent of the cozy farmhouse style, bringing the outdoors inside. It consists of a variety of details that should all work together to create a cohesive theme.

There are some rustic winter decor ideas that you can apply to your home. You can also visit your local craft store to find some inexpensive decorations. Then, pick a few that appeal to you and get started. Here are some rustic winter decor ideas that you can apply to your home.

Rustic Wreaths

Rustic decor can also be applied to your house. For example, a simple evergreen wreath will add a warm winter feel. You can decorate the evergreen wreath with pine cones. Besides the evergreen wreath, to get a rustic vibe in your winter decorations, you can make a wreath made of dried tree branches will look fantastic on the front door.


If you want to decorate your front door in winter, flower arrangements are the best solution you can try, the main material that can be used is dry tree branches. This material can be obtained cheaply and easily, besides that, complete the appearance with pinecones, Christmas balls and greenery. Glitter ribbons make for a sweet and cute finish. DIY tree twig wreath with glitter ornament from goodhousekeeping.


Do you want to decorate the front door to emphasize the rustic style? If so, then you can hang a round wreath made of pine leaves combined with a string light that is wrapped neatly and orderly. Not quite up here, but you can also end the look of this wreath with a striped ribbon that has a fairly large size. Pine leaves wreath with string light accents from goodhousekeeping.


Other floral wreath designs that have a rustic style are those made of dry twigs. To make it as a wreath, you can tie it using a fairly sturdy rope, pinecones and other dried plants to become suitable decorations and are easy to find in craft stores around your home. Rustic dry twig wreath with pinecones ornament from goodhousekeeping.


The dry twigs that are arranged into a wreath become a door decoration that is suitable for application in winter. You can decorate it with red berries and ribbons for a prettier look and make this bouquet more colorful. The white background makes this wreath design look even more contrasting. Dried twigs wreath with red berries from goodhousekeeping.


Not only greenery for the main ingredient of bouquets, now you can combine it with dried magnolia leaves. Cotton and pinecones are additional decorative ornaments that you can apply to the outer surface of this DIY wreath. The wooden door painted in a dark color becomes the background which makes the bouquets look more contrasting. Winter wreath on black background from thehappyhousie.porch.


The combination of greenery, pinecones and dry twigs can be assembled into a rustic-style winter craft. Now you can turn it into a wreath design that can be hung on the front door of your house as an initial welcome for guests who come to your house. Because this wreath has a fairly large size, it can also be used as the focal point of the room. Greenery, pinecones and dry twigs wreath from thehappyhousie.porch.

Wooden Centerpieces

Wooden centerpieces look perfect and are perfect for the cold winter months. You can use a rustic wood box as the base for your winter display. Fill the box with evergreens and put some evergreens inside. You can also add pine cones to strengthen the natural and rustic vibe.


You can change the appearance of this rectangular wooden box as a rustic focal point that can be applied as a centerpiece decoration on your table, with this your dining table decoration will seem more antique. Just add candles, pinecones ornaments and balls of dry twigs for a natural and inexpensive winter look. Rectangle wooden box centerpiece from homebnc.


Bring rustic charm to your dining room decor through the use of this wooden centerpiece which has a more natural and shabby appearance. Don’t let this wooden container appear plain, you can fill it with a mason jar candle as a warming accent that will accompany your dinner. Furthermore, the pinecones ornament emphasizes the winter season this year. Mason jar candle combination with pinecones ornament centerpiece from homebnc.


Keep it clean and tidy with this small rustic wood centerpiece decor. This wooden centerpiece can be used to group candles and pinecones ornaments so that they are easy to move anywhere according to the needs of your room. If your dining room has a rustic touch, then you should place this wooden centerpiece design on a dining table made of the same material. Grouping of candles and ornaments with a wooden centerpiece from homebnc.


Don’t let the outer surface of this centerpiece appear plain and boring, now you can give a written sign that can make your guests more comfortable when they are on this dining table. In addition to candles, this centerpiece can also be decorated with red berries ornaments and a little greenery as natural accents that are easy to get around your home. Wooden centerpiece filled with candles, red berries and greenery from homebnc.


Check out this very simple and shabby chic centerpiece box, this box is made of natural wood without painting and re-polishing. This wooden centerpiece can accommodate some winter decorations such as pine leaves, candles and some Christmas balls that have splashes of different colors. Shabby chic wooden centerpiece box from thespruce.

Utilize the Mason Jars

If you have a fireplace, you can use empty jars for candle holders. You can even use mason jars to make your own flower pots. A unique way to recycle old mason jars is to place them over a fireplace. Adding this rustic winter decor to your home can help you create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


If you have a mason jar that is no longer in use, then you can make it a winter fireplace ornament that can be repainted in white and filled with flowers that have longer stems. Place this mason jar pot in a natural wooden box that looks vintage and rustic to make it look neater. Mason jar pot on the fireplace from hgtv.


Place a few mason jars on your fireplace as one of the decorations as well as ornaments that can be obtained easily. Currently you can use this mason jar as storage as well as an area to put candles to make it safer from the reach of your children. Furthermore, the snowman ornament becomes an ornament that emphasizes winter this year. Mason jar as candle and storage from hgtv.


Arrange some blue mason jars on top of your fireplace as a pretty popular winter fireplace decorating idea. Now you can arrange it to resemble a pine tree which is perfected with silver pearl coils. Fill this mason jar with colorful Christmas balls so it doesn’t look too plain. Blue mason jars arranged into a series of pine trees from goodhousekeeping.


Before this mason jar was made as a fireplace decoration in winter, you can repaint it in pastel blue to make it look more beautiful and attractive. Before painting, you can wash this jar first so that the paint applied is more perfect, then reuse this mason jar as a flower pot design filled with bold flowers. Pastel color pot mason jar from goodhousekeeping.


Choose and reuse your mason jar to turn it into several candle holders that can be used as decorations as well as warm ornaments that can be combined together with shiny silver pine tree ornaments. This tall glass vase placed on both sides of the fireplace is an additional decoration that looks beautiful and elegant. Candle holder mason jar on the fireplace from kellyelko.

Branch Decorations

This is a simple and natural winter decoration but can present the rustic vibe. All you have to do is just decorate your home home with branches. They are easy to find. You can collect around your home. Put and arrange the branches to the glass vase and add pine cones or fake snow to strengthen the winter nuance.


You can easily decorate the table with a series of branches applied in a transparent glass vase along with fresh pinecones and greenery ornaments. To keep your greenery beautiful and fresh, you can fill this vase with clean water, place it together with some other winter ornaments such as pine trees. A series of branches with pinecones and greenery ornaments from southernliving.


Dry tree branches are one of the rustic-style winter decorations that you can try this year, to emphasize this winter, you can perfect the branch ornaments with a sprinkling of white snow. In addition, a vase lined with a white knitted sweater is also a winter decoration statement that is very easy to try. Tree branch decoration in a vase lined with a knitted sweater from architectureartdesigns.


If you have tree branches in your garden decorations, then use them for a winter window sill decoration that is very cheap and easy to try. Now you can combine it with frosted pinecone. Glass vases are the best containers that you can use, use white snow ornaments as a planting medium that emphasizes the theme and winter this year. Combination of branches with frosted pinecone and snow from architectureartdesigns.


Branches are one of the winter ornaments and decorations that you can try, now you can perfect the appearance of this branch ornament with Christmas balls that have a variety of nude colors that are calm and not flashy. Some other winter ornaments are placed around it such as silver deer, miniature pine trees and gingerbread houses. Branch ornament with Christmas ball decoration from homebnc.


Not only putting branch ornaments in a glass vase, now you can let it stand upright on the dining table you have. The colorful fabric twists and pom-pom ornaments make this decoration look more cheerful and fun, of course. Christmas tree ornaments made of origami paper are very creative craft ideas. Branch ornament with colorful pom-poms from homebnc.


Complete the centerpiece decoration on your dining table with an easy and very inexpensive winter decoration, now you can put a vase filled with several branches that have a neutral color and match the feel of your dining table. You can attach this star ornament made of nuts with glue so it is not easily damaged. Branch decoration as centerpiece decoration from countryliving.


This tall glass vase filled with pinecones can be completed with dry branches. Now you can also surround this branch vase with some candles that can warm the atmosphere in your home. You can use this candle according to your room temperature. Transparent glass vases can be used as unique centerpiece decorations. Glass vase filled with pinecones and branches from elledecor.

Rustic winter decorations are an excellent way to add a touch of nature to your home. These ideas hopefully will inspire you.

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