15 cool and fun christmas decoration ideas for kids bedroom2
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15 Cool and Fun Christmas Decoration Ideas for Kids Bedroom

Christmas is coming. Prepare yourself and especially your home to welcome this celebration. This is a day full of joy and happiness. You can bring this vibe to every corner of your home even your kids can feel it in their bedroom. You can start planning to decorate your child’s bedroom with a Christmas theme. Decorating a child’s bedroom for Christmas doesn’t have to be as expensive or difficult as you might think. The key is to keep things simple and avoid using large items. You can use inexpensive items that are safe for children and still make the room look festive and beautiful. Involving your child in the decorating process will make the experience more enjoyable and will ensure that your little one gets to sleep in a magical bed on Christmas day. Here are some cool and fun Christmas decoration ideas for kids bedroom.

15 cool and fun christmas decoration ideas for kids bedroom1

Small Cheerful Christmas Tree


The Christmas tree is one of the Christmas season decorations that is quite popular this year, you can make it from greenery that can be placed right on top of a wooden nightstand. In addition to a small Christmas tree, you can also hang a greenery wreath just above your headboard as a view as well as an additional decoration that fits perfectly with your Christmas theme. This Santa-patterned bedding and pillowcase is a very cute choice for your child. Small greenery Christmas tree from christmas.365greetings.


If you want a vintage Christmas feel in your kids bedroom decoration, then you can use old tin pail as a small Christmas tree planter. You can put it on a wooden dresser so that it can be used as the focal point of the room, it’s not enough here, you can also put this vase on a pile of books to make it look taller. Repaint the children’s bed with red to emphasize Christmas in this room. Christmas tree with old tin pail pot from christmas.365greetings.


This Christmas themed kids bedroom decoration is dominated by a mix of red and white colors that match your theme this year. You can also add other colors such as a small Christmas tree ornament placed on top of the white dresser. Furthermore, white wall paint makes this room feel more open and bright, you can try it now at a low cost. Christmas tree ornament on white dresser from christmas.365greetings.

Consider Installing Colorful String Lights


This string light with yellow lighting becomes a wall decoration as well as an on-budget lighting idea that is suitable for a Christmas kids bedroom decoration. You can apply this string light to the branches perfected with Christmas balls and paper star ornaments. The existence of this string light is perfected with the red and white room theme and the big Christmas tree which is enlivened with hanging ornaments that make the room feel more fun. Hanging branches string light from deavita.


Don’t let the white shiplap walls in this kids bedroom decoration appear plain and boring, now you can string a string light with the shape of a big Christmas tree attached to the wall and perfected with red paper Christmas balls. Finish with a lighting star ornament placed on the top of the Christmas tree area. Some of the Christmas gifts around him are decorations and will make your children happier and more cheerful. Christmas tree string light with paper ball from digsdigs.

More Joy with “JOY Signs”


When you use Christmas-themed farmhouse kids bedroom decorations this year, then a vintage wooden JOY sign hanging on one wall is a very smart idea to copy. You can repaint the wooden sign in red to match your theme, while for JOY you can just use white so that it looks more contrast and looks clearer from a distance. The existence of this wooden JOY sign ends with a fairly large Christmas tree. DIY wood JOY sign from christmas.365greetings.


JOY sign lighting which is placed above this storage cupboard is intended to avoid the reach of your children to be safer. Besides being able to be used as room decoration, this Christmas sign can also be used as lighting that is bright enough when used at night. You can choose a string light with yellow lighting to give the room a romantic and dramatic feel. Emphasize this Christmas theme by hanging Christmas socks which are dominated by red and white colors. JOY sign lighting from christmas.365greetings.

Looks Festive with Christmas Ornaments


Celebrate the Christmas theme by using several different Christmas ornaments, you can start from using a small Christmas tree, a rainbow pom-pom that is attached to the head of a deer statue and some DIY mini Christmas tree ornaments placed on a white dresser. With this, the white kids bedroom decoration looks more colorful because some of the Christmas ornaments used have a feminine color, namely pink. End with the use of a word LOVE that has a size large enough. Combination of colorful pom-poms with Christmas tree from digsdigs.


DIY garlands and pink Christmas trees are a combination of Christmas ornaments that can be applied in the same room, when you are decorating a kids bedroom, both are smart ideas that you can try. Apply the garland to the headboard and on the empty wall area to make it look more colorful. Another touch of pink in the faux fur blanket is perfect for a kids girl bedroom decoration that gives a feminine feel. DIY garland with pink Christmas tree from digsdigs.


This snowflake ornament with a size large enough can be attached to the wall of the kids bedroom to emphasize the feel of Christmas in this room. You can make it from red origami paper to make it look clearer and of course suitable as a focal point for the room, it’s not enough to stop here, you can also add a greenery Christmas tree decorated with white ribbons and some other hanging ornaments. DIY origami paper snowflakes from digsdigs.


To enliven and welcome the Christmas theme in the kids bedroom decoration, you can put a Christmas tree beside the bed with a size large enough. This Christmas tree is dominated by red, but you can also add a blue Christmas ornament ball to make it look more contrasting and suitable as the focal point of the room. Snowman hat and red JOY are additional ornaments that can blend perfectly. The use of striped rugs and wall murals adds a more festive texture to the room. Red and blue Christmas tree side the bed from classyclutter.

Fun Decorations


In order for your children to feel comfortable and happy while decorating the bedroom, you can decorate it as attractively as possible by putting some dolls, bicycles, Christmas trees and hanging star garlands made of origami paper. You can use some of these Christmas ornaments in red so they can blend in with the Christmas theme this year. While the presence of glass windows in this room makes the bedroom naturally brighter. Christmas ornaments dominated by red from digsdigs.


When designing a kids bedroom, of course, you can choose Christmas ornaments or decorative elements that are safe and certainly not dangerous. Now you can put some small ornaments on the nightstand dresser which is perfected by the presence of several Christmas gifts and a fairly large Christmas sock. All ornaments used are harmless and of course ensure your child remains comfortable and safe. Attach a string light to make a magical headboard design. Combination of Christmas gifts with big socks from digsdigs.


Are you going to decorate a Christmas themed kids bedroom this year? If yes, then you can start from using some harmless Christmas ornaments such as greenery wreath decorated with metallic balls, gingerbread garland, snowman doll, Christmas socks, Christmas tree and finally a small Christmas tree placed on a pile of gifts. All of these ornaments bring a more pleasant atmosphere to the room and of course your children will be more impressed with the room decorations this year. Use safe Christmas ornaments from deavita.


Painting snowflakes on this black background makes it look more contrast and looks very clear. Not only snowflakes, to enliven the Christmas theme in this room decoration, you can also hang other ornaments such as silver stars which are perfected by the use of a Christmas tree in the same room. The red color on the bedding gives a more cheerful and bold impression, this color is usually combined with white to emphasize the Christmas theme. Christmas theme as wall decoration from deavita.

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