10 creative ways to reuse wine barrels2

10 Creative Ways to Reuse Wine Barrels

Are you having wine barrels in your home? Are you confused what to do with these items? Why you don’t think to reuse your wine barrels to become more functional and aesthetic things? Reusing wine barrels is not only useful for outdoor spaces, but also for indoors. There are several ways to reuse wine barrels. You can use them to create unique home decor, furniture, or even bedside tables. You can also paint them and use them as outdoor furniture. Utilize them for the planter ideas also a good idea. They are easy to create and will look great in any area. You can make them quickly and cheaply, and the results will be amazing. These creative ideas will make your space look luxurious and unique. Keep reading for more ideas! Here are some of the most popular ways to reuse wine barrels.

10 creative ways to reuse wine barrels1

Wine Barrel Planter

Beautiful half wooden barrels are the ideal planter to show off a beautiful garden display. Add a cute cottage-style lantern in red and you’ve got a warm and welcoming lantern, perfect for any garden or patio. Some of these colorful flowers will present a stylish garden decoration and steal the attention of many people. Opt for these shabby wine barrels will evoke a rustic feel throughout your patio. This red brick floor also reinforces the rustic feel on your terrace.


Half wine barrel planter from homebnc.

DIY Tiered Wine Barrel Planter

The dark colors of these used wine barrels are the perfect way to highlight your favorite seasonal flowers. You can make your own by cutting these grape barrels to create a unique decoration that will grab the attention of the crowd. Some of these blooming flowers will give a fresh and natural impression. Placing it at the corner of the terrace will produce a fresh and aesthetic ambiance at the same time.


Tiered wine barrels planter from homebnc.

Furniture Wine Barrel

This beautiful light wood wine cask patio furniture will keep everyone comfortable while relaxing at the end of a long day. This DIY is easy for you to make or you can buy it at a flea market for a cheap price. This unique design is able to provide an attractive and comfortable garden decoration. Place it on the terrace of your house to give a stylish room design and steal the attention of many people. Green plants are able to give a fresh and cool touch to your entire garden.


Light wood wine furniture from homebnc.

Half Barrel Planter

This half barrel planter box provides the same surface area for your plants to grow while making a beautiful allusion to the winemaking process. Using this dark wood stand will present a unique room decor and will create a stylish room decor. You can make your own to save money when decorating your home garden. Place it in the center of your garden to be the perfect focal point.


Wine barrel planter box from homebnc.

DIY Wine Barrel Fountain

DIY water accents in this garden create a unique decoration and steal the attention of many people. The gentle splash of running water blends well with the huge pyramidal pile of wine barrels. This piece adds a fresh and whimsical element to your garden. Use these wine barrels to form a unique and eye-catching fountain feature. Placed in the corner of the garden this would be the perfect focal point of your yard.


Water fountain wine barrels from homebnc.

Railroad Barrel Planter

Turning wine barrels into unique items in this garden will make the room decor stylish and steal the attention of many people. This extra creative design combines three wine barrel objects together to form a train that runs across your yard. Complete the look with some flowers and greenery for a fresh look. Combined with green grass and some plants, it makes a fresh and natural garden decoration.


Train wine barrels from homebnc.

Wine Barrel Fire Pit

This cute fireplace brings a rustic style to your garden. You can use old wine barrels for a stylish garden decoration. In this easy DIY project you can add a ceramic surface to make a unique and perfect fireplace table. This is one of those repurposed projects that serves to enhance the rustic wonder of it all. This design will create a warm impression in the garden when you gather with your family.


Old wine barrel firepit from homebnc.

DIY Repurposed Wine Barrel

You can take advantage of the beauty of old grape barrels to plant a variety of blooming flowers. This halved cask of grapes makes for a unique planting. Complementing it with some greenery will also give the room a fresh and cool decor. Place it in the corner of the garden to create the perfect room design. This DIY will create a unique garden and will give the perfect terrace beauty.


Wine barrels from homebnc.

Hanging Wine Barrel

You can combine various elements of wagon wheels, chains, and wine barrels into unique additions to your garden or patio. You can use these four tiny grape barrels to plant some colorful flowers for the perfect decoration. Place it in your home garden for a stylish decoration. Pairing it with some greenery and green grass creates a mesmerizing room design.


Wine barrels planter from homebnc.

Water Feature Wine Barrel

This old wine barrel DIY looks simple but adds an interesting touch of pool water for you to try. Use unused wine barrels and add water and lilies or other aquatic plants for the perfect garden design. This decorating idea will give your garden a stylish look and steal the attention of many. Combining it with green grass will also give the impression of a fresh and inviting garden.


Old wine barrel DIY from homebnc.

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