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30 Interesting Winter Candle Holder Ideas

What an easy way to add a festive and warm nuance to your home? Are you looking for cheap yet effective ways to spruce up your home for holiday without spending much money? There is no other way than to use candles for decorating your home. Especially in this winter. Candles can be an option and mandatory items to warm your winter decor. They look great to decorate the fireplace mantel, table display, centerpiece ideas, or another place where you want to add a little bit of glow. There are endless way to decorate the candles. To dress up and make it more interesting, you can put the candles on the holder. For those who love decorating candle holder and if you want to give your candles a winter look, you can use simple craft projects to make a winter candle holder. For example, snowflake mason jar candle holder, use pine cones, or birch wood. You can also dress up the candle holder with seasonal items, such as evergreen, red berries, fake snow, holiday sign stencils, glitter accents, and more. Or, if you are an expert crafting, you can make a candle holder that synonymous to the winter vibe with wood materials. A few more ideas are listed below. These winter candle holder ideas will add warmth to your home and help you get through the colder months.

30 interesting winter candle holder ideas1

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Do you want to decorate a winter themed dining table this year? If so, then you can use a mason jar candle holder that has been designed with flannel plaid with red splashes. Tie this flannel in a circle to the mason jar candle holder along with natural-looking pinecones, greenery and hemp rope. Turn on this candle holder to give a little warm effect when you are on the dining table. Mason jar candle holder from bhg.


If you have pieces of birch wood that are no longer used at home. Then you can use it as a candle holder idea that can be placed in a wooden tray that is perfected with pinecones, greenery and several types of blooming white flowers. Place this candle holder set design on a dining table that has been lined with a burlap tablecloth for a touch of rustic style that looks vintage. Birch wood candle holder from bhg.


Not only the centerpiece area that you can decorate with a winter theme, now you can move on to decorating the fireplace. A silver candle holder decorated with snowflake ornaments is a smart idea that you can try. Not only for the candle holder, but you can also make a snowflake garland which is dominated by white and blue, you can make it from paper to make it cheaper and on budget. Silver snowflake candle holder from hgtv.


Snowflake ornaments are one of the most popular winter faux fireplace decorating ideas throughout the year. Now you can apply it to the candlesticks that have been neatly arranged on the faux fireplace along with greenery wreath, frame mirrors, and vintage ceramic vases that are placed on both sides of the fireplace with the same size. You can try it with your family to fill your free time on the weekend. Snowflake candle holder on the faux fireplace from hgtv.


To give a warm and dramatic effect to your home decor, then you can try some birch wood candle holders with a fairly large size. The more candle holders that are used, the warmer the feel of the house. To emphasize winter this year, then you can hang some wooden snowflake ornaments around it, repaint it in red to make it look bolder and can also be used as the focal point of the room. Birch wood candle focal point from diynetwork.


Don’t let your birch wood candle holder appear plain to welcome winter this year, you can paint the outer surface with a snowflake pattern that has black or brown. Use this snowflake painting in several different sizes for a more textured look. After everything looks perfect then you can use it as a fireplace decoration idea or a centerpiece dining table decoration. Candle holder with snowflake painting from decoist.


This candle mold that has the shape of a snowflake, pine tree and star is a candle holder design idea that can be placed on the dining table neatly and orderly. You can choose candles with a variety of different colors for a more colorful table display and of course bring a winter theme instantly. This candle is a table decoration idea that can be used easily without having to spend a lot of money. Winter candle mold from decoist.


Not only used as decoration, mason jar candle holders can also be used for lighting as well as room heating which is suitable to be tried in a winter home decoration. Decorate the outer surface of this mason jar with this with a white powder sprinkled to resemble pine trees and snowflakes. A little green plant hanging in the upper area of the mason jar is an additional decoration that you can tie using a natural-looking hemp rope. Use two to three mason jars to make them the focal point of the room. Mason jar with snowflake from decoist.


The piece of knitted sweater that is used to coat the outer surface of this candle is one of the hallmarks of a cheap and on-budget winter decoration. Use a variety of sweater colors for a more fun table display, cut the sweater neatly and according to the height and size of your candle. The combination of a candle holder sweater with red, white and gray can work well together. Knitted sweater candle holder from decoist.


To decorate a table or winter fireplace, you can add a pinecones candle holder surrounded by green leaves around it. You can light these candles at the same time for a warmer and more dramatic room effect. This candle holder idea is easy to make yourself without having to spend a lot of money, you can try it by buying the equipment at a craft store. Pinecones candle holder from decoist.


If you are interested in a modern winter theme, then you can consider using a tall glass candle holder to add an instant warm feel. Add a snowflake-patterned sticker to emphasize the winter decor in the surrounding area. You can use this candle holder more than one to get a warmer feel that is maximum. Try it easily without having to spend a lot of money. Glass candle holder with snowflake sticker from shelterness.


An easy and simple way to decorate your winter home is to add a mason jar candle holder decorated with a lemon wedge on the outer surface. The light that comes out through the layers of lemon slices will radiate warmth and also provide an aroma that is suitable for relaxation. You can also add a small ornament tied with hemp rope on the top surface of the mason jar candle holder. Place it on the dining table to serve as a centerpiece that fits this winter. Mason jar candle holder from shelterness.


To emphasize the winter decoration on your table surface, don’t forget to add a candle holder. Make a mason jar candle holder with a layer of white powder under the surface to serve as a snow accent. Not only that, you can also add one or two pinecones that have been sprinkled with white powder so that it looks more frosted and is suitable for this winter. Tie these frosted pinecones with string, then apply and hang on the surface of the mason jar for a sweeter finish that’s super easy to do. Mason jar candle holder with pinecones decoration from shelterness.


To pour your creative ideas into winter decorations, you can DIY a candle holder tin engraved with a snowflake pattern. The light from the burning candle will penetrate through the gaps that you have formed the snowflake pattern. Feel free to make two or three DIY candle holder cans to make the room atmosphere warmer and brighter. Try to make DIY candle holder cans of various sizes, this will make it look more varied and not boring. DIY candle holder cans from christmas.365greetings.


If you want to get a luxurious and elegant look in this winter decoration, try using a glass candle holder decorated with one of the winter icons, namely the snowman. Snowman who is in a glass candle holder will get light from the candle above, so it will look more beautiful and sparkly at night. Furthermore, you can choose and use red candles for a more glamorous and different look than usual so that it is not easily boring for your guests who see it. Snowman candle holder from christmas.365greetings.


Give a different impression this winter by using a deer candle holder decoration that is used for decorating the dining table centerpiece. You can use a lot of this candle holder to make it look more festive and warm. Its small and cute shape will be the center of attention of everyone at the dining table. Before you put the deer candle holder on this dining table, you should cover it with a burlap table runner for a more vintage and rustic look. Red Christmas balls make a sweet finishing touch. Deer candle holder from christmas.365greetings.


Reuse the mason jar as a winter candle holder which is perfected with red berries, pine leaves and white powder used as a snow accent. In order to get a natural look on your current winter decor, you can add a wood slice holder and also tie a hemp rope to the top surface of your mason jar, the wider tray can accommodate more candle holders. Give the final touch to the mason jar candle holder mat with transparent paint so that it looks more attractive and certainly looks shiny when exposed to the reflection of the light. Candle holder with wood slice from christmas.365greetings.


Do you have an obsolete mason jar? If you have it, you can reuse it for a winter candle holder design whose outer surface can be painted with a snowflake pattern. Before painting, it’s a good idea to sprinkle the inner surface of this mason jar with a sprinkling of white powder which is used as an accent of snow so it doesn’t look transparent. It’s a good idea to wash and dry this mason jar first before turning it into a candle holder to make it cleaner and avoid dirt that will reduce its beauty. Reuse the mason jar lemon slices from christmas.365greetings.


A modern and minimalist style dining table decoration will feel more suitable when perfected by placing several galvanized candle holders that are not too large in size. Furthermore, for the side of this candle you can use to put pinecones and greenery ornaments as a complement to its appearance when it is placed on the dining table. Get these pinecones in your backyard garden without having to buy them. Because this dining table has a darker color, the candle holder used today is very visible with contrast and very clear. Galvanized candle holder from christmas.365greetings.


If you want to bring a rustic feel to your winter home decor, then you should use wood slices as a placemat from some candles and winter ornaments such as metallic balls, pinecones and large size deer ornaments. You don’t need to repaint this part of the wood slice, let it look more natural to match the rustic theme you want. The star ornament that surrounds the surface of the wood slice is an additional decoration that enhances the overall appearance of the candle holder. Slice wood candle holder from christmas.365greetings.


Repaint some of the glasses you have in the kitchen to be used as candle holders which are quite cheap and easy enough to do at home with your family. To emphasize the winter theme on this candle holder, you can add snowflake ornaments with various sizes and quite a lot of pinecones accents. You can paint this glass with a predominance of white and blue to make it more in line with the winter theme that is used. Light up these candles at the same time when the room temperature inside is getting colder. Glass candle holder from christmas.365greetings.


To make the appearance of your mantel fireplace feel more festive and warm the atmosphere around it, you can use a frosted glass candle holder as part of the decoration that can create an all-white winter holiday atmosphere. In addition, the surface of this candle holder also has a snowflake pattern that emphasizes winter. Add a little greenery and small beads as an additional interesting color that makes the look even more fun. Frosted glass candle holder from christmas.365greetings.


Don’t throw away tree trunks that are in your backyard garden, because now you can use them as candle holders that have a rustic feel to the room instantly. Because this candle holder has a fairly large size, it can also be used as the focal point of the room. To make it you don’t need a lot of expenses because it only uses existing materials. The twisting of tree roots, greenery and pinecones to the outer surface of the tree trunk makes it look more natural. Tree trunk candle holder from christmas.365greetings.


This wooden box filled with several candle holders, pinecones and succulent plants can be moved easily to any area according to the needs of room decoration. This wooden box looks so vintage because it has a shabby outer surface without re-polishing. Some of the candles that are used can be used as room lighting as well as heating accents that can be lit easily. Usually this candle holder is placed on a dining table or coffee table to be used as a centerpiece decoration that never goes out of style. Box wood centerpiece from christmas.365greetings.


Cinnamon stick is one of the best wrapped candle holders that can be used in any themed winter room to your liking. You can tie this cinnamon together with a natural hemp rope. Use more than one to add visual interest. In addition, this white ceramic coaster candle also reduces worries that might burn your home. Cinnamon stick itself provides a good foundation and enhances the impact of the candle’s atmosphere. Cinnamon stick candle holder from decoist.


This simple piece of rustic wood that is perfect for use as a candle holder can be placed on a white tray to provide lighting and warmth simultaneously in one room. These pieces of wood can be obtained easily in your backyard garden or can also be purchased at the nearest craft store at a price that is not too expensive. Red berries and pine needles make for an easy decoration and design element. You can choose a candle with a red color to make it look more colorful when placed on your dining table. Piece of rustic wood candle holder from decoist.


Choose and use a glass trifle to make a candle holder design that is suitable for winter decorations when decorated with pinecones and a sprinkling of white stones made as snow accents in the empty surrounding area. One candle in this glass trifle is a perfect touch that can be seen clearly. The appearance of your candle holder this time adds to the feel of a rural forest that looks natural and fun. Glass trifle candle holder from homebnc.


Reuse the wine bottles you have in your kitchen as a gothic-inspired winter candle holder design. You can use a taper candle that can be easily inserted into the hole in the bottle. In addition, the melt from this wax will fall to the surface of the wine bottle so that it can resemble ice which is suitable and in accordance with the winter theme that is currently being worked on. Pillar candles and greenery that surround this candle holder make a perfect display that can be easily designed. Wine bottle candle holder from homebnc.


A few pillar candles placed on a woodsy winter board can be used as a farmhouse-style centerpiece decoration idea that is perfect for your country dinner. You can use this woodsy board with a size long enough to accommodate a large number of candles and other winter ornaments. Pinecones are one of the most popular ornaments, so you can try them right now. Wood board candle holder from homebnc.


This small diameter tree cut can be used as a natural candle holder that can be perfected with cute miniature deer and trees and looks perfect when placed between pillar candles that have a pointed tip. In addition to this tree cut, in the surrounding area you can also arrange small pine trees, greenery and pinecones for a more extraordinary appearance. This candle holder tells the story of a winter outdoors. Candle holder from tree cut from homebnc.

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