How to freshen up your bathroom look2
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How to Freshen Up Your Bathroom Look

Since the bathroom is a place that is used every day, maybe you feel bored with the old look of your bathroom. Sometimes the bathroom is considered not in need of further decoration and arrangement. Many people do not pay attention to their bathroom. So they get stuck in boring bathroom decorations. Even though having a fresh bathroom can make you feel comfortable while bathing time and make your bathroom more attractive. In this case, you need to freshen up your bathroom look.

It doesn’t has to be expensive. Actually, it’s simple to freshen up your bathroom look. There are some ways that you can do to freshen up your bathroom. Such as change the paint, add accessories, change your shower curtain, install wallpaper, add a new shelf, and more. A few images below are some ways to freshen up your bathroom. Keep reading and get a new look of your bathroom.

How to freshen up your bathroom look1

Change the Color

One of the simplest ways to freshen up your bathroom is with a new coat of paint. Changing the color of your walls can instantly transform your bathroom, giving it a whole new look. Most bathrooms are neutral, so changing the shade of your walls can make it look like a brand new room. Consider using taupe or charcoal to add warmth to your room. Pistachio is also an elegant color and contrasts well with natural wood.


Textured Purple Wall Paint from hgtv


White Wall with Tile Mosaic from hgtv


Light Gray Shiplap Bathroom from hgtv


White and Green Army Wall from hgtv


Nude Paint Wall Bathroom from hgtv


Bold Green Wall Paint from hgtv

Adding a New Towel

When it comes to choosing the right color to refresh your bathroom, consider using new towels. By switching up the color of your towels, you can create a fluffy hotel look. Adding a new towel is a cheap and simple way to freshen up your bathroom. Besides, it can also add a modern and fun feel to your space.


Dark Blue and White Towel from decoist


Striped Pattern Towel from decoist


Bold Color Towel from decoist


Combination of Yellow with Pink Towel from decoist


Plain White Towel from decoist

Change the Bathroom Curtains

You can also switch up the color of your shower curtain and make it more colorful. For instance, you can use a bright orange-red shower curtain. For example, if you have a traditional wooden bathroom, use a light pink or yellow flowery-colored shower curtain. This will give your bathroom an air of freshness and add to your overall decor.


Artistic Curtain Bathroom from homedit


Water Drops Pattern Curtain from homedit


Horizontal Striped Curtain from homedit


Colorful Chevron Curtain from homedit


Earth Tone Color Curtain from homedit


Two Tone Curtain from homedit

Add Accessories

Matching accessories and dispensers are other great ways to accentuate your bathroom look. You can change your shampoo and soap dispencer with new ones. Besides these, you can buy attractive toilet paper roll holders or a mirror with a personal touch.


Mirror with Shelf Under it from housebeautiful


Hanging Toothbrush Holder from housebeautiful


Turn Mirror for Wall Art from housebeautiful


Folding Magazine Holder from housebeautiful


Brass Soap Dispenser from housebeautiful

Opt for Feature Walls

You can also add a feature wall if you have the budget. You can install a wallpaper or add a simple wall decor. You can also switch up the color of your shower curtain and make it more colorful.


Botanical Wallpaper from countryliving


Blooming Floral Wallpaper from countryliving


Geometric Wallpaper Bathroom from countryliving


Tropical Theme Painting from thespruce


Artsy Corner Bathroom from thespruce


Wall Art Decor from thespruce

Consider a New Shelf

Adding a new shelf is another inexpensive way to freshen up your bathroom. There are some shelf ideas that you can choose from. You can adjust it according to your taste and bathroom styles.


Rectangle Open Shelf from hgtv


Built-in Wall Shelf from hgtv


Teak Wood Open Shelf from hgtv


Standing Ladder Shelves from hgtv


Go Vertical Open Shelf from hgtv


Wall Shelves in the Area Sink from hgtv

Freshen Up with Plants

This is becoming a common and easy way to freshen up your bathroom. But it is very effective to decorate your bathroom. By adding plants to your bathroom, your room will feel different in an instant.


Grow Tall Indoor Plant from balconygardenweb


Windowsill Decoration from balconygardenweb


Various Kinds of Plants from balconygardenweb


Terrariums Bathroom Decor from balconygardenweb


Tropical Touch Plants from balconygardenweb


Green Moss Wall from balconygardenweb

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