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How to Transition from Christmas to Winter Decor

If you’re looking for ways to transition from Christmas to winter, you can always keep your holiday decorations around. It doesn’t have to be difficult if you know how to transition. You can use any style or theme for your home and you’ll be sure to make it cozy for the entire season. So, how to transition from Christmas to winter decor? There are several ways to do this. The main thing is to keep your home warm and cozy. The first thing you should do, make sure your home is clean. You have to declutter your home and make it clean and simple. Get rid of red colors from your home. You should replace the colorful ornaments and other seasonal decorations with more neutral colors. Similarly, you should get rid of your holiday blankets and replace them with lighter-colored ones. This will keep you warm in the warmer months but also make your decor more appropriate for the season. Try to change the color schemes with a white color. Another way to transition from Christmas to winter decor is to use old winter sports gear. These items will add a vintage vibe to your home and will give it a vintage feel. Applying more wood tones and placing candles here and there will make your home feels warmer and looks wintery. After Christmas, don’t worry your home decoration will be boring. By using this winter decoration your home will feel warm and inviting. Let’s take a look at our ideas below.

How to transition from christmas to winter decor1

Make it Clean and Simple

Keeping it clean and simple in decorating this Christmas to winter transition is a brilliant way to try. This is a warm and inviting room decor idea because you have to use an off-white color scheme to bring serenity to the entire room. Just use two armchairs and a wooden coffee table to complete the decor of this room to make it look more simple and clean. At the top of the fireplace you can add a small pine tree accent for a touch of fresh impression in this room. A few small candles in these glass cups can also help you add dramatic lighting and a winter accent to the rest of the room.


Pale White Color Scheme from thespruce

Get Rid of Red Colors

Get rid of the red ornament that symbolizes Christmas in your home. This is a brilliant way for you to try and will add a warm and serene touch to the room. Choosing a soft brown color scheme complete with candle ornaments here and there will help you give a warm and calm touch to your entire room. A soft sofa equipped with several pillows and thick blankets will give the impression of a soft and comfortable room. This yellow floor lamp and chandelier also provides a warm and dramatic light throughout the room.


Neutral Winter Decor from curatedinterior

Let Your Christmas Tree Bare

In this Christmas to winter transition living room, you can use a Christmas touch throughout this room. Opting for a bare Christmas tree with this galvanized pot will also give it a trendy and stylish look. Place it next to your living room sofa to create an attractive room decor and give a fresh touch to the entire room. The beige color scheme in this farmhouse living room also gives a warm and inviting impression. This shabby wooden house sign gives a rustic vibe to the whole room.


Christmas Tree Bare from sarahjoyblog

Add Rustic Touches

The rustic touch of this bedroom wall decor gives the space the perfect Christmas to winter transition. Choosing this wall will help you give a warm and soothing effect to the entire room. A touch of rustic ornament in the form of a shabby shic candle holder, window frames and nightstand will also balance the decor of this room. This light color scheme will help you give a calming effect to the rest of the room. Complete the look with a quilted blanket to give this mattress a warm vibe.


Wooden Plank Bedroom Wall from curatedinterior

Use White Themes

This white color scheme around the home fireplace will create a spacious and airy decor for your home during the Christmas-to-winter transition. This design is a warm and inviting transitional style for you to try. Don’t forget to complement the fireplace with a green garland that will give a fresh impression to the entire room. These few candles in the fireplace pit give a stylish look and steal everyone’s attention. Complete the ornament with this wicker basket, making it easy to store various quilts and faux fur rugs for warm room decor.


White Color Scheme from digsdigs

Replace Festive Lights with Neutral Ones

This Scandinavian winter living room features neutral colored string lights to bring a dramatic glow to the entire space. Hanging on one of these walls will help you redecorate this space. Combined with an off-white color scheme and complemented by hardwood floors and faux fur rugs for a warm and inviting décor. A soft sofa equipped with several pillows and a faux fur blanket will give a comfortable impression. This is a Christmas to season transition decoration that you can try in your home.


String Light from curatedinterior

Add Natural Elements

This Christmas to winter transition decoration idea by replacing this natural touch is a unique room decoration idea and will steal the attention of many people. You can apply a green garland complete with pinecone and ribbon to give the perfect stair railing decoration. Making them yourself or buying them cheaply will make for room decor on a budget. Pair it with a white color scheme and hardwood flooring to give your entire space a fresh and warm feel.


Garlands Greenery from homebnc

Warm Up with Wood Tones

This winter decor with soft and sweet interior space helps you to give extra warmth to the whole room. Choosing wood siding and wooden beam ceilings will help you give a warm and natural touch to the entire room. This large sofa complete with faux fur pillows also creates a warm and comfortable room decor. This reclaimed wood coffee table provides a natural and inviting space.


Ceiling Wooden Beam from decorilla

Use Old Winter Sports Gear to Add Vintage Charm

This unique winter decoration using old cells will make a stylish winter patio decoration and steal the attention of many people. You can complete this sled with a green garland and red plaid ribbon will make this sled decoration a perfect decoration. A red armchair complete with a wicker basket and carn berries will add a rustic touch to your patio decor this winter. A tartan blanket will also provide a stylish room decor. This is a Christmas to winter transition decor for your home for a stylish result.


Old Sled Winter Ornament from digsdigs

Candles Everywhere

This Scandinavian-style winter home features several candles around the stairs to create a feeling of warmth and lightness throughout the room. Choosing candles with different sizes is the main attraction for every guest who comes to your home. You can complete the décor with grenery garlands and string lights to give the stairs an attractive look. The baskets here also help you easily store various blankets and bring a neat, uncluttered space to the entire room.


Winter Candle Staircase from curatedinterior

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