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To Keep Guests Happy, Keep These Essentials in Your Furnished Rental Home

It seems more and more people are choosing to rent homes instead of buying them. Renters don’t have to worry about things like making sure the grass is mowed, shoveling snow, and paying for repairs. Clearly, much of the desire to rent has to do with convenience. 

In the same vein, many people are now looking for rentals that come fully furnished either because they don’t have furniture or maybe they don’t want the hassles that go along with moving their old furniture. Regardless, if you choose to furnish your rental, there are essentials that you’ll want to provide your tenants.

Living Room

The living room is typically considered the heart of the house, so you’ll want to make sure that it’s inviting and comfortable for your tenants. The main thing you’ll want to have in the living room is a relaxing sofa. Ideally, look for a sofa that fills the room well but isn’t so big that it takes up all the space. Think plush sofas that can accommodate most body types.

You’ll also want to provide some sort of accent chair or chairs to go with the sofa. A living room without chairs is like spaghetti without meatballs. You can get by without them, but it just seems like there’s something missing. You might consider purchasing living room furniture as a set if it’s more affordable. Tables and lamps should also be factored in.


The bedrooms should obviously have beds and frames for the beds. After all, you don’t just want mattresses on the floor. Of course, it’s up to your tenants to provide the bedding. These days modern mattresses don’t require a box spring. A full-size bed should be adequate for most people and rooms. And try to avoid single beds unless the room is small.

Bedrooms should also contain a dresser and at least one nightstand for a lamp and other small personal items. I want to stress that the size of the room will play a role in the size of the furniture. Large furniture pieces in small rooms just take up needed space. And small furniture pieces in large rooms look out of place.

Kitchen Area

Not every home has a formal dining room, but every home will have a kitchen and a space for eating meals. And since you can’t expect tenants to eat standing up or sitting in the living room, make sure to provide a dining table with at least four chairs. Some people are even opting for benches over chairs, as they’re practical and becoming more popular.

One of the main things people look at when purchasing property to rent is the style and layout of the kitchen area, so it’s important that it be well-appointed. Still, because it’s the kitchen there really isn’t a lot to do in terms of furnishing it. Since the appliances are already in place, the main thing is making sure the eating area is functional.


Much like the kitchen, there isn’t a lot of “furniture” that’s going to go in the bathrooms. You might consider putting in a vanity if there isn’t one already. And, of course, you’ll want a mirror above it. You might even opt for a medicine cabinet, which includes a mirror. A bathroom that is unusually large might have a floor cabinet.

When most people think of a bathroom they likely envision a sink, a toilet, and a shower. Those are the basics, and they aren’t furniture. Still, in order to provide a little comfort for your tenants, you should provide some means for them to store their toothpaste, medicines, and grooming supplies.

Not only are more people looking to rent homes, but more people are also looking to rent homes that are fully furnished. If you’ve decided to furnish your rental, you want to make sure that you have essentials for your tenants, including a sofa and chairs in the living room, beds and dressers in the bedroom, a dining table in the kitchen, and storage areas in the bathroom. 

The goal is to create a house that’s comfortable while giving your tenants room to add their own personal touches.  

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