Even if you only have small balcony, take advantage of it. Install folding furniture to make more useful. It will be nice to take breakfast at this area with wonderful view. Install folding table for tiny balcony. If you are lucky with larger balcony, add wooden and or metal seating.

If you are lucky with large area, building rooftop is a must. At this space, we can enjoy the beauty of view surroundings. We will have a place to get relax under the vast of blue sky. Of course, there should be some furniture items where we can sit and feel calm. See this rooftop design below that may inspire you.

Utilize every inches of your house to be more functional space. If you have balcony area, try to use it as home office nook. What you need to install are a desk, a chair, and other accents. This spot is nice with view as well. Here, we have the ideas to create a small balcony home office.

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From that point, making certain you’ve got great sound set up and great lighting is imperative. There are lots of creative tips for using oil tiki torches. Every color needs a bit of light.