You might be found various modern home designs on the internet or anywhere. Though they look similar, but they have ceritain parts that unique. Like this house that build looks like a cardboard with simple shape but has everything inside. For the one who loves simplicity, this home design is captivating. Let us look further.

If you are lucky with large area, building rooftop is a must. At this space, we can enjoy the beauty of view surroundings. We will have a place to get relax under the vast of blue sky. Of course, there should be some furniture items where we can sit and feel calm. See this rooftop design below that may inspire you.

Cottage is a place to spend holiday. It will be nice to have a home with cottage look. Nowadays, people tend to build modern house due to the trend. However, we can combine modern design with cottage style as well. So, we will have a modern house with cottage feeling. Like this following home design.

Utilize every inches of your house to be more functional space. If you have balcony area, try to use it as home office nook. What you need to install are a desk, a chair, and other accents. This spot is nice with view as well. Here, we have the ideas to create a small balcony home office.

A home design with traditional and contemporary touch will not out of style. Due to the combination of various materials, it will comfy and cozy. We might be dreamed for a cabin with a-framed that has dramatic look. Hopefully, it becomes the best place to spend holiday time with family and friends. Look at this design further!

Are you an art collector? Or just someone who loves art? It will be nice to have a home with art and music. A great home with arts and music room is nice. We will be entertained to boost our mood and make us feel relax. Here, we have a recommended contemporary house with a focus in art entertainment.

A beach home usually seen with rustic touch, but here we go with modern tone. Due to the house is located near the sea; we need a house that gives calm and relaxing feel. Further, it will play role with neutral colors like white, black, and brown. On a minimal budget, we can renovate a house with beachy feeling but contemporary look.

It will be fun to plan how’s our family will be. Young couple will think over about children and or other things like vehicles, furniture items, and soon. Consider to have a big house if we suppose to have a big family with more than two kids. Let us take a look at this home design that build for young family below!

There are thousands apartment design that may be copied by us. However, all of them seem similar. It looks like the architect repeats the architecture of a home along with everything inside. If you look further, they are different of course. It can be the materials combination, different style and tone, or stuffs.

Industrial apartment means there are various industrial features all around the loft. It can be from the furniture, accents, or the building itself. Most of it has pipe, wire, and or metal materials. Not everyone loves industrial apartment style. If you are one of them, you may change your mind after seeing this fabulous industrial apartment. Check out!