When a simple question about how to fit big house into small apartment comes to your mind, we have found the answer. Jack Chen, an owner of a small apartment with big feeling. There we can see living space, dining space, reading nook, working space, sleeping space, bathroom, even an entry way. How come? Let see further!

It is not easy to style a small apartment for flexible space. When the weather starts to cool, we need a house, apartment, or condo that will give us warm feel. Afterwards, at summer we wish to have a home that makes us feel fresh and calm. So, we need to consider installing flexible furniture items and or applying apartment design.

Live comfortably in a small apartment is used for more than one purpose. Having multi-functional home is great. It works well for the one who lives in urban city with tiny house or apartment. The key is that installing fabulous furniture items. Check out this example!

There are thousands apartment design that may be copied by us. However, all of them seem similar. It looks like the architect repeats the architecture of a home along with everything inside. If you look further, they are different of course. It can be the materials combination, different style and tone, or stuffs.

These days, people who live in a house with small print or small apartment still able to fit everything inside. The room of small apartment will not only comfortable but also functional. They can maximize the floor space as storage through the use of double functions furniture. It looks as great idea for the one who live in urban area.

What makes an apartment looks beautiful is how the designer combines colors, patterns, and textures. Beside those, it should be completed with beautiful furniture and accents too. So, it will gain neat appeal of the apartment. A nice combination various textures and patterns along with colors will let as to have comfortable home.

Thus the principal objective whilst designing the inside of the living room is to help it become spacious, attractive, and most significantly, comfortable to be in. The principal aim of room dividers is to separate a huge room into two areas in such a manner that it not only appears elegant but in addition provides privacy. If you take advantage of a room for at least 1 purpose, make sure to divide it appropriately.

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