To design a beach home, you need to consider about the material used that usually uses wood and stone. After that, most of beachy home applies blue, white, and neutral color to remind us about the beauty of sea. Further, it comes with neutral tone which is fresh and clean. Like this house with amazing rooms inside.

Modern house will deal with glass materials, geometric shapes, and or sleek lines. Due to modern house has similar design, so we need something unique that will make it different. However, if you want to have a modern design that real you, give personal touches. It can be from the shapes, furniture items, and or home accents. See this home below!

Cottage is a place to spend holiday. It will be nice to have a home with cottage look. Nowadays, people tend to build modern house due to the trend. However, we can combine modern design with cottage style as well. So, we will have a modern house with cottage feeling. Like this following home design.

It might be anyone dreams to have a home with natural material and artistic value. The home is like a canvas where you can paint anything. Especially, it has plentiful wildlife and great view surroundings. Further, it has contemporary touches form the glass material all around. Let us see further this house design further!