Turquoise becomes a great trend that will make our home looks gorgeous. Nowadays, turquoise hue can be combined with any colors. Adding turquoise touch for a room create a fresh and clean look. If this color applied on walls and or ceiling, we will gain serene and happy mood.

When you already feel bored with your bedroom look, try to upgrade its appearance. If you don’t have any time to paint the wall, change flooring style, or install new furniture, you can take a look at your drapes. You can replace your current drapes with the printed one. Then, consider your bedroom decoration to match with the printed drapes you want.

Getting small kitchen area might be frustrating. Further if you dream to have breakfast nook on it. Since the room is tiny, you need to be able to use every inch of kitchen space. Why don’t you try to build eating space that near the window? It is an essential idea that will not only save the space but also budget. See these following ideas;

To design a beach home, you need to consider about the material used that usually uses wood and stone. After that, most of beachy home applies blue, white, and neutral color to remind us about the beauty of sea. Further, it comes with neutral tone which is fresh and clean. Like this house with amazing rooms inside.

A Mediterranean house usually comes with white color wall and earthy tone furniture items. When you want to install other feels to this house you need to consider what character that will be shown. Due to Mediterranean style work well with other theme, you can add Moroccan and rustic touches too.

Nowadays, designing a small home or apartment needs to consider many aspects. Since, modern dwelling has similar look, it is important to add special thing to personalise our home. Some people add handcraft, DIY furniture, or just installing different home accents. Like this apartment with monolithic partition below to inspire you.

Live comfortably in a small apartment is used for more than one purpose. Having multi-functional home is great. It works well for the one who lives in urban city with tiny house or apartment. The key is that installing fabulous furniture items. Check out this example!

It might be sound impossible that a small apartment can give everything like a living space, kitchen, bedroom, reading nook, a place to serve food. How can it be?However, it is real possible. It does simply by transforming wall. Like this following micro-apartment that will make us swoon.

Many builders and homeowners prefer to use concrete as the primary material to build a house. It is because this material is sturdy and beautiful. Moreover, it gives industrial appealing. Beside that, concrete is nice for modern house as well. Some people tend to paint it, but others just let it with it’s original hue. Take a look at this house to give you inspiration.