3 Smart Ways to Have Unlimited Storage Space in Your House

From Small apartment to large apartment, limited space of storage is become a big problem to make your house look neat. Many people use wide space to be used as storage to put all of their stuff. But do you know, there are some ways to have enough storage without having to use wide space? Here are 3 Ideas to have large storage without have to use wide spaces.

1 Flat-Top Containers

Flat Top Containers

Most of us will chose to have round-top containers because it looks prettier on our storage, but flat top container can also be prettier and at the same time it also will save some space in your storage. You stacked it up and it will fit right next to each other without wasting your storage space. As you can see on the picture below, the owner use square container for food storage.

Flat Top Containers

Besides for food storage, the flat top containers is also good for document files, your children’s story book or their school equipment.

2 Everywhere is Storage Place

Everywhere is Storage Place

Some people will have their own special space as their storage, but what if you have limited space? Then everywhere in your house is your storage. On below picture we can see the owner use command hooks on kitchen door cabinet and transform it into another free storage you can use.

3 Don’t Hide Your Stuff

Don’t Hide Your Stuff

While most people try to store their stuff so it looks neat, you can also try to show them off and store it strategically and make it as decor in your house. On the picture above, we can see the owner grouped most used seasoning and oils on a marble lazy susan in the kitchen, by doing this not only you can save some space but you can also have extra decoration on your kitchen.

Making your house looks neat doesn’t require some amazing skill and creativity, all you need is a right place to store your stuff. Have a nice try.

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