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Enchanting Napkin Folding Ideas for Your Most Adorable Table Ever

At first glance, the art of napkin folding might appear complicated. But it is actually a really easy way to turn your table into the most adorable table ever. It is important to give good impression for the first time for your guest and to keep your sweet moment with lovely family through the table setting. Here are Napkin Folding Ideas for Your Most Adorable Table Ever to impress your guest and keep you and your family moment sweet.

1 Flower Napkin

1 Flower Napkin

Nobody does not like flowers in this world. It is beautiful to make your table flowery with flower napkin. Take a cloth of napkin in the best color of yours and fold it into a square. Next, flip it over and fold in the corners. Lastly, pull out the bottom edges and you’ve got a beautiful flower napkin in your hand.

2 Rose Napkin

Rose Napkin

Moving to a specific type of flowers which is rose. Give a touch of romance with a lovely rose turn your moment into the most memorable moment ever like for anniversary. Firstly, take a red or pink napkin and fashion it into a long-thin roll. Second, hold the left corner down to create a right angle. Third, start twisting the cloth into a rose shape. For the last, flip it over and tuck the loose ends into the place.

3 Turkey Napkin

Turkey Napkin

Impress your guest with your skill in folding the napkin into turkey napkin style. You will require having two cloth napkins to make a bird for each place setting, but they both will come in handy when it’s time to spoon on the favor!

4 Christmas Tree Napkin

Christmas Tree Napkin

It is definitely cute for your Christmas. Create the zig-zag shape of a pine tree with clever pleats. Start the process with a folded square and bring up corners to create layers. Next with a little flipping and tucking, you will get your lovely evergreen napkin.

5 Crown Napkin

Crown Napkin

A classic design of crown napkin should be done at least once during the holidays. A classic red napkin will work wonderfully to your moment. First you’re done folding the cloth, curl the left and right sides then they meet in the middle and next tuck one into the other. Last, you’ll fold down the sides to reveal the most awesome crown.

6 Bird of Paradise Napkin

rd of Paradise Napkin

Add a few of these to your table to make your time on the table more colorful and fun. Choose any color that you love. I just give you the step hit the white one. All you need are medium size napkin in any color to get started. After you have done a few folds, you’ll get your diamond shape, which will allow you to have flaps.

7 Rosebud Napkin Fold

Rosebud Napkin Fold

Rosebud Napkin Fold is an excellent option to your spring or summer themed party.  Just follow the step and you have it. Enjoy trying fellow!

8 Fan Leaf Napkin Fold

Fan Leaf Napkin Fold

If it comes to decorate a party, is there anything more versatile than a nature-theme? All you need is to fold a napkin accordion style and cinch it at the end! Look, what an awesome fan leaf napkin fold!