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Enlighten Your Living Space with These 5 Home Floral Arrangement

Most people agree that arranging flowers is therapeutic, fun, and no stringent rules. You can even create a creative and beautiful bouquet without the hand of a professional florist. Beautify your space and impress everyone who ever came to your house with these home floral arrangement ideas.

Bedside Flower Arrangement

A lovely arrangement of hand-picked flowers right from your lush garden creates a comfortable bedroom with a natural relaxing fragrance. It will surely lead to sweet dreams after a long tiring day. Some indoor flowers such as lavender, pink jasmine, and peace lily have a relaxing scent and ensure the oxygen circulating day and night.

The delightful arrangement of handpicked goldenrods from the garden ensures you have sweet dreams when you place them on the shelf above the bed.

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A small vase of fragrant fresh flowers placed on her fragrant bedside table can fill a room in no time.
Tall lights grouped with smaller flower arrangements make a lovely statement.
While it’s fun to make your bedside look pretty, always leave some free space for practical use, like a place to put a cup of tea.
Look around your garden and use foliage that you have easy access to. This is a way to bring nature into the bedroom.

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Mason Jar Vase

Mason jars are versatile and easy to decorate. If you are a big fan of vintage farmhouse style, nail the vibe by crafting gorgeous groups of your favorite florals into decorative mason jar vases. You can put them as centerpieces in any room.

Pair pink and white flowers with a vintage blue Mason jar to create contrast in this simple arrangement.
Apply faux gold leaf or real gold to the Mason jar in the patch with a small brush to create the look depicted here.
This easy DIY project will take your table setting to the next level.
Nothing says summer like sunflowers. Work even harder by adding burlap and lace.
These easy flower arrangements can serve as inspiration. Just tie a piece of gingham around your Mason jar and add a bouquet.
This lavender and yellow color looks really pretty together.
Pick a pretty hue and then use the flowers in that color group to inspire your bouquets.

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Pretty Florals on Entryway

Another lovely home floral arrangement idea is to give a lasting first impression to your guests by adding a pretty floral on your entryway.  It could be on the foyer or your front door.

This gorgeous wreath is all that an entryway console table needs to look absolutely gorgeous.
Tropical flowers like this will always bring bright colors and intrigue to your entire entrance.
For a unique look, play with scale and proportion. These tall branches introduce splendor, even when perched on a low console table.
Featured in a pair of wide glass vases, this exploding array instantly brightens up your entryway.
This flower arrangement adds a playful tropical uniqueness to an industrial space.
The tonal spectrum of these orange, pink and red tulips will brighten and refresh your entryway angle.

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Floral Foam

If you like your flowers remain in the desired position and have a fuller arrangement, try the floral foam base. The most popular idea using this base is the rose centerpiece that you can put on any table you want to.

Floral foam provides solid support for fresh blooms when you are making low table centerpieces or larger displays that need more structure.

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The floral foam also allows for endless versatility and possibilities in flower arrangement.

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Multiple stems are perfect for your flower bouquet as you can cut off the branches individually. These seedy eucalyptus leaves only need one stem for the entire bouquet as they have many branches.
Start by cutting the floral foam to size with a serrated knife. You can use an old bread knife or drywall saw or something similar.
When you insert the stems into your floral foam, you don’t want the leaves getting in there. Trim each leaf so that there are about 3/4 bare stems at the base of your branch.

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Tulips in a Tall Clear Vase

Nothing is stunning than a tulip arrangement welcoming the season. It will be heartbreaking to see your tulips stems drooping onto the table after some time. To keep the blooms stay upright, the best option is to use a tall clear vase.

Fill a tall, cylindrical vase with long-stemmed flowers like lilies to make a simple classic flower arrangement.

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This tulip arrangement is a bit more dramatic than a simple tulip in a vase. Place a few inches of rock on the bottom of the vase, then measure from the top of the stone to the edge of the vase.

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Coming in a variety of colors and styles the tulip is one of the more versatile flowers out there.
There are many ways to style tulips, with tall clear vases and arranging them individually will make a beautiful statement to your flower arrangement.

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To get the best home floral arrangement, ensure that you pay attention to the details. Don’t forget to maintain them properly according to their need to spruce up and enlighten your home.