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17 Stunning Kitchen Island Design Ideas for Your Tiny Kitchen

A kitchen island is a functional part of a kitchen that serves multiple functions besides providing extra counter space. In fact, islands are one of the newest trends in kitchen designing and they can transform the overall look and feel of your kitchen. With the current trend of using the triangle of sink, stove, and refrigerator to form a functional kitchen island, more people are discovering that they can save space while still having all three main appliances. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider adding an island to your kitchen.

Here’s an example of a very simple small modern island design. This kitchen wouldn’t be the same without it. Chrome and white stools make it even more attractive.
This clever little island design works primarily as a dining area, but because it’s in the kitchen, it could easily become a work surface too.
Here’s a brilliant way to get the most out of the skinny island. Notice how it expands the “balcony” dining area at the back end which wraps to one side.
A square island can maximize the size of the island even for a small room. The island is a square island but adds some stylistic curves on either side.
Here’s a popular small island solution which is to use a table, or in this case, a raised table as an island and a dining area.
Narrow marble topped kitchen island
A narrow stand-alone island topped with Carrera marble creates more space for preparing meals.
Antique butchers create a unique island in this small traditional kitchen.
An elegant small kitchen with a smart island at its heart, which will make your kitchen activities more efficient and enjoyable.
The smart island allows you to tuck in the bench when not in use.
This cool little kitchen island is made of reclaimed wood and scrap metal pipes that are no longer in use.
The narrow white kitchen with a beautiful island in the center will add to the appeal of the kitchen appearance.
The islet provides valuable additional shelf space so you can easily get a stunning kitchen view.
Amazing use of a small open island in a tiny kitchen.
The little antique kitchen island grabs the eye by bringing out vintage kitchen décor.
This quirky, tiny kitchen island is the perfect way to create a small, visually airy kitchen.
Contemporary kitchens make the most of small spaces with a minimalist kitchen island.
Always consider the materials for your island table carefully when forming an overhang, as those made of heavy materials require solid support.

Kitchen islands come in all sizes and shapes, making it difficult to buy one that fits everyone. Make sure you see enough references so you will never regret making a decision.