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10 Clever Storage Ideas For Your Small Bathroom

Are you looking for a smart storage idea for a small bathroom? Then you have come to the right place. We’re all very claustrophobic these days and one of the best places to keep your stuff stuck to the wall. Wall-hung cabinets are a great solution to storage problems in a small bathroom. They offer more than just dressing table and cabinet units:


1. DIY Wall Shelf

Shelves are some of the most useful storage ideas for small bathrooms. They’re great for keeping toiletries and other items out of sight. Most vanity units come with shelves, but many people find them too small for real use. If this is the case, why not buy some new shelves? You can install it yourself or take a DIY approach, it’s up to you.


This wooden shelf attached to the wall makes the appearance of this small bathroom look wider. You can store a few towels and toiletries neatly and not look cluttered. Making it yourself will save your budget for bathroom decoration. Simply put unused wooden pallets and repaint them for a new look. Wooden shelf from homebnc.


Reusable crate shelves will provide an inexpensive and inexpensive small bathroom decor. Place it on one of the bathroom walls to save space and give a neat impression. Arrange neatly the towels and other ornaments for an interesting storage idea. Repurposed crate shelf storage from homebnc.


Adding open storage shelves in a small bathroom is another great idea to try. You can make it yourself to save a budget when decorating your tiny bathroom. Just use a rope and some whitewashed wooden planks and you can place them on top of the toilet to make it look perfect. Hanging open shelves above the toilet from homebnc.

2. Decorative Wall Shelf

Another great thing about wall-hung shelves is that they don’t take up any floor space at all. This makes it very comfortable and ideal for small bathrooms. What’s more, when you add some pretty pots on top of the shelves, you’re also adding some lovely decorative touches. The big benefit of this kind of bathroom storage idea is that you don’t need to have a lot of space.


A small bathroom can be unique and beautiful. Adding decorative shelves gives you the opportunity to use your creativity. If you don’t want to create a spacious bedroom you can place it on the wall above the toilet. Completing the look with framed paintings and potted plants creates the focal point of your bathroom. Wooden wall shelf with greenery from thespruce.


Complete the look of your small bathroom with other decorative items. Creating your own shelves will hone your creativity and will create an inexpensive budget bathroom decor. The wooden beams were chosen because of their sturdy design and will create a rustic style to the room. Don’t forget to add flowers in a vase and a few other ornaments for a stylish look. Wooden beams wall shelves from homebnc.


Decorating a small bathroom by applying vertical open shelves gives the room a spacious and neat impression. This DIY open shelf is worth trying so that it will save you the budget for decorating your bathroom. Just use unused wooden blocks and you can leave the natural color to give the room a rustic feel. Vertical open shelves from shanty-2-chic.

3. Open Wall Shelf

This storage leaves you plenty of space around the room. This is great if you want to use the area for something other than drying towels and cleaning. If you get a vanity unit with a shelf inside, you don’t have to worry about that either.


The wall opposite the bathtub faucet can also function to save space so you can add open wall shelves. This hidden shelf idea in the bathroom under the sink gives a spacious impression to the room. Adding storage next to the sink will give you plenty of space around the room. Wicker basket under the sink from decoist.


Even a small space can make the hidden shelf trend work well in this small bathroom. Using open shelf storage under the sink will give you more space around the room. Don’t forget to add extra built-in storage to store some ornaments and towels. Open shelf storage under the sink from decoist.

4. Mirror Wall Cabinet

To save more floor space, you can install a wall cabinet with mirrors for your small bathroom storage ideas. In this way, you can use this storage item for two functions. First, if you open the cabinet, you can use the rack inside the cabinet to store your toiletries or towel. And then, the second function is if you close the door of the cabinet, you can use the mirror to dress up after taking a bath. By applying this storage idea, you will have a neat and organized small bathroom decoration.


For a bathroom cabinet with a more industrial look, it can be installed easily. The triple mirror door will evoke the light effect, and no one will ever know that you have an item tucked away behind the mirror. This cabinet also gives a neat impression to your small bathroom and you can put it above the sink in the room. Bathroom cabinet with mirror door from homedit.


This gorgeous cabinet is exactly what you need for your small bathroom. Not only does it have a lot of storage space, but it also comes with a cool mirror that comes in handy. The cabinet itself is crafted with a sleek solid wood frame along with two mirrors on the hinges to reveal the perfect storage area. Mirror wall cabinet for small bathroom from homedit.

When shopping for storage for your small bathroom, you will be surprised at the sheer number of options available to you. Today there are so many ways to save space. You no longer have to worry about using up too much floor space because you have a dressing table or a cupboard that hangs on the wall. You can find very elegant solutions for your small bathroom, and they are all very affordable.