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Make Your Awkward Corner Space More Functional with These 5 Ideas

When talking about the home interior, we might want to give the best for our home. From the interior, decoration, furniture, ornament, and layout. But maybe not all places will be managed and functioning properly, such as corner space. Unfortunately, this space is often forgotten and not used. Moreover, if you know how to utilize the corner space in your home, it will not be an awkward space anymore.

Actually, there are some ideas to make and fill the corner space more functional. Surely, that idea will offer a different nuance in your home and enhance your home decor. Here are some ideas to make your awkward corner space more functional. Keep reading this article for more inspiration.

Reading Nook

The first idea that you can adopt to make the corner space in your home more functional is using this place for a reading nook. This idea is suitable for those of you who have a reading hobby. You will have your own reading space. All you have to do is just place a corner chair or sofa and a simple table. You can complete the chair with a throw pillow for more comfort. For the lighting idea, the task lamp is proper to light up when you are reading at night.


Your corner space will be more effective and efficient when used for a comfortable reading room as long as you are at home. In the reading nook area, you can add a few pillows on top of the built in wall bench to make it softer and not make your back feel sore or uncomfortable. Transparent glass windows are an easy way to let sunlight into your reading area. Reading nook with pillow lining from housebeautiful.


The built-in bench and rack wall in the corner of the room is intended to take advantage of this area to make it more useful. The vertical wooden shelf is used as a smart storage area to organize some of your favorite books neatly and safely. Here you can add a blanket as a warm accent when the weather starts to feel cold. Built-in wall reading nook from housebeautiful.

As a Place To Display Your Collection

Are you collecting some wall art, sculpture, or other art? Why you don’t display it at the corner of your home. You can take the living room corner, entryway, or under the stair to place your collection. You can use a table to put the art collection or you can take advantage of the corner wall to hang your sculptures. By applying this idea you will have a new focal interest in your home.


To maximize the corner area in your home, try installing a wooden sill shelf with white paint as a smart storage idea and really saves space in your home. Match the wall paint with shelves for a more elegant look and unite the color tone of the room. White is a favorite color that is often used in any home decor. Repaint floating rack from morningchores.


In order for your living room decoration to be tidier and appear elegant, you need to try installing a corner shelf with an L shape now. Do not forget to polish this shelf so that it looks newer and not shabby, you can use it to put books and some of your child’s toys so that they are easier to find when looking for. In addition, some of these children’s toys can also be used as decorative items. L shape corner floating rack from morningchores.

Home Office

If you don’t have a workspace in your home, create this place in your corner space. To make the office corner in your home, look for a corner work desk to get fit with the corner space. Don’t forget to find a proper office chair because the space is limited. It will be better if your corner already has a window, so your office corner looks bright.


When you have a home decor with limited space, then using the corner of the room as a small home office is a very smart idea. By using it as a home office, this corner of the room will be more useful for your activities at home. Vertical wooden shelves are additional storage that you can try. Small home office at the corner from digsdigs.


This floating work table and the metal shelf are some of the pieces of furniture that you can apply to decorate your home office corner. Because this room has a limited area, you don’t need to put furniture excessively, one white chair with plastic material is enough for you to do office tasks comfortably all day long. Floating work tables and storage racks from digsdigs.

Greenery Corner

Make your home looks fresh with some house plants. You can place the house plants at the corner of your living room. Arrange neatly the plants with the plant stand or just place the plant on the floor. Small plants have their own quirky charm. Besides that, your corner will be more functional.


To cool and refresh your living room, you can try applying green plants in the corner of the room. Do not forget to use a vintage wooden shelf as a plant holder which will emphasize the living room decoration more natural and environmentally friendly. You can also use rattan wicker pots that look beautiful. Green plants on corner wooden shelves from homedit.


Not only using wooden shelves as an idea to place green plants or small storage. In this room, you will get a fresher and different atmosphere because of the large ceramic floor pot in the corner of this living room. Use this pot to plant banana trees that have a larger number and size. Ceramic floor pot corner of the room from homedit.

Good for A Floor Lamp

If you confuse to place your floor lamp, you can place it in the corner. This is a good idea because you will have more benefits. The floor lamp will brighten up your corner and surely enhance the interior of your home. The corner that usually has a shadow and dark then after you are placing a floor lamp it will more bright and your corner more functional too.


Lights are an important accent that must be had in a room decoration. Take advantage of the corner of your living room to place a black matte floor lamp which can be used as the main lighting that can light up the entire living room evenly and brightly. Do not forget to use glass windows as additional natural lighting. Corner black matte floor lamp from ultimatehomeideas.


The corner of the room which is used as a relaxing area is incomplete without lighting at night. Floor lamps are a great lighting idea for your current room situation. With this floor lamp, your activities or activities at night will be more detailed and clear. Corner floor lamp for relaxing area lighting ideas from ultimatehomeideas.

By following those ideas above you will find inspiration to make most of your corner space to be more functional and can enhance your home decor.