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The Easiest Ways To Get A Bohemian Vibe In Your Living Room

Living room design is an interesting and perhaps challenging area for any interior designer. It requires a certain style that is both bold and fresh in comparison to other rooms in the home. This is the reason why many people when they start out with the concept, opt for Bohemian living room design ideas that are not common to most. But in reality, these ideas are not so uncommon after all.

Most people who live in Bohemian lifestyles tend to be artistic in nature. And just as there are many different types of artists, there are many different Bohemian living room design ideas to choose from. One thing is for sure though. When it comes to Bohemian living room design ideas, there is no one “right” way to do things. Here are some of the easiest ways to get a Bohemian vibe in your living room.

Buy Bright Furniture

Vibrant and vintage furniture is perfect for boho decor, especially for the living room. In this case, you can buy sofas in bright color and looks vintage. With wood frame and velvet or satin fabric, it can bring a vintage and elegant look at the same time.

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Wooden chairs covered with white cushions become a sitting area that you can use in bohemian living room decorations. Not only here, but you can also add leather poufs with dark brown color to match the warm, natural-looking wood accent color. Rattan woven carpet is footwear on a budget that can be used. Wooden chairs with white cushions from apartmenttherapy.

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This velvet sofa in blue is a comfortable sitting area, soft and has a soft texture. Add wooden chairs and tables to complement the interior in this bohemian living room decor, throw pillows and blankets are warm accents that you can use simultaneously. Big macrame is a wall decoration idea that many people like. The combination of a velvet sofa with a wooden table and chairs from apartmenttherapy.

Add Colors to Your Boho Living Room with Pillow

To add some color to the Bohemian living room decor, you can complete your sofa with some colorful, solid colors and also rich patterns. The stack of colorful pillows in harmony with luxurious and elegant texture. These pillows are able to add color to your bohemian living room.


Use several patterns on pillows with different colors for a brighter and more cheerful appearance of the living room, with this your beige sofa will seem more lively and less boring. The bold color carpet, which is large enough, is an elegant base for some of the furniture legs in this room. Rubber trees with wicker rattan pots are a fresh and soothing decoration for the room. Several pillow patterns with colorful colors from decoist.


If you use a plain yellow sofa, then a throw pillow with a boho pattern is a compliment and a perfect one for you to try. The white nuance in this living room gives a spacious and open impression, coupled with the use of transparent glass walls that let sunlight into the room freely. Yellow sofa with several pillow patterns from decoist.

Use Natural Materials

One thing that you can do that will help to give you the perfect Bohemian Living room decor is to use natural material such as rattan. This is something that you will see all over the country and you will find that it is quite durable and will be able to handle the different elements. If you want to go even further, you can use bits and pieces of wood to build your own little rustic sanctuary.


The bohemian style of the living room usually uses some natural furniture such as a rattan coffee table, wicker wall decorations and wooden chairs covered with soft blue cushions. This wood accent will work even more perfectly when surrounded by the surrounding greenery. Use a unique hanging rack on your ceiling to place a few small potted plants. Rattan coffee table and wooden chairs from mydomaine.


To neutralize the boho pattern in this living room, you can use several wooden interiors without repainting it, for example, teak coffee tables and sturdy rattan shelf stands. The advantage of using teak wood is that it is not easily porous because it has a hard and strong texture, while the rattan racks in this room are used to show off some green plant decorations that emphasize the bohemian decor of the living room. Teak coffee table with standing rattan shelf from mydomaine.

Install A Boho Rug

Living room decor never completes without a rug likewise in Bohemian living room decor. The existence of a rug is very important to give an identity to this style. Rug with a Mandala, patchwork, Aztec, Paisley patterns is the hallmark of boho rug. Buy one of those rug motifs and then install it in your bohemian living room. Besides being able to bring color to your room, the pattern of the rug will create an eclectic look.


Cover your wood floor with faux fur boho carpet that has a vintage pattern and never goes out of style when applied to your living room decor. This Boho carpet will look more perfect when equipped with wood furniture that has been polished to make it look shinier. Present monstera plant and banana tree for a fresh tropical vibe. Vintage faux fur carpet from mydomaine.


Maximize the appearance of your bohemian living room with the eclectic boho carpet that has a neutral color so it’s easier to match the interior around it. The fireplace accent is a heater that can be used when the weather starts to feel cold. Eclectic Boho Carpet from mydomaine.

Add Handmade Accessories

Consider completing your boho living room with handmade accessories. The crocheted, macrame, carved, stitched, and hand-woven accessories can be your choice. The accessories can come from the country you are visiting, a memento from people you meet on the other side of the world, or a craft that you made yourself. It will strengthen the boho vibe in your living room.


Don’t leave your white walls plain and boring, hang this large DIY macrame close to your furniture layout. Macrame wall decorations present artistic value suitable for bohemian room styles. The bold carpet with this unique pattern is the center of attention because it makes the room feel more alive. Wall decoration with macrame from mydomaine.

Complete the Decoration with Floor Pillow and Poufs

The last easiest idea that you can do to complete your Bohemian living room decor is placing some floor pillows or poufs. You can choose jewel tones such as ruby and emerald green. And also the metallic and gold color can be your option. You can mix and match the patterns and colors to feature boho vibes.

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So that you can sit below, you can try adding a boho floor pillow decorated with tassel in your current bohemian living room. You can use two pillows that are large enough to make them more comfortable to use and less hard. Two boho floor cushions accented with tassel from mydomaine.

When having a fresh and livened living room decor, it such a pleasant thing. With those bohemian living room decor ideas, you will get it. Have a nice to try.