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Summer Garden Decoration Ideas

Are you looking for summer garden decor ideas? You have come to the right place. We have been enjoying the great outdoors all summer and having a good time outside, entertaining, working on our plans for the fall, and generally enjoying the summer garden decor ideas we have gathered here at The Busy Gardener. Our summer garden activities continue through September and into the first week of October. This is when most of our summer garden decor ideas come into play, and I try to incorporate as many of them as possible during this busy time. Here are some ideas.

Use Colorful Flowers

A summer garden decor idea that I am really enjoying right now is the use of color. There are several plants and flowers that are very intense, such as the orchid and the azalea. By using the colors appropriately, it can really liven up your yard and make it more inviting. If you have a larger garden and would like more of an impact, use more of these vivid colors and combine several smaller greenery pieces with the flowers.


If you want to create a really striking look when you print your garden, choose flowers in contrasting colors. You can combine pink with yellow for a really nice, multicolored garden effect. By using the right colors, it can really bring your page to life and make it more eye-catching. For added freshness, you can add some greenery and green grass. Pink with yellow flower bloom from ofdesign.


Create a holiday mood just as you create a garden. If you have a free place in the garden, where large, colorful flowering plants that love the sun. Collect all kinds of flowers you like. In this way, you will create a mood and pleasure that is more pleasing to the eye. don’t forget to add a border to create a neat and stylish garden. Stone steps are added to give your summer garden a traditional impression. Colorful flowering plants from ofdesign.


You can create a garden for the summer, check out these amazing ideas and inspiration for the upcoming gardening season. Adding colorful flowers will add color to your summer garden. The combination of soft and hardscape elements is the perfect idea for your summer garden design. You can add a white fence and green grass to complement a cheerful garden decor. So that the overall combination looks beautiful and elegant. Colorful blooming flower from ofdesign.

Add Ornaments

Some additional summer garden decor ideas would be to bring in several garden gnomes and tiny statues to dress up your yard. They are so cute and add so much whimsy to a yard. Gnomes can be dressed up in various ways, from funny hats to colorful clothes. Adding some outdoor lighting will complete the look.


Adding a few statues in a summer garden makes for stylish room decoration and will steal the attention of many. You can also add some blooming flowers to give the garden a stunning look. You can place this statue in the middle of the garden so that it will present a stunning appearance. They are so cute and add so much whimsy to the page. White few statues from decoist.


A large fairy statue is added at the edge of your garden so that it will make the perfect focal point of the room. You can add some greenery and blooming flowers for a fresh and stylish garden design. The hue of these flowers gives a fresh look in the summer season. You can also add a chicken statue to complement your garden decoration. Large fairy statue from decoist.


This adorable little elephant is one of the most adorable and best garden statues with a sly grin and sincere eyes. Even though she was completely made of concrete, she seemed to be filled with a calm and gentle soul. Perfectly displayed, it can be added with a few blooms for a fresh and cheerful garden design. This would make a great garden decoration option for anyone who loves elephants. Elephant garden sculpture from homebnc.

Hanging Baskets

Summer garden decor ideas also include hanging baskets of flowers. Hanging baskets provide a lovely way to feature a few favorite flowers. If you are gardening in a formal setting, then consider adding a wreath to your basket. Another idea would be to make an abstract centerpiece out of a bunch of moss-covered stones. Allow your imagination to run wild with the possibilities.


Looking for a fun and creative way to show lots of colors in your summer garden? Adding a hanging basket and topping it with some blooms will give you the opportunity to color it exactly where you want it, plus highlight specific plants. You can hang these baskets on a garden fence so it will create a stylish garden that will grab the attention of many. Hanging basket on the fence from hgtv.


Adding a hanging basket equipped with several blooming flowers will give your summer garden a more stylish decoration and will steal the attention of many people. You can hang it from a tree for attractive garden decoration for you to try. Combining with some other green plants will give your garden a cooler and fresher look. Hanging basket with blooming flowers from hgtv.

Water Features

To make your summer garden decor ideas come to life, not only focus on plants but also can add a feature that can freshen up your garden. For example, you can create a water feature. This idea is perfect for creating a “feel” of air and relaxation. You can make a mini fountain in your garden. Of course, if you want a more tropical feel you might want to add a palm tree, or maybe a palm tree with flowers. There are so many great options for summer garden decor ideas.


Perfect for your patio or backyard, this wooden fountain is fitted with plastic so it can withstand moisture or mold build-up. With this idea, you will have an interesting garden decoration for you to try. You can mix it with some greenery and blooming flowers for a fresh summer garden design. Wooden barrel water fountain from countryliving.


Adding a water feature in the form of a bird bath will create an attractive garden for you to try so that it will attract people’s attention. This fountain can be turned on or off at the touch of a button. It also operates on solar power: one full day of the sun equals six hours of battery life. Equipped with some green plants and blooming flowers, it will make your garden fresher and more cheerful. Bird bath water fountain from countryliving.

Your summer garden decor ideas should really highlight your favorite summertime activities. You want to bring these to the forefront in order to really make your garden the focal point of your yard. By doing this, you can add serenity and peace to your yard. These decorations make your backyard a haven that you can escape and relax in.