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Shabby Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas for A Coziest and Vintage Nuance

The shabby chic style of decorating your home is becoming popular with every interior decorator. This is because the vintage look lends a feeling of comfort and coziness to any room. You will get a cozy feel when you are decorating your home with shabby chic style. Many people love this kind of decor and have incorporated it into their bedroom decor. There are many things that you should keep in mind when you are thinking of shabby chic bedroom decorating ideas. These are easy-to-follow decoration ideas that will help you create a beautiful country feel in your bedroom.

Color Scheme Ideas

One of the most important things that you need to consider when you are looking for shabby chic bedroom decorating ideas is color. White is always a great color to bring an airy feel. But if you want a color scheme that not boredom, you can choose between warm pastels like pink and blue, soft greens, light browns, or any shade in between. This will make your bedroom a very pleasant and cozy space to relax and unwind in. When you are thinking of making your shabby chic bedrooms inviting and a comfortable place to sleep, then you should choose colors that make you feel good.


Level up your vintage bedroom look with a soft pastel green color scheme for a cozy and inviting room decor idea. Using these easy-to-recycle window ornaments adds a stunning look to the room. Complete with vintage-style fabrics, this will make an interesting room decoration for you to try. A white bedding set will provide the perfect contrast. Green pastel color scheme from homebnc.


When decorating your shabby chic bedroom, using a pastel blue color scheme will add a warm and calm impression to this room. Some white furniture and some floral decorations are not a bad idea. This vintage frame is the perfect complement to any fresh fabric or flower arrangement. For a simple look, use white paint and white flower arrangements, then add a cozy quote to add to the comfort factor. Pastel blue color scheme from homebnc.


Choosing shades of brown on this oak wall will give a warm and cozy feel to your vintage bedroom. This will make your bedroom a very pleasant and comfortable space to relax and unwind. Add this canopy over your bed for a soft and romantic feel, or make a lovely addition to a nursery or girl’s room. Adding fairy lights will give a soft lighting effect. Oak wooden wall from homebnc.

Antique Items

Another way of livening up your bedroom design is by adding antiques. You can find so many antiques, which will blend beautifully with your shabby chic bedroom design. One of the most popular antique pieces is an old lace front chair that is cut in a unique shape. You can find this type of chair in almost every bedroom design. Other popular antiques include a bedroom set made from distressed furniture, vintage dressing tables, and an old suitcase for the side table.


An all-white room with accents of distressed wood combines the simplicity and rustic charm of shabby chic style. Applying vintage accents to this vintage wrought iron bed gives a unique look for you to try. Use a combination of white wood slats and lace draping as a backdrop for your bed. Hang a beautiful white and crystal chandelier, and place a wooden bench at the end of the bed to complete the look. Vintage wrought iron bed from homebnc.


Turn your vintage suitcase set into a unique bedside table. Complete with a few pink crystal accents from the suitcase pull for a touch of glamour. Cover the suitcase with lace napkins, a beautiful crystal chandelier with a pink lampshade, and a simple vase with flowers to enhance the elegance of the design. Decorations like this will create an interesting look for you to try in your vintage bedroom. Vintage suitcase bedside from homebnc.


Adding this vintage bedside table can serve as an end table, desk, and antique decoration. Stressed legs and pretty green color with floral accents give the table vintage and elegant look. Decorate the table with pretty items featuring floral designs to complete the look. Completed with several other vintage ornaments, it will make your room decor more stylish and steal the attention of many people. Vintage night table and desk from homebnc.

Installing Rugs

To complete the coziness in your bedroom decor, you can also use rugs in your bedroom design. Rugs are perfect for livening up the spaces, and they are also very practical. To present the shabby chic vibe, you can find rugs with a distressed finish that give a worn or cedar look.


Adding this vintage patterned rug will make your room decor warmer and give the impression of being worn or cedar. Combined with the white brick color scheme, this gives an interesting room decoration for you to try. Complete with this antique painted bed frame as the centerpiece of your shabby bedroom. Paint the frame this dusty blue or choose an accent color to match your existing décor. Vintage patterned rug from homebnc.


In this vintage bedroom, it is equipped with a black and white carpet with a chevron pattern to get a warm and comfortable decoration of the room on your feet. This white color scheme with a wooden beam ceiling gives the room a bright and airy look. This wooden bedside table adds a vintage touch to this decor. Black and white carpet chevron pattern from housebeautiful.


Large rugs throughout this room will create a warm and cozy space. Choosing muted colors will make your room calmer. This gray color scheme and some white furniture balance your vintage bedroom decor. Large rug on vintage bedroom from thespruce.

Adding Throw Pillows

One of the simple idea to decorate your bedroom in a shabby chic style is by placing some throw pillows. You can find shabby chic decor accessories like throw pillows. The floral print can be your option to strengthen the feminine touch that identical to the shabby chic decoration. Throw pillows make the bed cozy and inviting. You can have soft throw pillows if you are going for a more feminine touch.


Take a break with a romantic touch in your bedroom. Add a floral pattern to the pillows and update the vintage setting with this sleek and stylish four-poster bed. Hang a modern floral wallpaper and choose some pretty floral accessories in similar shades. Pair your pretty items with distressed enamel furniture and lighting for a shabby-chic contemporary look. Floral pattern pillows and wallpaper from idealhome.


Creating a classic look by using floral patterned pillows and this matching blanket creates an interesting room decor for you to try. This wall decoration in the form of a flower painting will give color to your vintage bedroom. Floral pattern pillow from idealhome.


Floral patterns are an excellent choice for using patterns for a shabby chic room. They are uniquely adorable and come in a variety of different colors. This decoration would make it perfect for adding something different but essential to a shabby chic room. Pillows and floral blankets will make any room decor stylish and unique. Floral patterns pillow and blanket from trendir.

Lace Accents

Another thing that you can do is use lace and vintage fabrics to create your shabby chic bedroom interior. To create a relaxing and comfortable bedroom, you can use a shabby chic comforter in a country style that is embellished with lace accents. You can also use a lace bed skirt for an elegant look. To complete the look, you can hang vintage French lace curtains to give your room a sweet and charming feel.


This shabby chic decor has many uses for white. White feels fresh and clean while still making a splash and allows you to work with many other colors. This lace bed sheet will provide the perfect room decoration so that it will steal the attention of many people. Shabby chic bedroom decor from trendir.


Using this lace bed sheet will make the room decoration look shabby. This lace curtain will make a perfect room decoration and will catch the attention of many people. The distressed wood elements combine the simplicity of rustic decor while still having unique elements that give it something unique. Combine pastels and a dash of white to create a sleek palette that gives you more than enough room to work in stressed wood elements. Lace bed sheet from trendir.


This vintage bedroom is equipped with lace accents on your bedsheets. Equipped with a white bedsheet, this will make your room decor look comfortable and inviting. Don’t forget to add vintage accents to the wall decor in the form of shutters and wreaths to provide the perfect focal point. White lace bed sheets from forcreativejuice.

These are some ideas of shabby chic styles for the coziest and vintage bedroom decor. If you are obsessing over the cozy feel and antique things, the shabby chic style is suitable for you. Go with it!