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27 Refreshing Dining Room Decor Ideas

As one of the important rooms for every home, the dining room must be decorated very well. It is not only a place to eat but also a place to gather and have a deep talk. So, having a comfortable and inviting dining room decor is very important to do.

If you feel that your dining room has a boring or unattractive atmosphere, this is the right time for you to redecorate by giving it a refreshing touch. This is not so difficult to do if you know how to do. Below, we have some ideas for refreshing dining room decor ideas. Let’s check it out.

Use Yellow Color Shades

Adding yellow to a dining room is an exciting way to add color to the space without going overboard. Yellow brings warmth and cheer to a dull interior. With its wide range of shades, yellow can bring a fresh look to even the most neutral of rooms. It’s the perfect color to introduce into your dining room. The key is to use your imagination to choose the perfect shade and not overdo it. However, you may be nervous if you’ve never done this before and are afraid of going overboard. Regardless of your fear, you’ll be glad you did it once you’ve mastered the art of decorating with yellow.


This classic dining room decoration, which is dominated by yellow, looks brighter and unique. Start using this color on wall molding paint and satin curtains that are very tall. The shiny wood dining table set is a very appropriate choice of furniture and can be a color combination that can work well together in one room. Yellow classic dining room from homestratosphere.


The walls of the dining room, which are dominated by yellow, are one of the best bold paint choices to optimally brighten the room during the day. Now you can combine it with a stainless steel chair without a pattern and a graphic rug that is perfected with a splash of black and white. Yellow living room wall paint with stainless steel chairs from homestratosphere.


If you want to have a brighter dining room decor, then you can apply yellow wall paint to the walls. Furthermore, as a color balancer, you can use a white ceiling and dining table set made of wood without being repainted, just re-polish it for a more shiny and new look. Yellow dining room wall paint from homestratosphere.


The yellow splash on this wall paint can be perfected with an iron chandelier that has the same color so that your dining room decoration looks more charming and of course it can also be perfected with a large mirror that is installed on an empty wall. A wooden dining table with a round shape becomes an elegant room decoration design. Yellow iron wall and chandelier paint from homestratosphere.


You don’t have to paint all your walls yellow, you can paint some walls plain white. These two colors are a blend of colors that can blend perfectly, then you can use dining table sets and rugs with darker colors such as jet black. Combination of yellow wall paint with white paint from homestratosphere.

Changing a Dining Table Set

Changing your table’s color is an easy way to add a new look to your dining room. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles, from golden to deep orangey yellow. You can also try to use white dining table to achieve a bright look. If you want look more natural and warm, a natural wood also suitable to refresh your dining room. You can even get more creative by incorporating bright dining chairs into your space. And don’t worry about matching your table with the rest of your room. You can mix and match styles and add color to a dining room without making it look like an afterthought.


This wooden dining table design which is repainted with a glossy black color is a modern piece of furniture that can be copied. Try combining it with a formal chair with neat tartan print pillows, chair legs and wooden chair backs that are painted in orange to look more contrast and create a more festive atmosphere. Black matte dining table from goodhousekeeping.


To complete your minimalist modern dining room decor, try using a dining table with white marble as the main material. To save more floor space, you can use a sweet round table shape, surround this table with a soft chair equipped with iron legs so that it is more sturdy and not easily chipped. Round marble dining table from goodhousekeeping.


Choose and use a dining table set according to the style and feel of the room so that it can blend in perfectly, for example, when you have a modern-style dining room with navy blue walls, you can use a dining table with a red color and choose this table with concrete material that has a larger surface. Smooth and sturdy of course. This dark color brings a masculine style that never goes out of style. Masculine dark dining table from goodhousekeeping.


When you use chairs and rugs with a few splashes of bright colors like pink and blue, then for the selection of the dining table you should use teak wood that has been re-polished so that it looks cleaner, smoother and of course maintains its natural color. White wall paint to balance the color of the room. Teak wood dining table from goodhousekeeping.


Adjust the use of the color of your dining table with the decoration of the dining room to make it more harmonious and elegant. White is the best neutral color choice that you can try, now you can try to combine it with the use of bright yellow velvet chairs as bold furniture that makes the room feel more colorful. Neutral color wooden dining table from goodhousekeeping.

Beachy Feels

Keeping a beachy feel in the dining area is a great way to add a casual vibe to the space. You can make your dining area a conversation piece with framed travel photos and other art. In this case, adding nautical accents to a dining room is a great way to add a more casual atmosphere.


Take advantage of the empty wall space to hang canvas paintings that have an underwater theme, usually these wall paintings are used in beach-style dining room decorations. Repaint your dining chair with white color to emphasize the beach style that is protected from very flashy splashes of color. Hanging beach painting from curatedinterior.


Blue is one of the colors that is suitable for decorating a beach-style dining room, now you can apply it through the use of dining chairs combined with a round dining table without re-polishing. Not only on the chairs but you can use blue on the dangling curtain design. Blue dining chairs and curtains from curatedinterior.


Not only using blue to be made as a characteristic of beach dining room decorations, another way you can do is hang starfish ornaments on both sides of the dresser with a distance that is not too far away, not only starfish but you can also hang paddles wood that has been painted in a bright blue color. Starfish ornament and wooden paddle from curatedinterior.


The nuance of this beach-themed white dining room is more suitable to be combined with other interiors of any color, including the use of chairs with green cushions and a list of blue curtains. Jute rug is the best choice that fits this style that you can use to coat the surface of your wooden floor, then place a flower pot on the dining table as a beautiful and fragrant decoration. White nuances beach themed dining room from curatedinterior.


The design of the dining chair, which is equipped with a coral-shaped backrest, is one of the furniture that is suitable to be placed in the decoration of the beach-themed dining room this year. To add another color, you can use several orange paintings with the same frame and color. Dining chair with a coral-shaped backrest from curatedinterior.

Fresh Wallpapers

Changing your dining room’s decor with fresh wallpaper is a great way to add a splash of color. While it’s not a necessity, it can make your dining space feel more lively and spacious. Choose a bold pattern, like a floral, tropical print, etc and keep the furniture as simple and neutral.


One way to decorate your Scandinavian dining room is to coat the walls with colorful floral wallpaper. Now you can combine it with some wooden interiors that are applied through the dining table and chairs. Pendant lamp with a matte colored cage is a very suitable and harmonious lighting idea. Floral wallpapers from housebeautiful.


Choose an abstract patterned wallpaper to please your eco-friendly dining room decor. This pattern has a mix of blue and white, making it suitable for any stylish room including contemporary style. The dining chairs that are used also have a different pattern that adds to the layered texture of the room. Abstract wallpapers from housebeautiful.


An easy way to add character to the dining room decor is to use de Gournay wallpaper which has a beautiful pattern and fits perfectly when combined with a Scandinavian-style interior. With this wallpaper, your dining room will feel more formal and very comfortable to use. Wallpaper de Gournay from housebeautiful.


To enliven the decor of this old dining room, you can install black and white striped wallpaper that gives a third dimension with curtains that have the same pattern and color. Complete this classic wallpaper with a floral chandelier and gold-framed artwork that brings the room to life. Black and white striped wallpaper from housebeautiful.


Don’t let your living room walls be plain and boring, now you can cover them with monochrome swirl wallpaper that can be combined with velvet green chairs and tufted stools made of synthetic leather. Two types of flowers placed on the dining table become a fragrant and refreshing room decoration. Monochrome swirl wallpaper from housebeautiful.


Choose and use wallpaper according to your dining room decor style, the stripes pattern is a neutral wallpaper design and can be applied to any room in any style. Now you can choose a striped pattern with a mix of green and white to complement and give a classic-style dining room texture. Striped white and green wallpaper from veranda.


This garden vibes wallpaper is dominated by green which is very suitable to be tried in a modern classic dining room decoration. The tablecloth with tassel accents and the floral-patterned cushion dining chair also accentuate this style. Next you can use a wooden dresser as a closed storage idea that is safer from dirt and dust. Garden vibes wallpaper from veranda.

Vibrant Tablecloth

One of the easiest way to refresh and add vibrant to your dining room is to change the tablecloth with a bold color, colorful, or patterned one. It will instantly brighten up your eating space, create a pop of color, and make it more inviting.


To enliven the wooden dining table in your modern dining room decor, cover it with a cotton cloth tablecloth that has a splash of bold color like dark blue. Then you can decorate it with a transparent glass vase filled with colorful blooming roses for a more beautiful and elegant look. Bold color tablecloth from goodhousekeeping.


This quilted square tablecloth design has a splash of more contrasting color, namely a combination of blue and red. They will work well together to coat your dining table to make it look more polite and elegant. In addition, the greenery centerpiece is a decoration that is suitable for use to welcome winter this year. Plaid pattern quilted tablecloth from goodhousekeeping.


An easy way to bring a modern French country feel to your dining room decor is to use a colorful floral patterned tablecloth. This tablecloth design has a size large enough so that it can cover the entire table surface as well as the table legs thoroughly. You can easily combine it with a pattern less white dining chair with sturdy wooden legs. Colorful floral tablecloth from goodhousekeeping.


Match the color of your tablecloth with the dining chair to make it more harmonious and look more harmonious. Green is one of the classic color choices that you can try, usually this classic dining room decoration is equipped with a wooden table surrounded by rattan chairs that have been re-polished so that it looks more shiny when exposed to the sun or lights. Green tablecloth that has the same color as the dining chair from decoist.


If you have leftover space in the kitchen decoration, you should use it for a small dining room decoration which is equipped with a round table and two rattan dining chairs. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also coat the table surface with a patterned tablecloth on a plain white background so that it looks more contrasting. Patterned tablecloth with white background from decoist.

You have many ways and aspects to refresh your dining room. With the ideas above, at least it can give some inspiration for you. And it will make your mealtime more enjoyable.

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