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28 Red and White Christmas Decor Ideas to Look Festive

If you are tired of the traditional blue-and-white combination, you can easily incorporate red and white Christmas decorations into your holiday decor. In addition to their timeless appeal, red and white complement one another perfectly, making it an ideal color combination for Christmas decorations. From ornaments to berry garlands, red, and off-white accents can help you create a cozy holiday feel in any room. You can also use these colors to dress up your dining table linens and anything else.

Red and White Christmas Tree

Using red and white theme on your Christmas tree will make it look even more festive. This design makes a Christmas tree stand out and highlights the beautiful red baubles. Such as Christmas balls, red and white ribbons. You can also add candy canes to your Christmas tree, which are traditionally used for holiday decorations.


The pine tree greenery that is placed in the corner of the living room is decorated with Christmas ornaments which are dominated by red and white colors. These ornaments include Christmas balls, candy canes and a series of neatly wrapped white pearls. This Christmas tree is large enough so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. Pine tree greenery with red and white ornaments from shelterness.


The red and white ribbon wrapped around the Christmas tree is an ornament that is very easy to find at the nearest craft store. In addition to ribbons, you can also add string light accents as lighting ideas that can be applied easily, these lights also make your Christmas tree look brighter at night. Combination of red and white ribbon with string light from shelterness.


The frosted pine leaf design that is used as the main ingredient of this Christmas tree is a brilliant idea that you can try to perfect your living room decoration. When the frosted pine leaves have a white color, then you can then add other ornaments such as red berries and some Christmas gifts which are neatly and orderly placed underneath. Frosted pine leaves with red berries ornament from shelterness.


Not only are your red and white Christmas trees placed in the living room decoration, now you can place them in the stairwell area as a different view and can be seen by anyone who passes on these stairs. The red color on this Christmas tree can be applied through the use of ball ornaments, while the white color can be tried on frosted pine leaves. Ribbons are the finishing touch that can be placed on top of the pine tree. Red Christmas balls with white frosted pine leaves from shelterness.


Don’t let your Christmas tree greenery decorations appear plain, you can decorate it with glitter ribbons that have red and white colors. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also hang white snowflakes as additional ornaments that you can make yourself from cardboard with a thicker and stiffer surface. White snowflake with red glitter ribbon from shelterness.

Festive Dining Room

For a more modern, festive look, you can also use red and white to decorate your dining room. If you are worried about the red-and-white Christmas decor scheme clashing with your taste, you can use red and white themed dishes and placemats. This is will look great on the dining table. You can also complete it with a red wreath to make it brighter.


This red and white napkin that has a heart shape is a brilliant idea that can be applied to Christmas dining room decorations. This red and white color can also be applied to the use of several small ornaments such as deer, small gifts and a miniature Christmas tree placed on a white ceramic plate. Red and white heart shape napkin from digsdigs.


This red table runner with a snowflake pattern is one of the table decorations that can be applied on Christmas Day. For a splash of white color, you can apply it to a napkin tied with red berries so that it looks more natural. The combination of pinecones with a glass bowl vase is a centerpiece decoration that can work well together. Red table runner with white napkin from digsdigs.


Choose and use a plaid tablecloth that has a combination of red and white so that it can be applied perfectly in a Christmas dining room decoration. In addition to the tablecloth, you can also apply the same color and pattern to the seat cushions for a more comfortable and softer sitting area. You can try this pattern easily. Plaid tablecloth red and white from digsdigs.


This wooden dining table decoration which is dominated by red and white colors is suitable to be applied in the decoration of the Christmas dining room this year. Red candlesticks, white table runners with cotton cloth and red and white ribbons are a combination of table decorations that can work well together. Next, add a reindeer statue to emphasize the Christmas decorations. Red and white Christmas dining table decorations from digsdigs.


The combination of red and white is not only applied to the dining table, but you can also try it through the use of wall paint and hanging lamps that have snowflake and star shapes. These two colors make a good color combination and are perfect for welcoming Christmas this year. Hanging snowflake lights and stars in red and white from digsdigs.


If your wooden table has been painted white, then you can complete it with red napkins that are applied evenly on the dining table neatly. These two colors are one of the characteristics of the Christmas dining room decoration. Cover the wooden bench with a faux fur blanket for a softer, more cushioned sitting surface. Red flower wreath is an additional decoration that adds color to the room. White wooden table with red napkins from digsdigs.

Apply it To The Living Room

A red and white Christmas decor for the living room will be the perfect decoration to create a festive look. In addition placing a Christmas tree, you can use some red throw pillows that will blend well with your white sofa. You can complete with some seasonal ornament or red candle holder to gain the festive vibe.


The most favorite Christmas living room decorations this year are shades of red and white. Now you can apply white to the chairs, faux fur throw pillows, carpet and wall paint. While the red color can be tried on the blanket alone as a color combination that emphasizes the Christmas theme in this room. Instead of using a coffee table by placing a large Christmas tree on both sides of the chair. Living room in white shades with red blanket from shelterness.


If you want to use red and white to decorate your living room, then you can dominate the room with white to help your small living room look cleaner and more spacious. Next for the red color, you can try it on the Christmas tree section and some of the ribbon ornaments that are on some Christmas gifts that have been neatly arranged under this Christmas tree. Christmas living room dominated by white from shelterness.


Sofas, blankets, rugs and wall paints that have a white color harmony really support a limited-sized living room decoration. Combine this color with the red color that is in some of the Christmas gifts neatly placed under the Christmas tree. This gift is a decoration as well as a fun gift for children who come to your home. White living room interior with red Christmas gift from shelterness.


No need to use too much red splashes in your living room decoration, you can simply use this color on the blanket and some red lists on the floor pillow pattern, Christmas socks and red ribbons that are used as glass window decorations. You can dominate this room with just white so that it looks spacious and open. Blanket and red ribbon from shelterness.


This white sofa, which is equipped with several patterns of red and white pillows, complements the color of the room which is one of the characteristics of a Christmas-themed room decoration style. Welcoming Christmas this year festively, you can add some greenery Christmas trees that can be placed in any area as long as it looks organized and not messy. White sofa with red and white throw pillows from shelterness.


This polka dot throw pillow has a mix of red and white colors that match the feel of your room so it doesn’t spoil the color scheme of this living room. It’s not enough to get here, to emphasize the Christmas style in this room, you can put a frosted Christmas tree right next to the fireplace as a decoration as well as a creative craft that can be done together with your family to welcome Christmas with joy. Polka dot red and white throw pillow from shelterness.

Being Festive in Your Bedroom

You can also apply red and white themed Christmas decor to your bedroom. Red pillows and plaid blanket in red and white are enough to make your bedroom looks festive and bright. If you need more festive, you use red berries to decorate your headboard. In addition to create a warm nuance, a candle inside the red lantern can also complement the red and white Christmas decorations.


You can try a plaid pattern on several pillows as well as blankets to bring a Christmas feel to your bedroom decor, don’t forget to use red and white fabrics as your favorite colors that are usually used on Christmas. This wooden headboard that is repainted in white can be decorated with red berries ornaments that are easy to find in craft stores around your home at a price that is not too expensive. Plaid white and red pillowcase from curatedinterior.


If you already use plain white bedding, then the next idea you can do is to use red and white pillowcases with a plaid pattern that can be placed neatly on the mattress. Not only that, but you can also decorate the headboard with a greenery garland that can be made easily and on a budget. Red and white pillow with greenery garland from curatedinterior.


Match the colors and patterns of bedding with pillowcases for a festive Christmas bedroom decor. Plaid patterns are the best choice as well as a very favorite among Christmas. Then you can decorate the empty wall with a Christmas sign and two festive wreaths. Pillows and bedding that match colors and patterns from curatedinterior.


Red and white are a favorite color combination that is often used in a Christmas themed bedroom. Now you can try two different colors on your pillows and bedding, use red and white in a balanced way, then you can use some greenery Christmas decorations such as garlands and mini Christmas trees. The floating wooden shelves in this room can be used to put some small Christmas decorations like reindeer. Red and white pillow with greenery Christmas decoration from curatedinterior.


Plaid bedding and clear sarongs in this bedroom decor have a combination of red and white colors that can blend perfectly in a room. The series of greenery and red berries garland can be used as window decorations that are easy to make, while for the nightstand area you can put a mini Christmas tree with fresh greenery ingredients. Plaid bedding and pillowcases red and white from curatedinterior.

To Dress Up the Fireplace

There is nothing more joy than spend your time in front of fireplace during the winter and when Christmas is come. It would be memorable if you can dress up your fireplace with a nice look. Red and white themed Christmas decor can be your great option. The white fireplace that decorated with red stockings, red ribbons, and red snowflake ornaments are so wonderful. It can give a pop of color to your fireplace area. You can add a natural garland to give another color.


When you decide to use a white Christmas fireplace, it’s a good idea to decorate it with red flowers applied to pots and flower frames placed on top of the mantle. Place these flower pots on both sides of the fireplace not too far apart. These red flowers look more radiant and very lush. White Christmas fireplace with red flower decoration from christmas.snydle.


Turn your Christmas fireplace decor into a perfect one by displaying holiday magic. This set of red and white socks on the fireplace is complemented by an antique sleigh placed right in front of it. Miniature red and white pine trees in the mantel area also make for an easy-to-obtain embellishment. Christmas fireplace with a set of red and white socks from christmas.snydle.


This white-dominated fireplace will make a big statement when you sprinkle red to match the Christmas theme this year. This white fireplace is decorated with several Christmas ornaments such as wreaths, candles and Christmas socks. Choose this ornament with a bright red color to make it look more contrast. Christmas fireplace statement from christmas.snydle.


Snow socks that have a combination of red and white are a favorite decoration that are suitable for welcoming Christmas, another red color that you can apply in this fireplace area is a small bench that can be used to warm the body when the room temperature starts to feel cold. Snow socks with a combination of red and white from goodhousekeeping.


To create a more unique and different Christmas fireplace appearance, you can combine white and red splashes. This color creates Christmas art that becomes an important part of welcoming your guests through the use of Christmas fireplace decorations. Socks and cloth buffalos which are dominated by red are decorations that you can use. Combination of red socks and buffalos from twotwentyone.


The bright idea of decorating a Christmas fireplace this year can be holiday decorations more festively, for example, installing some red and white Christmas decorations to show off. Red ribbons, white ceramic vases filled with red berries and greenery wreath that hang right above the fireplace. Red and white Christmas ornaments for fireplace decoration from ablissfulnest.

The use of red and white Christmas decor is the best way to look festive. The combination of red and white is very elegant and will give your home a cosy and cozy feel. It is also a great color combination for the holidays and can be applied in different areas of your home.

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