Usually an apartment or condominium has a loft that can be used for bedroom, home office, and bathroom. This building is only 45 square meters but has amazing furniture that will make us swoon. The architect creates this apartment for a simple life but comfy. For the one who love to stay at apartment with limited space, copy this idea.

It is not easy to style a small apartment for flexible space. When the weather starts to cool, we need a house, apartment, or condo that will give us warm feel. Afterwards, at summer we wish to have a home that makes us feel fresh and calm. So, we need to consider installing flexible furniture items and or applying apartment design.

When usually bathroom is made of tile or granite, here we have concrete bathroom designs. Concrete is lees price than other materials. Further, it comes with warmth to create more welcoming bathroom look. Concrete bathroom doesn’t mean that should be combined with traditional furniture, you can work with modern bathroom stuffs too.

Even if you only have small balcony, take advantage of it. Install folding furniture to make more useful. It will be nice to take breakfast at this area with wonderful view. Install folding table for tiny balcony. If you are lucky with larger balcony, add wooden and or metal seating.

An apartment that located by the sea is the most comfortable place to spend holiday. Or, if you love coastal area, you can stay at this. Consider to buy massive apartment rather than the tiny one if you have enough money. Due to seaside area has wonderful scenery, it will be better for you to design it with 360 degrees view.

Mid-century house still adorable and it seems timeless design that will never go out of style. But, don’t think that mid-century house is always filled with black and white color. You are free to install vibrant colors as well. It will not break up the design. Furthermore, you will gain more personal house building. Then, get cozy and comfy home.

Turquoise becomes a great trend that will make our home looks gorgeous. Nowadays, turquoise hue can be combined with any colors. Adding turquoise touch for a room create a fresh and clean look. If this color applied on walls and or ceiling, we will gain serene and happy mood.

When you already feel bored with your bedroom look, try to upgrade its appearance. If you don’t have any time to paint the wall, change flooring style, or install new furniture, you can take a look at your drapes. You can replace your current drapes with the printed one. Then, consider your bedroom decoration to match with the printed drapes you want.

Getting small kitchen area might be frustrating. Further if you dream to have breakfast nook on it. Since the room is tiny, you need to be able to use every inch of kitchen space. Why don’t you try to build eating space that near the window? It is an essential idea that will not only save the space but also budget. See these following ideas;

To design a beach home, you need to consider about the material used that usually uses wood and stone. After that, most of beachy home applies blue, white, and neutral color to remind us about the beauty of sea. Further, it comes with neutral tone which is fresh and clean. Like this house with amazing rooms inside.