This Contemporary Apartment Designed For A Single Man

A man usually lives in an apartment alone. However, he sometimes asks her friend to come as well. Though this apartment done in a small area but the owner gets what he needs. There is a sleeping area and an open space with living room, dining room, kitchen, a place to smoke.


Pay attention to this spot which you can see a kitchen with white cabinet and stainless steel countertop. It has wooden feature also for the upper part. Grey tile wall and backsplash come to ensure modern style. We can see a door that leads us to bathroom too. Besides it, there is a cool bedroom.


Well, this space perfectly shows us the area for smoking. The glass windows let the owner to see the urban view outside. Look at the ceiling that is done with concrete look like.  The living space is located right in front of the bedroom.


This is a cool living space designed with stunning furniture items. See the grey sofa that works well with round metal railings table. A geometric area rug completes this area. Then, this spot also has industrial touch form the application of lighting fixtures on the beams and exposed bricks wall.


The bedroom is done with room divider that can be opened and closed anytime the owner needs. It has a simple bed with white and black pillows. A modern rectangular side table comes to finish this bedroom appearance. Then, there are beautiful framed pictures that awesome.


Have talked about the entryway? See this picture with red brick wall that real inviting. With a hanging storage, a bench, and potted greenery, this area looks fresh and more welcoming. White marble tile is the best flooring style for attaining brighter look.


Look at the bathroom that is done in minimalist and modern style. The powder room is between the laundry space and shower room. It is done with large mirror on the wall. There is a floating desk for sink with storage underneath. Oh, it is filled with pebbles as well.


The laundry room has two washing machines. With simple towel storage, it doesn’t need large space. it can be used for drying clothes as well.


The shower room applies glass appliance that make this space looks larger. Wooden floor gain this bathroom to feel warm. While grey walls are neutral but elegant.