An Airy Apartment With Industrial Features All Around That Will Change Your Mind

Industrial apartment means there are various industrial features all around the loft. It can be from the furniture, accents, or the building itself. Most of it has pipe, wire, and or metal materials. Not everyone loves industrial apartment style. If you are one of them, you may change your mind after seeing this fabulous industrial apartment. Check out!


An open plan living space is a huge trend for apartment that allows us to see other rooms. Like this apartment which let us find easily the kitchen, dining room, and home office nook that are in one space. However, it doesn’t look too crowded at all.


For the living space, the designer applies industrial lighting fixtures that work well with white color wall. There is a white cabinet with floating desk for home office nook. It has blue sofa with three different tables. Even, it has vertical bookshelves too.


The kitchen is filled with black cabinet and black kitchen island, even it has black stools. This elegant cooking space looks sleek and clean with marble tile countertop. The industrial lighting fixtures that painted in white color are awesome.


Seeing form the dining room, we will find a space with white seating that blends with white color wall. With clean lines and high ceilings, the natural light comes easily to make this room bight an airy. Even, it has green plants at windowsills that break up.


We can see artistic features on the wall of this bedroom.  Unique mirrors after it looks sophisticated. The bedroom is minimalist but truly enchanting. There is a comfy chair for seating area that can be used for reading nook.


Then, the bathroom is done in white and black hues. However, a touch of green cupboard spruces it up. It has different patterned tiles that combined well as a nice flooring style. A rectangular mirror reflects the light for brighter look.


The shower room is done with white tiles that look like bricks. It uses glass door to look airy too. Then, there is a vertical towel storage hung on the wall. The vanity with white tile looks bright and clean. This is a simple bathroom which doesn’t require large space.


So, what about the mudroom? It has white color wall and wooden floor as like as other rooms. What makes it looks cute is the use of circular hooks that also function as wall decor. It has more storage to save your bikes and shoes.