A House For Young Family With Geometric Architecture And Minimalist Interiors

It will be fun to plan how’s our family will be. Young couple will think over about children and or other things like vehicles, furniture items, and soon. Consider to have a big house if we suppose to have a big family with more than two kids. Let us take a look at this home design that build for young family below!


Look at the façade of this house that show us some geometric shapes and lines. Even it gives glimpse of the interior design through the glass doors and windows. The front yard has concrete steps. The use of black hue for lower part is awesome.


 From the outside, there is a glass that shows glimpses of this house interior design. We can see concrete tile, a sink, and pool. It appears in modern touch that looks simple, clean, and sleek, and bright as well.


As an open layout design is still huge trend nowadays. So this house provides living room, dining room, and kitchen in one area. It shows us about more welcoming interior design, but not looked too busy.


Here it is the living space which has grey sofa and white round table. A built-in fireplace is there, right under the TV. Wooden wall let us to gain warm condition. White ceiling gives little touch but create big impact for larger look.


This area is where the dining room and kitchen located. The owner wants a dining set with white table and black chairs that look contrast but attractive. Then, the kitchen also with white cabinet and kitchen island. Then, it uses black backsplash.


It doesn’t matter to apply minimalist bedroom for a big house. It is done with artwork on the wall to add artistic values. Neutral color bedding is simple but nice. A round side table completes this bedroom decoration.


The bathroom uses black and white hues to look sleek. Even it has glass window and door to attain more natural light. A big mirror hung on the powder room that reflects the light to have a bright and airy bathroom.


What about the backyard? As we can see the glimpses of pool from the outside, now we can look further at this enclosed swimming pool. The large desk allows us to install other items someday. It can lounge chairs, wire chairs, and soon.