Bedroom Ideas

8 Turquoise Bedroom Ideas That Encourage Serene And Happy Mood

Turquoise becomes a great trend that will make our home looks gorgeous. Nowadays, turquoise hue can be combined with any colors. Adding turquoise touch for a room create a fresh and clean look. If this color applied on walls and or ceiling, we will gain serene and happy mood.

Bedroom With Bright Turquoise


Combine bright turquoise with white will make your room look chic. Paint the bedroom ceiling and walls to gain elegant bedroom look. Then, apply contrast color for bedding style. Dark floor is nice, but you are free to implement bright flooring too.

Adorable Muted Turquoise


Let us see this beautiful bedroom with turquoise touches on the shelves and desks. White walls make the furniture of this room clearly shown. Furthermore, a beautiful chandelier looks awesome hung on the ceiling.

With Pops Of Lighter Turquoise


White bedroom with pops of lighter turquoise gives you a youthful feeling. Combine with pastel color to look calmer. See the sputnik chandelier of this bedroom that also stands out. Even, a turquoise chairs with fur pillows will make you enjoy your free time.

With Hand-Painted Ceiling


This is an adorable bedroom that will blow your mind, boost your mood, and get back your spirit of life. See how turquoise hue turns this bedroom beautifully. For the one who love classy and stunning bedroom look, this is a recommended design.

Modern Glamour Bedroom


The turquoise color takes as major interest of this bedroom. Though it only applied at headboard, two stools, and ceiling, but it looks awesome. Combine with neutral colors like cream, beige, light brown or white.

With Dark Hue Of Turquoise


This dramatic bedroom looks glamour with dark hue of turquoise that combines with light grey. The owner also uses turquoise for bedding that can be seen through the pillows with scheme and headboard.  Then, the drapes and bedroom backdrop are also with turquoise too.

Match With Deep Gray Walls


Even deep gray walls can matched well with turquoise hue too. Like this bedroom with turquoise pillows that appear sophisticated. Then, there are four bold turquoise framed pictures that hung on the wall. Overall, turquoise also works well for this symmetrical style bedroom.

Eye-Candy Color Scheme


This is a pretty cute bedroom with pink and turquoise hues that look like candy. It will be awesome for teen girls to get this design for their room. Add more lamps to keep it bright at day and night.