An Apartment With Gorgerous Wallpapers

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Living in an apartment sometimes can make us bored. For the one who lives in him or her own apartment, renovate it might be the best way. However, if you only rent the apartment, you can change the interior design or add wallpapers. It will look brand new and fresh. Check out this idea!

An Apartment With Gorgerous Wallpapers 1

The front area of apartment done with tropical wallpaper. It has green leaves picture that fill the empty wall. This is a nice appearance with floor-to-ceiling wallpaper. You can change other wallpaper patterns as you like.

An Apartment With Gorgerous Wallpapers 2

As like as the outdoor wall area, this main area also applies tropical wallpapers. The ceiling is done with white color to create balance. Furthermore, it has a cool wooden floor with herringbone patterns. The room looked warm and cozy.

An Apartment With Gorgerous Wallpapers 3

It might become the most favorite spot for mom. A cooking space with modern and minimalist style. The cabinet is done with black wood. Further, the kitchen island comes in contrast with light wood.

An Apartment With Gorgerous Wallpapers 4

Seen here a kitchen with plenty of storage. The cabinet, the kitchen island with drawers, and a built-in open shelving unit to keep fragile items. Two black pendants there give an industrial touch as well. What a cool design!

An Apartment With Gorgerous Wallpapers 5

Then, we see a picture of dining space with wooden seating and black glass table that inviting. Look at the wallpaper here with animal and nature theme is cool. The glass windows make this space airy and bright.

An Apartment With Gorgerous Wallpapers 6

This powder room with beautiful vintage wallpaper is warm. The sink is classic with wooden cover. After that, a rectangular mirror on the wall reflects the light perfectly.

An Apartment With Gorgerous Wallpapers 7

Now, we see the bedroom that done with simple design but nice. White walls, wood floor with herringbone patterns, and a white bedding are comfy. A wooden side table with drawers and hanging lamp over it are charming.

An Apartment With Gorgerous Wallpapers 8

Pay attention to another side of the wall with geometric wallpaper here. It is nice to pair with wooden floor. A mirror stands against the wall is unique accent that great. If you want to enliven your bedroom, just copy this idea.

An Apartment With Gorgerous Wallpapers 9

Here it is another bathroom with white bathtub. Green and black is unexpected but truly cool. This area also appears warm with polished concrete floor. What a gorgeous apartment design, isn’t it?

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