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Top 5 Places Where You Should Always Consider Installing Acrylic Doors & Windows

Gone are the days when homeowners had to stick to wooden and metal doors. A lot has changed in the manufacturing training, and there is a wide range of materials that are used today for doors and windows; there is glass, acrylic, vinyl, and much more. Lately, plexiglass and acrylic doors and windows have been getting quite the attention, and homeowners pick them over the other options for several reasons. For one, the material is light, which makes it easy to install. Plexiglass is also seventeen times stronger than regular glass, making it a durable and safe option to install in homes. The material also allows 90% of the natural light from the sun to enter a room and protects the interior against harmful UV rays. There is much more to benefit.

If you are wondering where you should install plexiglass and acrylic windows and doors in your home, here are some tips for you. 

1. Sliding Doors inside Portico

As you are aware, the porch is the area right in front of a building entrance. And as it would be expected, this is the one area in a home most exposed to the sun. It is perfect for basking, enjoying nature, and getting some fresh air. However, exposure to the sun can be detrimental. You, therefore, need doors and windows for this area that can block the harmful UV rays. 

This way, you can comfortably sit on your porch without worrying about developing skin conditions. Plexiglass doors and windows for your porch will also protect the furniture from the UV rays, causing fading and premature aging.

2. Kids room windows

The kids’ room is yet another place you should consider installing plexiglass and acrylic doors and windows. Kids tend to be playful, and they will constantly be throwing balls and other toys that could break windows. Instead of yelling at them and telling them to stop playing, you should install doors that won’t break no matter how hard they throw a ball. 

Plexiglass is seventeen times stronger than regular glass and shatters resistant. This means that you will never have to incur replacement costs and worry about your kids’ safety. 

3. Acrylic Shower Doors

Wooden and metal shower doors are tricky to install in the shower area. Due to exposure to moisture, they are likely to rot and rust. On the other hand, acrylic is not damaged by humidity, which makes it a more durable option. It is also very easy to maintain; cleaning is effortless and can be done every day after use by just wiping down using a squeegee. 

Acrylic shower doors can also be textured to enhance the bathroom’s privacy and, at the same time, allow adequate light into the area. Acrylic shower doors also shimmer when hit by light, increasing the elegance of the space. 

4. Floor to Ceiling Windows

If you are looking to install floor to ceiling windows, then plexiglass and acrylic would be your best pick. Since they are transparent, they will increase your home’s brightness and make it look more elegant. They are also strong, which makes them safer as they will give burglars a hard time breaking in. Plexiglass can be used for floor to ceiling windows both in the living room and the bedroom. 

This is also a good option since the material is affordable. Note that floor to ceiling windows occupy a large space hence require more materials. This will allow you to have the windows without breaking the bank. 

5. Attic windows

There are tons of benefits that attic windows bring to homes. Having windows in the attic can significantly contribute to a home’s ventilation as they allow proper airflow. They also help in eliminating extreme heat in homes and reducing stuffiness. On top of the functional benefits of attic windows, they help boost the design of a home. 

Acrylic windows in the attic will produce a shimmer that will add to the house’s design and boost the curb appeal. Acrylic attic windows will also capture skylight, which will increase the natural lighting in the home. Acrylic being a strong material will withstand extreme temperatures such as long hours of exposure to sunlight and storms. 

They also increase safety in homes. Note that burglars break into homes through the attic or loft. Strong acrylic windows are hard to break and can, therefore, prevent break-ins.

Take away! 

Acrylic doors and windows are the real deal now. If you have not installed them in your home, you need to consider replacing the windows and doors in the mentioned areas above. Plexiglass can be easily customized to your liking and to meet your interior and curb designs. Get your plexiglass products from a reliable manufacturer and you will enjoy their service for years.