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Best Kitchen Layout Designs to Get The Most Out of Your Kitchen

A kitchen layout plan is very important to get the most out of your kitchen. It gives you a clear idea of how much space you have to work with, and what everything in your kitchen is for. The kitchen layout ideas you decide on will depend on the amount of money you are willing to spend. If you are starting from scratch then you should probably stick to some very simple ideas. However, if you already have a fully equipped kitchen and are looking to add some additional functionality then you may want to think about a few more complex ideas.

Galley Kitchen

The first kitchen layout that you can adopt is a galley kitchen layout. This type of kitchen layout offers a lot of space for cooking, as it has two on each side of the room. This type of kitchen layout offers more working space. This layout is also the most efficient, as more than one person can easily work in these situations. This kitchen layout is suitable if you have a large space in your kitchen.


This galley kitchen makes an attractive indoor decoration and will offer plenty of room for cooking, as it has two spaces on either side of the room. This all-white nuance and counter of natural wood make for the perfect decor. This wooden floor also complements your kitchen and will create a warm impression on the room. Galley kitchen layout from housebeautiful.


This type of kitchen layout offers more workspace. So it will offer plenty of space for cooking. Choose a traditional kitchen design that is equipped with wooden cabinets and gray cabinets for an attractive room appearance. Wood floors and runner rugs are suitable room decorations for you to try. Traditional galley kitchen from housebeautiful.

L-shaped Kitchen

Another kitchen layout idea is the L-shaped layout. L-shaped kitchen layout ideas are very popular for homes where there is limited space for cooking since the majority of the space is taken up by the refrigerator and the sink. In this sort of kitchen, there is an area in the middle that is used for food preparation, as well as for the dishes and anything else that needs to be stored in the kitchen. The middle of the L-shaped kitchen can be lined off with cabinets or shelves, so that cooking, washing dishes, and anything else can be done in an organized manner.


This light and airy atmosphere look like an upscale beach house. This L-shaped kitchen design serves as an elegant space so that it will maximize the space in your kitchen. Adding a kitchen island table with high chairs creates a cozy kitchen. Large windows and hardwood floors add a natural touch to this kitchen decor. A patterned runner rug also complements this kitchen. L-shaped kitchen design from airtasker.


This kitchen design is a perfect example of maximizing the space you have. Choosing this L-shaped kitchen design is the perfect room decoration and will maximize the space in your small kitchen. Using white tones and dark green cabinets gives the room a perfect and inviting decor. A few open wooden shelves will also complement the look of the kitchen. Small L-shaped kitchen from airtasker.

U-shaped Kitchen

U-shaped kitchen layout ideas are one of the most common layouts used in the UK. The main reason behind this is the fact that you can have more counter space without having to add any extra square footage onto your kitchen floor plan. If you have the need to make the most out of your available space, then a u-shaped kitchen is what you should go for. This type of kitchen design layout has three sides. These three sides are not just for food preparation but can actually be used to divide up the kitchen into individual working areas and eating areas.


Opting for a U-shaped layout is one of the most widely used layouts in Great Britain. Apart from maximizing space, you can apply design ideas like this one. Using gray and white cabinets will make your home decor more stylish and have the perfect contrast. Wooden floors and ceilings with wooden beams give the room an attractive design and a rustic feel. U-shaped layout design kitchen ideas from idealhome.


The U-shaped design of the kitchen is worth considering. Because the design that maximizes the space will work well and this type of kitchen has three sides so that it will divide the kitchen into individual work and dining areas. This kitchen design is trending in the UK and will have a stunning appearance. Using this wooden dai cabinet provides the perfect contrast to your white kitchen. U-shaped kitchen design from idealhome.

Triangle Kitchen Layout

Another kitchen layout idea is the work triangle. This kitchen layout idea has a lot of advantages. First of all, the work triangle concept means that there is plenty of counter and cupboard space available for use. The appliances are close together, meaning that it is easier to work in an organized fashion. This type of kitchen layout idea works particularly well with an open floor plan. With an open floor plan, the kitchen can be designed so that you have more room to move around.


This triangular kitchen layout idea provides an interesting look for your cooking space. The equipment is close together so that it will make the kitchen design easier for you to pick it up. With an open floor plan, the kitchen can be designed so that you have more space to move around. Using this classic ivory-colored cabinet will give the room an attractive appearance and has the perfect contrast. Triangular kitchen layout from hgtv.


When designing a kitchen remodel or a new building, it can be difficult to juggle all the design concepts and have them work together. Choosing a kitchen design, a kitchen triangle layout is one of the shortcuts that have been used. Applying the concept of a triangle kitchen design means that you have automatically solved various complex kitchen design problems. Triangle kitchen layout from thespruce.

Single-Line Kitchen

If you’re tired of the chaos and mishaps associated with multi-level kitchens, single-line kitchen layouts are perfect for your home. This type of layout is so named because has one “level” has only a single purpose, which is generally a sink, a countertop, cabinets that are along one wall. This kitchen layout is a favorite design for small houses or condos. Compared to other kitchen layout designs, this design is less expensive because it is smaller. You can choose this kitchen layout if you need a simple and practical kitchen design.


This minimalist kitchen has a single-line design for the perfect room design and will give a modern look to the room. This single-row cabinet design has a unique space so you can add a refrigerator in one row too. Choosing a cabinet in oak and white provides the perfect decoration for the room. A patterned tile backsplash complements the decor. Minimalist kitchen single-line from home-designing.


Having a single-line kitchen design has a stunning space design and will have the perfect room decor. This kitchen layout is a favorite design for a home or small condo. Using this patterned tile backsplash will provide the perfect decoration of the room thus becoming the focal point of the room. The lighting under this cabinet will provide the perfect illumination. Single-line kitchen design from home-designing.

When you have the right kitchen layout that fits your kitchen size, you will have a pleasant cooking space to work with. According to these kitchen layout ideas, you can choose one that suitable for your kitchen size and your needs.

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