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Top 5 Window Treatment Tips for an Outstanding Focal Point

The window is one of the most important parts of a house as a good source of light and airflow. Also, windows give us direct and integral feelings of comfort. Enhance the aesthetic of the whole room by making it an outstanding focal point. Here are the top five window treatment tips that will work in every room.

Sheer Curtains for Airy Rooms

Sheer curtains are easy to find and the least expensive option that provides privacy, especially in the daytime without over-blocking the light. They allow the maximum amount of sunlight into the room and create an airy look. You can pair sheer curtains with shades or blinds for the best privacy.

You will enjoy several advantages of choosing sheer curtains. Its main purpose is to filter light, add elegance, and add a pop of color or texture among other embroidered curtains.

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Light filtering helps reduce harsh lighting in your home. The added elegance comes from its light and airy nature.

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You can see through the sheer curtain to some extent. You won’t be able to see the details through them, but you can see the silhouette.
Thin layers are great for rooms that need lots of natural light but also privacy. You also have the ability to add drapes and blinds to the windows for a layered look where you want to bring color and pattern into the room.
The beauty of sheers is that they allow you to block out nosy neighbors without blocking natural light. The lightweight material is woven finely to offer privacy where you need it.
Dress up your patio, deck or veranda with light elegant curtains that add shade without blocking out too much natural light and still allow cool breezes to flow through the space.

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Add Texture

Natural woven wood shades add texture and a warm, casual look to your spaces. As an eco-friendly alternative, they are available in various colors, weaves, and materials such as reeds, grasses, bamboo, and rattan.

These black and gray panels with striped blocks create depth and interest in striking white walls.

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textured curtains made of linen will give an eclectic room a more grounded look.
This living room curtain is made of printed linen with an almost soft texture. Fuchsia hues echo pinks throughout the room without disturbing the rich green walls.
White and gray curtains blend perfectly into this room which gives it an old school style décor with an all-white and monochrome makeover.

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The Right Material

One of the best window treatment tips is choosing the right material according to your need. If you get too much sunlight in the bedroom, consider the blackout shades or heavy drapes. However, if space gets a lot of sights, cotton blends are your best option as they are fade-resistant.

Anthropologie matte velvet curtains block out the light that come in a variety of jewel tones. The stacked fabric textures and more substantial shades add weight to a space.
If you want to stick with neutral colors but crave a little more personality, consider this cotton canvas print curtain.
Despite the looks, these jacquard curtains have a neutral colored pattern subtle enough that they won’t overwhelm the room.
These linen drapes are neither too traditional nor too modern, adding a simple silhouette of pleated draperies to match the sleek bronze curtain rod.

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The Popular Shutter

Shutters are a classic alternative to add privacy. Drapes or curtains are the best pair for shutters to soften the bold look. Pay attention to the rod’s length for an easy opening and closing the shutters.

In the bedroom, commit to the look and tie the entire room up with slatted wardrobe doors to match.
Give light to your shutters and make them a real feature with this small art gallery-style lamp above the window.

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One of the most energy efficient window coverings on the market, shutters will not only protect you from excess heat and glare in summer, but also help save energy, keeping the property warm in winter.
This shutter can provide a natural element that forms the basis of this look, especially when combined with the sunset blue and purple color palette and natural textures throughout the room.
The Venetian wood drapery finished in a bold color will provide the touch of intense color needed to complete the look.

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You might think that valances are out of style. However, if you find the right design with the right fabric and simple yet attractive features, you will find them fit right into your modern style homes.

Large windows with simple mosquito nets give this guest cottage living room unhindered views of the stunning surroundings.
This window seat in soft neutrals accented by pale blues is a lovely place to spend an afternoon.
The welcoming dining room gets a charming soft feel from the mosquito net draped gently in a graphic print of blue and gray.
The blue color of this master bathroom cabinet matches the chinoiserie mosquito net shade.
Foot bath, pendant lights and paisley mosquito nets draw attention to the tub.
Help frame a beautiful landscape with a mosquito net over the window. This ikat patterned fabric, Bansuri in Batu Tulis, has a rich neutral color that adds appeal to a solid white wardrobe.
This elegant country kitchen gets the perfect finishing touch with an ornate scalloped mosquito net over the sink.

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Make sure to follow the overall room design, including the color and the fabric, besides the size of your window. For large windows, consider two or more blinds on one headrail, and lighter materials like sheer or real wood blinds. These are the top five window treatment tips that are simple and easy. Now it’s time to enjoy the comfort of your room with a cup of coffee or tea.