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5 Easy Tips to Update Old Tile in Bathroom Without Replacing

From paint to cover, these are the easiest and instant ways to update your old and dull tile in bathroom with less effort and cost-efficiency.

Your dull bathroom and out of date tile in bathroom need an update, but you think you shouldn’t waste too much time and money? Nothing to worry, here are several ways to level up your bathroom tiles without even replacing it.

Peel-and-Stick Vinyl Flooring

Lay peel-and-stick vinyl over the old tiles. It is a cost-efficient option, available in a high-quality adhesive, durable, and sleek. Besides, you wouldn’t need an army to install. You just peel and stick flooring to the tiles, and make sure the tiles are dry and smooth. There it is, a joy of new tiles look is achieved.

Turn a plain bathroom into a Moroccan-inspired spa-style retreat with these self-adhesive vinyl tiles. They are easy to apply, will not damage existing floors or walls and can be cleaned easily.

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Vinyl, as the saying goes, is final. This means vinyl can be considered the best waterproof solution.

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One thing that isn’t mentioned often is that using vinyl flooring in the bathroom provides a bit of a real experience.
Vinyl flooring is one of the smartest ideas because it combines a beautiful look without breaking into your pocket.

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Stencils and Paint Combo

You desperately want to change out your bathroom tile but also really don’t want to remove it? Then, you probably will fall in love with this decorating idea. Stencils are available in various designs and patterns. Painting your tile with a stencil is another great way to update the overall look not only for the floor. However, you can apply it on the wall or backsplash too.

This lacy stencil is a different size than the tile, and the app is a little different from some of the other tutorials.
Glossy tile from floor to wall 1950’s that she wanted to update to a more modern look. Choosing a large stencil that looks absolutely gorgeous over a smaller type of tile can be an inspiration.
In this modern bathroom, the artistic floor makes the bathroom look more elevated and inviting.
This soft gray is very pretty in a bathroom with a stencil floor, like a neat and tidy painting.

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Paint the Tiles

If you’re tired of the color of your existing ceramic tile in bathroom, simply paint them. You can use epoxy or latex paint. Make sure you well-prepared the tile before painting—including removing the dust, clean the tile, and sand it.

Use a special paint for the floor tiles to start the stencil as you would a stencil using a stencil brush.
Other ideas include featuring two contrasting colors, like this chessboard floor where you can save money too.
Not only can you paint tiles, you can also give a textured look to the floor by using texture additives. These textures mimic various rock surfaces, such as sandstone, stucco, granite and others.
This fun simple solution allows for a customized bathroom to reflect your personal style. Stencils and paints turn tile squares into beautiful masterpieces.
Tiles can be painted to accentuate a single color by accentuating a contrasting background color. This will add depth to your bathroom design.

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DIY Custom Paint

Explore your creativity to paint the tiles on your bathroom wall. Design your best geometric pattern using tapes, apply a thin coat of primer, and leave it dried well. Then, you can apply epoxy paint and wait for 24 hours to peel off the tape. It’s fun, easy, and durable.

You may be able to plan a DIY project that will make your old bathroom feel fresher by painting the tiles even to the walls.
If you have a knack for drawing, a custom flooring will give you how well the tile blends in with the wallpaper. It was an effect the white tiles couldn’t.

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Peel-and-Stick Tile Tattoos

Looking for the easiest instant update? Come in various colors and unique patterns, peel-and-stick tile tattoos will give a super instant new look to your tile wall.

This small-scale bathroom with a matte finish features previously plain tiles. With a little effort, peel-and-stick tile tattoos bring this bathroom back to life.

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Floor with a motif like this fascinates anyone. With floor tattoos, you can save budget without replacing tiles with new ones.

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Another easy way to update the tile in bathroom is to cover it with a bathroom rug. You can put it in front of the cabinet or out of the bath or shower. So, which one of these ideas is on your bathroom update project?

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