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5 Coolest Knitting and Crochet Projects In 2021

When it comes to knitting and crochet, most of us may think of the same thing. Winter. Cold. A sweater that warms the body. Well, who says this type of creativity only works for the cold season? Plus, not only grannies do this in their spare time. Some designs from this craft can also look fun to young people.

There are plenty of designs. Check out these five coolest knitting and crochet projects for references.

  • The spring flowers to crochet

To welcome spring and summer, these designs are most suitable. There are varieties of spring flowers to crochet. You can either use them as part of uniquely-designed brooches or a tablecloth. The options are plenty.

This detailed crochet flower looks like it is alive. It is knitted as if it is blooming straight from the table.
This is a crochet flower that is easy to make. They look like little cherry blossoms, and make a lovely crochet decoration on your project.
The petals twist slightly and come out from the base. These crochet flowers are quick to make and would make a great decoration at a wedding.
You only need the basics to create this simple floral design. If you want to know how to crochet flowers, this is a good beginner pattern to start with.
They have a small lacy hole in the center. This is a great pattern for learning how to make easy crochet flowers for someone less experienced at crocheting.
  • The soft, beanie hat

Who says that wool, beanie hats are only perfect for winter? When it comes to knitting and crochet, you do not have to make them too thick as beanie hats. With the right pattern and thickness (or in this case, thinness), your beanie hat still looks good in autumn and spring. (Summer? Well, maybe not.)

Crochet Beanie Free Pattern
This is a pretty basic crochet beanie pattern that comes in three sizes of kid hats and two sizes of adults. It is worked in loops using single crochet and double crochet.
Easy Crochet Beanie Free Pattern with Earflaps
This is a classic crochet beanie hat pattern that works primarily with double crochet stitches. In fact, you can use this pattern without the earflaps to make the beanie as simple as possible.
Diagonal Raised Beanie Free Crochet Pattern
Front and back pole crochet stitches create a bold texture that attracts attention.
Plaid Crochet Beanie Hat Pattern
If you’re new to knitting, you might be surprised to learn that you can recreate the checkered look using a special technique.
Crochet Button Hat Free Beanie Pattern
Make it a little more special by changing the color creating a stripe at the bottom of the beanie. Then make it even more special by adding simple button details.
  • The furry-looking, colorful balls

Making these furry-looking, colorful balls is actually easy. Cut and pile some wool strands before winding them together tightly. Then, you can arrange the surface of the ball for a fur-like accentuation. Knit or crochet them to a beanie hat, sweater, and even as a part of stuffed animals.

These crochet balls are worked in Double Crochet in an amigurumi style, that is, the loops work in a spiral as opposed to a different start or stop loop.
These crochet balls are one of the most frequently used shapes in amigurumi knitting.
As clear and simple as a crochet ball, there are two different ways to crochet. One variation makes the ball appear more rounded, while the second creates a more angular look.
The cuteness factor really comes up when you have a whole bunch of Little Balls in a tiny little porcelain bowl.
  • The colorful washcloths

Need some washcloths that do not tear easily over time? This knitting and crochet idea will solve that problem. Of course, after using them, you may need extra energy to clean them up.

Tunisian crochet is a deceptively easy looking knitting technique that is a bit crochet, a little crochet and looks like a weave.
This crochet napkin pattern is as easy as it gets with a crochet pattern that’s perfect for beginners. You only need to know 2 stitches, which are chain stitches and one crochet stitch.
The herringbone stitch is full of texture and flowers. The stitches are angled back and forth and make a great rag. It is easy to make and great for beginner knitters.
These spa-style washcloths will pamper your skin, so try sewing them in organic cotton for some natural luxury.
This striped crochet rag is just what you need if you are hoping to learn to crochet. You can practice both chain stitch and single crochet stitch and still have something to show.
  • The stuffed animals

Whether as a present for your little one or part of your home decoration, teddy bears and other stuffed animals made by knitting and crochet look just classic. They are also easy to wash and safe for children allergic to the hair fiber.

Three small crochet cats with no limbs propped up in front of a plant.
A great project for beginners, this simple crochet cat is sure to make you smile.
Small grey crochet hippo on white wood.
Hippos are wonderful animals not often seen outside of zoos. You can change this by making your own crochet hippo pal.
Colorful crochet bird perched on a hand.
The pattern is easy to follow. Just pick your favorite color and start sewing.
Pink crochet pig with a white background.
Using the cube crochet pattern as a starting point can help you learn to make an unlimited number of animals. Learn how to make this cube crochet pig with pink yarn.

So, who says that knitting and crochet are only for grannies? Get creative, and you will produce plenty of cool stuff like these.