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28 Garden Art Ideas to Pretty up Your Outdoor Spot

Say goodbye to the boring and monotonous garden look. Thanks to beautiful garden art ideas, you can always build a unique and cheerful outdoor haven to relax and escape from a stressful, long day. Excited? Read on to find out more.

Add Pop of Colors with Pinwheels

Planning to craft lovely garden decorations with your kids? Why don’t you try creating pinwheels? This garden art is easy to make and requires simple materials like decorative paper, wood, and straw. Otherwise, you can also purchase your favorite garden pinwheels in the market. What’s great is, they mostly come with unique forms like cartoons or animals and offer rich materials such as metal, copper, or plastic.

You can choose several paper colors to make a colorful pinwheels that can make your garden decoration more attractive. You can stick it on a small wooden stick so that it stands properly. Colorful pinwheels from diynetwork.
Pinwheels that are shaped into flowers give a beautiful impression of attracting attention. You can make it from metal so that it is resistant to any weather outdoors. This material also does not rust easily when exposed to water. Metal pinwheels from consumercrafts.
The colors on pinwheels become pop colors in your garden decor, these decorating ideas are easy to make. In addition, this pinwheels material is easy to find and has a cheap selling price. Cheap pinwheels material from housefulofhandmade.
Combine pink with blue for an elegant blend of colors, you can make more than one pinwheels to become a pretty point of interest. Throw in a striped pillow for a soft cushion. Pink with blue pinwheels from balconygardenweb.
Apply colorful paint to plain white paper to make a decorative item in the garden, such as cute pinwheels. You can put it in the garden that you frequently visit. Colorful paint for white paper pinwheels from makeandtakes.
To liven up your garden decorations in the afternoon, adding pinwheels is an easy and inexpensive decorating idea. You can recycle plastic to make this decorative item, choose a material that has a thick texture. Thick plastic pinwheels from gardensimply.
Apart from plastic, paper and metal, you can also make them from unused fabrics. You can turn it into a colorful pinwheels, isn’t this idea easy to imitate. Fabrics pinwheels from craftystaci.
Adding pinwheels will make your garden stand out even more. Apart from that, the pinwheels made of pink paper also brighten up your garden instantly. Pink paper pinwheels from asubtlerevelry.

Design Pretty Stepping Stones

Next, transform your stepping stones into exquisite garden art features. One of the most favorite ideas is to use pebbles to create an eye-catching mosaic pathway. The best thing is, you’ll always have the liberty to personalize your walking area by combining different pebble sizes, colors, and textures. 

Arrange your colorful stone as a stepping stone. You can shape it with your favorite choices that you like, for example the shape of a butterfly. Butterfly stepping stone from homebnc.
To be able to enjoy a beautiful garden will be easier if you make an access road in the middle. The road uses red bricks that are neatly arranged decorated with gravel stones that you form beautiful flowers. Red bricks with gravel stepping from homebnc.
Pour your ideas in being creative in decorating the garden with a mosaic stone arrangement that is used for the path. Arrange the gravel so that it forms a certain motif of various sizes to make it look more varied. Mosaic stone arrangement stepping from homebnc.
If you have a large garden, it will be very suitable if you make stepping stones from gravel mosaics of various colors. Gravel with a striking color will be more suitable if arranged in a floral pattern on each footing. Mosaics gravel stepping from homebnc.
The choice of striking stone colors is an idea to create an eye-catching stepping stone. Blue becomes a fresh color that you can imitate, you can shape it into a unique and beautiful circle. Striking stepping stone from homebnc.
Take advantage of the remaining material to create a stepping stone in your garden. The stepping stones are molded in a square shape and filled using colorful pebbles as well as other natural stones. Colorful pebbles stepping from homebnc.

Be Creative with the Planters

Make sure that you’ll only display your greenery in the most unique ways. To do so, you can repurpose antique pieces into stunning planters. If you have an old bike, for instance, turn it into a catchy garden art to hold flowers. Think also about other vintage objects you have in the house like metal chairs, coffee pots, watering cans, and metal buckets. Be creative to convert them into nice-looking pots to catch everyone’s eyes. 

If you have a bathtub that is not in use, do not rush to throw it away. You can use the tub as a flower pot for your garden. With a flower pot, the tub will make the center of attention of your visiting guests. Bathtub containers plant from homebnc.
Put a pot of water can on every step of the stairs leading to your house as a cheerful welcome for the guests who come. You can use it to plant flowers that are in bloom. Water can pots from homebnc.
Arrange old repainted drawers for growing flowers and greenery. To make it look more antique and unique, you can collaborate it with a ceramic pot on it. Old repainted drawers for pot ideas from homebnc.
Show the uniqueness of your garden by using a wheelbarrow to place colorful flowers. Repaint the wheelbarrow to make it more contrast with your flower collection. Vintage wheelbarrow container from homebnc.
Use old tires for outdoor decoration. Paint with cheerful colors to make it more attractive and also don’t forget to arrange it according to your wishes that can make your heart happy. Old tires for outdoor plant from homebnc.
If you have a bicycle that is no longer in use, you can use it for decorating your garden. Use a bicycle to grow crops, a unique place on the part of the bicycle that you can use, namely on the front and back of the basket which certainly makes it easier for you to place the pot as a planting medium. Vintage bicycle container from thecottagemarket.
Old and unused iron chairs will be more useful if you transfer them to new planting areas in your garden. Remove the seats on the chairs and replace the middle of the planting medium for beautiful flowers in your home. Old iron chairs for pot from thecottagemarket.

Dress up the Fence

Don’t forget to accessorize your garden fence too. You can display some ornamental elements – such as framed succulents, metal or wire art, bird boxes, ornate mirrors, or mosaic plates. You may also build a beautiful vertical garden by hanging potted plants directly to the fence or using decorative items like a ladybird pot hanger and trellis. 

In order not to be boring, you can try to decorate the fence with flower-shaped decorations made of metal so that it is not easily rusted and porous for a long time. Glue more than one to make it look more festive. Metal flower-shaped decorations from diyncrafts.
Bring a butterfly accent to your garden by attaching it to the fence of your house. With various sizes of decorative butterflies as if they were playing in your garden. Decorative butterflies from diyncrafts.
Bring a different atmosphere to the fence of your house by linking a used bag which is converted into a medium for planting your favorite flowers. Pockets with various colors bring a cheerful impression to your home garden. DIY bag hanging pot from diyncrafts.
If you want another look at your outdoor decoration, maybe you can try using a wide mirror that is applied to the fence of your house. Use more than one mirror for a more attractive appearance. Mirror decoration from diyncrafts.
You can combine unused white frames with a hanging garden on the fence of your house. The hanging garden placed in the center of the frame makes it look like a very beautiful living painting. Hanging frame plant from diyncrafts.
Recycle the can into a cute and cute hanging pot, here you only need to recheck it with blue color to make it look newer and not shabby. You can use it to plant colorful flowers. Recycle hanging pot from diyncrafts.
The bird house with cheerful colors when placed on the garden fence will certainly be the center of attention. Bird houses of all shapes and sizes will enliven your garden. Hanging bird house from diyncrafts.

Those are some inspiring garden art ideas you can try for your outdoor space. After all, feel free to decorate your garden with your most creative approach and showcase your outstanding personal style as well. Good luck!